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Melissa Proctor: From Ball Girl to CMO
Melissa McGhie Proctor is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena. In this role, Proctor oversees the day-to-day operations of the club’s marketing, Hawks Studios, live experience and production, brand merchandising, creative services, corporate social responsibility, brand communications and basketball development teams. She has been recognized with Leaders and Aspire Academy’s Leaders Under 40 Award; earned a mention on Atlanta Magazine’s 2018 list of Women Making a Mark, and was recently selected as part of the Sports Business Journal/Daily’s 2020 class of Forty Under 40. A published author, Proctor released her first book this year titled From Ball Girl to CMO.
Apr 20, 2021
31 min
Margot Hall: Hieroglyph, and Life in the Theatre
MARGO HALL is an award-winning actor, director, activist, educator, and newly appointed Artistic Director of the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre. She has graced Bay Area stages for 30 years as a performer and director. She recently appeared in the hit film Blindspotting with Oakland native Daveed Diggs and All Day and a Night on Netflix. She was last seen onstage in Exit Strategy at The Aurora Theater. She recently directed How I Learned What I Learned at Marin Theatre Company, BARBECUE (which she also starred in) and Red Velvet for SF Playhouse and Brownsville, b-side for tray for Shotgun Players. Other acting credits include: Marin Theater Company- JAZZ, Skeleton Crew, Gem of the Ocean, Fences and Seven Guitars.
Mar 30, 2021
26 min
Kelvin Chin: How to Live Life More Fully
Kelvin H. Chin is the Executive Director and Founder of both the Overcoming the Fear of Death Foundation and the nonprofit Working with audiences on death and dying issues since the 1980's, Kelvin has taught numerous seminars for the healthcare industry, was a state-certified Long Term Care Ombudsman for the California Department of Aging, and a co-founder of the Center For Medical Ethics and Mediation. Bringing greater clarity to his client's thinking in their personal and business life is something Kelvin has applied throughout his 40-year career, including teaching meditation worldwide to more than 5,000 people since the 1970's in schools, businesses, the U.S. Army and at West Point. Kelvin also formerly held CMO roles at AmLaw100 law firms, and was a VP for the American Arbitration Association.
Mar 25, 2021
34 min
Debra Gusti: Saturday Night Alive!!!
Debra Giusti has spent over 40 years on the leading edge of the ever-emerging progressive culture, locally and internationally, creating and supporting “new paradigm” evolution, as the “Creatress of Transformation”. She has founded and grown many businesses that support personal growth and transformation, healthy & sustainable lifestyles, cutting-edge spirituality, and community connection, including the Harmony Festival, 1 of the 1st transformational festivals, taking place from 1978 – 2011 in Santa Rosa California, drawing 30,000 participants. She currently distributes Debra Recommends, Harmony Connects, and Transformation Paradigm eNewsletters which share transformational online programming, live events, resources, serves over 200,000 subscribers nationally and internationally. She is the author of "Activate Your Soul Tribe" book. She also currently produces Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe, an inspirational virtual variety show that takes place every Saturday night.
Feb 12, 2021
29 min
Jill Osur: How to Succeed in a Women Owned Business
Jill Osur, has helped over ten start-ups launch and is a seasoned sales and marketing executive and holds board seats on a number of regional university career development programs. Jill was the recipient of a 2012 Bronze Stevie Award for Female Executive of the Year in Consumer Products for up to 2500 employees, was honored in the East Bay Business Time “40 under 40” (a few years back) and San Jose Business Journal’s “Top Women in Business”. Jill is a co-founder and director of GoldLine Brands, a full-service winery group in El Dorado County, CA. Jill is a serial entrepreneur, activist for social justice, and is considered a connector and a disruptor. Teneral Cellars is a woman owned and run wine business. From its home in Northern California, it is a digital platform to a community of like-minded women who sip, create, and act with purpose. This socially-forward wine business is data-driven and built for the largest consumer base in the wine industry – WOMEN!
Nov 10, 2020
29 min
Judi Miller: Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness and Transformation
The Universe’s “Perfect” Orchestration of a Path to Generational and Individual Healing This life-changing book illustrates the awe-inspiring and magical way that the Universe orchestrates our lives toward a state of wholeness, completion and love—whether we are aware of it or not! Perfect is a true recounting of the transformational journey that Judi Miller was guided to take that brought the exact right people together, in the exact right order, to right a wrong committed decades ago; before her birth and which left its shadow on her soul. Judi started her career as a Certified Public Accountant and went on to excel in the world of corporate finance. Most of her life has been dedicated to personal development and helping others excel in a constantly changing environment. Judi has trained with renowned spiritual visionaries. As an author, coach and speaker, she will inspire you to live a more passionate life filled with greater clarity, joy and happiness. Judi spends most nights protecting her dog from thunderstorms.
Sep 16, 2020
39 min
The Best of Modern Love: Jeffre McClug, The Art of Self-Love
Joffre McClung is an Author, Filmmaker, Self-love Teacher, and Common Sense Advocate. Six years ago she came out of the Spiritual/Personal Growth closet when she arrived at a crossroads after an intense eight-year-period of loss that hit every area of her life. Her decision to share what she had learned over her thirty-year passion for self- discovery produced two books, How Learning To Say Goodbye Taught Me How To Live and her most recent book, The Heart Of The Matter: A Workbook and Guide To Finding Your Way Back To Self-love. Joffre’s website is
Sep 8, 2020
25 min
Dane Stevens: How to heal unwanted behaviors, chronic conditions, and addictions
Dane Stevens is an author, speaker, and facilitator. He is the owner and director of An Extraordinary Life a company that promotes healing, spiritual awareness, and Self- empowerment. He is the developer of the Neuro Trauma Healing Process (NTHP) and the Soul Re-Cognition Process (SRC). These new healing modalities are obtaining profoundly positive results for people dealing with unwanted behaviors, chronic conditions, and addictive behaviors. Stevens’s goal is to show people how to create a connection with their inner life, leading to healing from their past and fulfilling their true potential and happiness. For more information
Aug 30, 2020
41 min
Kelvin Chin: Finding relief through meditation during the pandemic
Kelvin Chin learned to meditate at age 19 and has been teaching meditation in living rooms, schools, and businesses worldwide — and now via videoconference, phone, Skype, and webinars — for over 40 years. Kelvin was a test subject in the first medical studies on meditation in the U.S.— conducted by Boston cardiologist Herbert Benson, MD, in 1971 (published in Scientific American, 1972). Kelvin has taught people from age 4 to 94 — professional athletes, retirees, teachers, students from elementary school to postdocs, construction workers, clergy, and CEOs. He has taught 1,000’s of people this easy-to-learn, non-religious technique of naturally Turning Within — or “learning how to let go.” He often simply calls it “learning how to turn on the opposite switch to the Fight or Flight response.
Aug 18, 2020
29 min
Austyn Wells: Using Intuition during the Pandemic
Austyn is a multiple award-winning author, spiritual medium, and soul gardener who empowers individuals to create soul-centered lives. A certified grief counselor, she combines intuition and mediumship with shamanism, energy medicine, and sacred ceremony. Austyn presents and educates at many national conferences including the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, as well as The Original Afterlife Conference, for which she has been a board member for seven years. She will be featured in Bill Bennet’s upcoming series on Facing Fear – the docuseries along with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Paul Selig, and Dr. Bruce Lipton. Austyn developed the Divine Spark Cards© and Divine Insight Cards© for people to develop their intuition and for holistic practitioners to add to their spiritual toolbox. Her Amazon best-selling book Soul Conversations teaches you how to connect, heal, and empower yourself so you can live a soul- centered life.
Aug 11, 2020
35 min
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