The Dungeon Run Podcast
The Dungeon Run Podcast
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Episode 74: Strife in Tyf
A detour into the lush farmlands of Tyf has revealed a countryside under attack from bizarre, nightmarish creatures. Will the Heroes of Bingle be able to defend the half-lings that live there from the monsters destroying their homes? And even if they do, what will these abominations reveal about the true threat that has been unleashed?
Dec 3
4 hr 2 min
Episode 73: Reunited
The five Heroes of Bingle are together once again! But with the Ashen Mage searching for them, and strange new monsters roaming the countryside, nothing seems safe. As they travel to Siv’s hometown of Olsvach, crossing the river may prove to be their toughest challenge. And what they find on the other side could reveal just how dire the situation has become.
Nov 19
4 hr 17 min
Episode 72: Off the Rails
The Heroes of Bingle take a risky ride through the mountains in an underground rail cart in a desperate attempt to get closer to reaching their lost companion. But the Watchers of the Time Stream quickly make their presence known, turning this episode into one of the wildest yet. And just wait until you see what’s waiting for them on the train!
Nov 12
4 hr 18 min
Episode 71: We Can Dream
After the emotional confrontation and in-fighting last week, the Heroes of Bingle must come together to make it back to Dalto Thum. What will they find waiting for them in the Dwarven stronghold? Then, how can Fahima survive the fallout of her incredible decision last week? What’s next for the fire genasi wizard when all seems lost?
Nov 5
4 hr 3 min
Episode 70: Picking Up the Pieces
A special Halloween episode with the cast in costume! As the Heroes of Bingle continue to make their way off the erupting volcano, they come face-to-face a horrific new kind of monster! Then, Fahima endures her toughest challenge yet in the enemy’s lair, as she deals with the fallout of her attempt to deceive the Ashen Mage. Do not miss the pulse-pounding finale of this one!
Oct 29
4 hr 8 min
Episode 69: Water and Ash
With Fahima in league with the Ashen Mage, the Heroes of Bingle are shattered and the show is broken in half. First, Fahima struggles with how much to trust her new environment, and whether to contact her father. Then, as the 4 remaining members of the team try to piece together all of the revelations of last week, the amulet’s magic has a surprise for them, nearly a year in the making.
Oct 22
4 hr 4 min
Episode 68: The Eruption of Skyscorcher Peak
Everything has changed. The Heroes of Bingle stood face-to-face with the Ashen Mage and lived to tell the tale, but nothing will ever be the same. World shattering revelations, the team splintered and in doubt, and an erupting volcano under their feet. Will they be able to survive the beginning of Act 2? And… what of Fahima’s fateful choice?
Oct 15
3 hr 41 min
Episode 67: The Shattering
They solved the riddle. They fought their way through the ancient dwarven fortress. They found incredible new magical items and discovered the secret to powerful new spells. But as the Heroes of Bingle venture into the heart of Skyscorcher Peak - and the location of another Warden - they have no idea what they are in for. This episode changes everything...
Oct 8
4 hr 33 min
Episode 66: A Way Through
After last week’s incredible battles inside the Dwarven Fortress of the Four Former Forges, will the Heroes of Bingle finally be able to solve the riddle that will open the door into the heart of the volcano? What information awaits inside the mysterious Archive?  And as they get ever closer to the next Warden, what secrets in the party still threaten to tear them apart?
Oct 1
4 hr 5 min
Episode 65: Riddle of the Forges
Inside the legendary Dwarven Fortress of the Four Former Forges, and equipped with a brand new arsenal of magical items, The Heroes of Bingle encounter a host of fearsome threats. Forges 3 and 4 are defended by diabolical challenges that will push the team to their breaking point - and even if they survive, will they be able to unravel the riddle of the Forges?
Sep 24
4 hr 13 min
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