The Dream Bigger Podcast
The Dream Bigger Podcast
Siffat Haider
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New everyday staple
Hey my name is Bridge aka @ugcwithbridge! I have just started listening to podcasts in general & found your from the sad to savage podcast! I then have not stopped listening to your show SINCE!! I am currently starting my first online business & your podcast really helps me build confidence. Not only from a business aspect but to better my life & daily routine for my wellness journey. I think that it would be so cool to have Kelly Rocklein (ugc pro) she is a UGC expert and I would love to hear you pick her brain! I’m currently in the UGC space & would love to get some content geared toward that! Also one of my favorite episodes was definitely with Chervin from Cymbiotika! Soooo good
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New favorite!
I have heard Sif on several podcasts over the years and always enjoyed her interviews, but I didn’t realize she had her own! I recently discovered the Dream Bigger podcast after purchasing Arrae supplements for the first time, and it has quickly become one of my new favorites. I’ve been flying through so many episodes and absolutely love the mix of wellness, fashion, beauty, and career tips. I especially love all the founder interviews! Sif finds a great balance in her interviews between getting great info from her guests while also making it feel like I’m chatting with friends. Thanks for making my commute 100x better!
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colleen marie 781
Great Podcast
I never write reviews for anything but this podcast has great guests, great convos and you can feel that Siff is so humble and cool. Thank you Siff!!
Worth It
As a mom to a toddler, a senior leader at a company, a horse mom, a dog mom, a wife... I don't have a ton of time. Oh, and we currently have foster kittens. Point is, I have no time. I learned so much from this podcast though. This podcast is worthwhile. The episodes with Julia and the information on insta stories was worth it alone 🙌🏼
Authentic convos packed with value every time 🤍
I had the pleasure of meeting Siff this weekend and she truly shows up the same in person as she does on the pod, which brings me to this 5⭐️ review. I found Siff through her brand Arrae and have been working though every episode from start to finish and I cannot begin to say how thoughtful and inspiring this show is. What I most appreciate about Siff is her willingness to take feedback and apply it to her episodes. Very few people can do this as genuinely as Siff and it’s why her show easily and consistently ranks in my top 3. She also finds a way to make all of her conversations unique, which is hard to do. I find some guests are popular across several shows I listen to and while in some cases, this means you listen to the same or very similar convos across shows, I can confidently say that I have never had this experience on the Dream Bigger Podcast. Thank you Siff! PS. Would love to have you bring on Coach Alyssa Chang, she’s an amazing human and I know the Dream Bigger audience would love her.
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Girl I’m IN LOVE with this podcast! I look forward to hearing every episode every week!! I listen to it on my evening walks and I’m always so impressed and motivated by who you bring on. It helps me and gives me the encouragement I need to continue my small business! For guests I would love for you to have: Jackie Aina founder of Forvr Mood Desi Perkins founder of Dezi and Dezi Skin Adrienne Bailon founder of Lavoute And also if you can Emma Grede Seriously you are doing amazing! Love you and thank you for all you do!!
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Wellness, beauty, health and mental well being STAR
Thank you Siff - this podcast is a 10/10. I love all your solos and guests. Your podcast is another way that my sister and I connect daily about our journeys to continuing better ourselves. “What would Siff do?” Comes out of our mouths often :). I appreciate all episodes surrounding health, gym, food, skin, hair, products, mental health, organization, books, and keep giving us all the codes & suggestions for our internal and external well being. I’d love a book episode - fiction & non fiction. Thank you for all the goodness 🫶🏼
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Abigail Kahl
I love this podcast so much! It has the most informative and interesting guests by far. Siff so relatable and warm ! I give it five stars because I can tell she really does her due diligence on sourcing guests. I really enjoyed the last few. The one guest that was an expert on hair was the one I’ve been talking to my friends about.. I’m getting a little older and want to keep myself healthy and anything women’s health is interesting to me.
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Siff helped me focus on my WHY and feel a sense of community!
This podcast has become one of my absolute favorites. Siff’s energy is contagious and she’s such an inspiration. Thank you for having conversations that are so important to hear and educating us on so much more. As someone who recently moved to a new city and is trying to find my tribe again, I definitely feel like Siff is already apart of it. LOVED the episode with Deepica Mutyala - I think it may have inspired me to take a bet on myself and go down the entrepreneurship journey!
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Beautiful, Inspiring, Refreshing podcast! Found through Deepica Insta, appreciate both!
Found my entrepreneur community!!
As an entrepreneur (Augustine Hat Co.) in a small town that lacks community I absolutely live for this podcast!! Steph discusses so much up front honest information when it comes to all aspects of an entrepreneurs life. Business tips & stories, motivation, overall health, all things that are important on the business front & home life. Her solo & guest episodes make you feel part of a thriving community!
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Siff makes Dreams become reality
I have never been a fan of podcasts until now. Siff is a mastermind at tapping into needs of her audience. Her voice is so soothing and her intelligent, focused questions keep you engaged throughout. I listen after my morning workout and have learned so much - learning is growth and her shared pearls and insights are life changing. Her guest speakers are phenomenal. My favorite episodes are with Kelly LeVeque 247 and Helen Reavey 251, and I know the list will keep growing.
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Good for the mind, body and soul
I just discovered this podcast and it’s so good! Best of the best guests. As an aspiring esthetician this gets me excited and motivated for this big career change. Love, love, love!!
Love this episode
I love all the self help type episodes - including nutrition, skin care, finances, general healthcare, etc.
Morning Commute Fav!!
I love this podcast!! Every morning on my way to work I put on the dream bigger podcast and it truly has a positive effect on my day!! I would love to hear more about female health & wellness!! Thank you!!
Sophie Buma
Tangible Advice, Great Guests + So Inpiring!
I love listening to this podcast and being introduced to all of the great guests that Siff has on. You can tell she really cares about her community and the value that she’s offering in her episodes. I love all the tangible advice that she and her guests offer. Highly recommend!
Thank you ❤️
Thank you Siff for what you’re doing! Just found this podcast and can’t stop listening. So valuable, helpful and inspiring!
Solo girlie
I like the solo episodes more than your interviews! You have a powerful way of teaching and weaving in story telling. Hopefully you do more solo eps!
More women of color perspective!
Love the podcast, love the content and the guests. Lots of valuable learnings in every episode. Props to you for doing what you do! As someone from a South Asian heritage myself though, would love to hear more women of color perspectives. The challenges we face in both the corporate world and entrepreneurship specifically as a woman of color. There are not many female women of color period let alone sharing their perspectives on podcasts, so would be so helpful to give them a platform and hear more from them being a woman of color yourself. Also, a guest suggestion: Shiza Shahid - she’s the founder of Our Place which is doing incredibly well and originally from Pakistani, so would have an interesting perspective.
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My Favorite Podcast
I’ve been listening for a while now and I am invigorated and learn so much from every single episode including your solo episodes. Continue being so genuine and bringing value. I listened to the hair episode I believe 257 and it was great. I would love if you can do a episode like that but with a ethnic hair professional and product provider. The founder of Melanin hair care could be a suggestion. Maybe you can also do a episode on building a business from scratch in these times. Once again thank you and your team so much!
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Great content
Keep it up!
A request
Siff is my queen, I live for solo episodes and I am requesting a granular look into keeping the house tidy! I love the 10 minute micro clean and I would love details on how you stay on top of keeping a clean home (if a house cleaner is involved, I would love deets on that too!) This is seriously my favorite pod and has truly added so much value into my life, especially around how to set goals and work toward them.
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Content and guests are great, but I find it challenging to listen to with the vocal fry. Really not trying to be mean, but genuinely believe working on that will improve the podcast even more.
Almost 35
The Pod Every Female Entrepreneur Needs to Hear
I’ve been listening to this pod for about 1 1/2 years and it’s made me feel so less alone in both my health and entrepreneurship journey. Siff provides tangible and actionable solutions to make enhancements to your life and business. She is one of the best interviewers in the podcasting game and I especially love her episodes with entrepreneurs. Siff is great at pulling out granular pieces of tactical knowledge from her guests. I would LOVE to see Katie Gatti-Tassin from Money With Katie and Tara Reed from Apps Without Code the show. Katie and Tara co-host the Bossy Podcast too. Both guests independently or together would be the ultimate dream crossover with Siff!!
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Likin the app!
Love this Podcast!
Hey girl! I have been listening religiously the past couple months and I love learning from you and your guests. For your next solo episode, could you list out a few of your favorite books/ must reads for us! You always have great recommendations but it is hard to go back and find them all. Love you gf!
The Mentor You Didn’t Know You Needed
This podcast is such a refreshing approach to business and career advice. I continue to leave more empowered and nourished after each episode. Her guests are all-star and offer so many career gems. Siff is a natural born career mentor and reminds me to keep challenging my dreams and goals! And that nothing feels too out of reach.
If I could recommend just one podcast, this would be it!
I can’t recommend Siff’s podcast enough! Each interview is packed with fascinating insights, whether it’s about health or entrepreneurship, beauty, everything. As someone from Costa Rica, a small country, I’ve found immense value and motivation in the diverse range of topics and industries covered. This podcast has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities, I’ve gleaned so much wisdom and motivation from the diverse range of topics covered. It’s like having a mentor (and friend) guiding you through various industries. If I could recommend just one podcast, this would be it! Truly a game-changer.
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All around amazing
Something that sets this podcast apart from others is Siff's ability to have genuine, flowing conversation with her guests instead of the typical and rigid "question and answer" format. You can tell that she is truly listening to what her guests are saying, and not just waiting for her turn to ask another question. This in itself makes me want to listen to all of her podcast episodes, even if I originally feel the topic "won't apply to me". This podcast has brought me so much knowledge, insight, and motivation! My favorite episodes are around health and wellness!
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10/10 poddy
Siff is an incredible host - she actually lets the guest speak and asks such insightful and gorg questions. She is so warm and open, it’s a genuine pleasure to listen to her pod and I say this as a person who does not like interview style pods. The solo episodes are amazing, too. And to top it off, she’s a fellow Leo? Sign me up and take my soul.
Be my dream big bestie?
Ever since starting to listen to the dream bigger pod about a month ago, I’ve been trying to scheme ways to become Siff’s best friend ever since. She talks about everything I’d want to with a best friend who focuses on bettering themselves and getting the most out of life. My new comfort show and fave listen 💛
Jess Jordana
podcast heaven !!!!!!
listen to this podcast at least once a day if not twice or more. siff brings on the most insightful guests who come from a wide range of industries with differing expertise. i’m always learning something new with every episode. take the dream bigger podcast with you on a walk, drive, and you’ll feel like a new person afterwards. highly recommend!
Life changing podcast!!!
This podcast has literally changed my life - Siff is such a great host and interviewer, always asking all the right questions. There are so many tangible tips you can take away from each episode and apply to your everyday life. I have shared so many episodes with my friends, sister and mom (the list goes on!) and now they are hooked too. Tuesdays are 10x better when there’s a new episode of Dream Bigger to listen to!!
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I’m so picky with my podcasts but I’m hooked. Siff asks all the right questions and pulls so much wisdom out of each guest. 10/10. Highly recommend
Wonderful pod!
Love the solo episodes the most
gabi p15
Love her
Great podcast with influential guests.
Life Changing
I love how well thought out each episode is, the impressive attention to detail for every topic, and how she deep dives into all possible questions for someone who would be completely new to the topic of discussion. The huge array of guests that come on are from all walks of life, and there hardly ever is a dull moment. I’ve been introduced to so many brilliant women through her episodes, and I can’t express how nourished my mind feels once I’m done listening. Everyone needs to sit down with a pen and paper for Siff’s brilliant solo episodes, they are my personal favorites that I eagerly wait for. Life is hard to navigate as is, and these episodes enrich the mind and soul. She is always so kind to all of her listeners and takes feedback and questions from her followers for each guest. Keep spreading the positivity and light 💛💛
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Mandy Sikder
I have learned so much from so many experts! Some I didn’t even know! Many topics- I have grown professionally, developmentally, physically, mentally - -all the “ally’s”!!! AMAZING PODCAST!!!! You honestly have my dream job. I listen to these all day long while I’m at work and often have to replay parts because I “missed a good nugget of info!”
Best podcast to listen to on my hot girl walks
Siff you have educated me so much on all topics health and career development! You have actually inspired me to make my own podcast! Thank you so so much! PS I would love to hear more episodes like this one with Angelo where an expert really dives in on one specific type of supplement. I learned so much!!!!
Jamie Cantone
Siff is worth the listen, ladies!
I discovered this podcast from The Skinny Confidential Him & Her show and to say I’m obsessed is an understatement. Siff has such an amazing voice to listen to, but she couples that with topics and guest speakers that are so value packed for anyone in any field. I’m a teacher and I constantly take away worthwhile information from her episodes. Currently working my way backward to hear some of her older episodes and I haven’t listened to one I didn’t find amazing yet.
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Look forward to Tuesdays for a new pod
Love everything about this podcast. I’m fairly a new listener but have been bingeing. Love the mix and of business and wellness.
Obsessed with Siff & this podcast!!
Siff shares so much insight into increasing productivity, prioritizing yourself, business advice, and more with each episode! If you’re looking for new ways to level up, her solo episodes are the perfect place to start. Her guest episodes are also extremely valuable as she brings on such impressive thought leaders. Siff navigates each conversation to not only be intellectually stimulating, but also offers actionable advice. Through each episode, Siff leaves you inspired to take steps towards your own BIG DREAMS!
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Happy I found you!
Hi Siff! I’m so happy I found the show! I’m a new listener and have bounced around a few episodes but I love learning more about health and about the entrepreneurial side of businesses. I was wondering if you could link products that you talk about or have on the show. For example, your 2022 favorites episode. I would love to try out some of the products you mentioned and it would be a lot easier if you linked them all somewhere for the listeners to find!
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Wonderful show
Love the versatility in guest and conversations.
She motivates me to start my side hustle
I’m a new follower and have been binging this podcast during my daily walks and workouts. Siff knows how to make the most of her interviews and although my aspirations are to own my own bakery, I can apply the same concepts learned through Siff and the creators/influencers she interviews to my specific situation. The only constructive piece of criticism I have is (and I’m not usually uptight!) her cursing during interviews. It doesn’t bother me too much during solo episodes, but it’s a little much during interviews.
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Unlistenable episode
Normally a big fan of this podcast, but the episode with Tieghan Gerard was UNLISTENABLE. She sounded so sick and raspy! It should have been re-recorded. Would love to hear the conversation but had to turn it off after a few minutes. Very unprofessional.
100/10 recommend!
I can’t say enough good things about this show. It is my go-to podcast for my hot girl walks in the morning, and I feel like I always come back with new, valuable information that is inspiring while also being realistic and attainable. Thank you Siff!
New listener
Stumbled upon this podcast & am already loving it. Listened to the ep with Mia Rigden & it was so refreshing to hear someone discuss nutrition in a way that’s easily digestible & informative. Looking forward to hearing more episodes 🤍 -Farida K.
Farida Kakonde
love soooo much
absolutely love all episodes !! so easy to listen to and learn from 🫶🏼🫶🏼 love love love you siff 👼🏼✨
Blown away!
Dr Mindy Pelz was absolutely mind blowing. I immediately talked to my clients about this podcast after listening. So eye opening!
Bailey E.
Marie Forleo
Absolutely loved the podcast with Marie. Such great nuggets of information and loved her belief system of thought and choice. Listened to it twice! Would love to see Melissa Wood Health and Jennifer Fisher in your podcast. Thank you. Marnia
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