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The Dummy Room Podcast
The Dummy Room
If you were an honor student at Screeching Weasel High School, this is your podcast.
The Dummy Room #132 - Billy Morrisette (Dillinger Four, Scooby Don't)
This week is Thanksgiving and I'm thankful for getting to chat with Billy Morrisette! D4 talk, Scooby Don't talk and new tunage from Zoanoids. Check it out! So Cool!
Nov 25
1 hr 33 min
The Dummy Room #131 - Favorite Record Labels With John Proffit (Mom's Basement)
This week I'm joined by John from Mom’s Basement Records to talk about our favorite record labels. John also reveals some Basement shit and I have fantastic news for Australia! Check this out! Bitchin!
Nov 16
2 hr 15 min
The Dummy Room #130 - Top 11 Live Albums
This week I hang with Craig from Rimmingtons and Batfoot! We talk about our favorite live albums and we debut new tunage from... Goin' Places! Unreal. Check it out!
Nov 6
2 hr 10 min
The Dummy Room #129 - Halloween With Jason V
Happy Halloween! Jason V hangs out with me and talks Halloween, horror movies and of course the Jasons! New tunage from them and Black Russians! So Cool!
Oct 30
1 hr 51 min
The Dummy Room #128 - Re-Animation Festival With Dan Panic
This week, Nate has Jimmy from Capgun Heroes and Dan Panic in a Chicago style pre Halloween bonanza. They talk T1 Fest, Re-Animation Festival, Ghoulies, Screeching Weasel and wine. Yep, fun! Check it out! So Cool!
Oct 20
2 hr 8 min
The Dummy Room #127 - Josh Goldman (Raging Nathans, Rad Girlfriend Records)
This week Nate hangs with Josh Goldman from Rad Girlfriend Records and The Raging Nathans. They do a Nobodys Top 11 and Josh talks about touring with the Queers and a bunch of other shit. Check it out! So Cool!
Oct 12
2 hr 12 min
The Dummy Room #126 - Ronnie Barnett Is Back
This week is the anniversary of Kim Shattuck's death so Ronnie Barnett is back! New tunage from Kurt Baker as well. Check it out! So Cool!
Oct 2
1 hr 29 min
The Dummy Room #125 - 30 Years Of 39/Smooth With The Dunk
Celebrate 30 years of 39/Smooth from Green Day with Nate and his guest, The Dunk from the SUCK! We also play a new song from The Manges from the new album and... a new song by The Travoltas!!! What?!! Yes! New Travoltas from Something To Do Records.
Sep 24
1 hr 30 min
The Dummy Room #124 - Johnny Puke (Cletus)
This week's guest is Johnny Puke! We talk Cletus, GG, country music, Johnny does his best Joe Queer and we even go through Horseplay Leads To Tragedy. Check it out!
Sep 17
2 hr 40 min
The Dummy Room #123 - Lillingtons Laceration
What is the coolest and most bitchin Lillingtons song of all? This week we find out. Just like we did the Riverdales, tunes are eliminated until we have a winner and of course we got it right! Also... we say goodbye to Manu from the Livermores. RIP Manu!
Sep 3
2 hr 8 min
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