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Optimization Academy with Dr. Greg Jones
Dr. Greg Jones
50. Decoding Cholesterol: A Deep Dive into Lipid Labs Part 2
35 minutes Posted Mar 14, 2024 at 8:43 pm.
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Show notes
Welcome back to The Optimization Academy with Dr. Greg Jones where I interview some of my favorite innovators in Medicine, Health, Fitness, and Beyond!    
I’m excited to welcome back Dr Paul Anderson for part 2 of this episode as we discuss the ins and outs of cholesterol and lipid labs.
Dr. Anderson is an esteemed educator and clinician in integrative and naturopathic medicine, focusing on complex infectious, chronic, and oncologic illnesses. With over three decades of clinical experience.  He founded Advanced Medical Therapies in Seattle, Washington, for cancer and chronic diseases and still collaborated with various clinics and hospitals.  held positions at multiple medical schools, including Professor of Pharmacology and Clinical Medicine at Bastyr University. He has authored several books and articles and is actively involved in continuing medical education through online platforms and conferences. 
In Part 2 we are discussing the following topics and more:
How OxLDL and APOB affect your cardiovascular risk? (
Can you really test your Omega 3 levels? (
Do high lipid levels mean you need to be on a statin medication? (
How do your genetics (phenotypes) affect your cholesterol levels? (
Can your phenotype tell you what supplements are best to control your cholesterol? (
Is niacin a potent cholesterol lowering supplement? (
Are all fish oil supplements the same? (
As always, thanks for watching!
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