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Optimization Academy with Dr. Greg Jones
Dr. Greg Jones
44. Testosterone Start to Finish: What You and Your Doctor Should Know About TRT
46 minutes Posted Oct 21, 2023 at 11:42 pm.
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Show notes

Welcome back to The Optimization Academy with Dr. Greg Jones where I interview some of my favorite innovators in Medicine, Health, Fitness, and Beyond!    


I’m excited to welcome back Dr. Brendan McCarthy from Protea Medical Center in Chandler, AZ.  Dr. McCarthy is the author of, Jump Off The Mood Swing, A Sane Woman’s Guide To Her Crazy Hormones. This book illustrates Dr. McCarthy’s unorthodox approach to mental/emotional wellness and its link to hormone balance in women. Using blood work and clinical investigation, Dr. McCarthy gets to the bottom of possible causes for common conditions such as anxiety, PMS, depression, slow metabolism and more. 


In this episode we are taking a deep dive into optimizing testosterone and avoiding side effects in both men and women, and more! 


  • What are the warning signs of low testosterone? 

  • What labs should be looked at before starting TRT? 

  • What are the different ways to replace and optimize your testosterone levels? 

  • What side effect pathways should you and your doctor be aware of? 

  • Testosterone is not just for men 

  • What to consider when you are thinking about stopping TRT 


As always thanks for watching and listening.  


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