The Double Pivot: Soccer analysis, analytics, and commentary
The Double Pivot: Soccer analysis, analytics, and commentary
Mike Goodman and Michael Caley
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Soccer analysis, analytics, and commentary with hosts Mike Goodman and Michael Caley
Premier League Preview: Part I
Part I of our all-twenty-teams Premier League preview and draft extravaganza. Spurs and City, Liverpool and Newcastle, Brentford and Leeds and more, let's do this.Support the show
Aug 3
52 min
Summer Mailbag, Part I
Lots of questions! The relegation picture and the promoted sides,  our Southampton worries, how to watch preseason football, and Darwin, Vieira and the Primeira Liga transfers.Support the show
Jul 25
37 min
Emergency Pod: Barcelona WTF
They are doing some weird, weird stuff at the Camp Nou. Even if you ignore all the financial questions, the football side of this is a big mess. And they're doing it while the team is still in the midst of an ongoing, if evolving financial crisis. We've got a lot to get into.Support the show
Jul 17
43 min
Chelsea's Deal, What Is It
Chelsea are doing more confusing things and we try to piece them all apart. Sterling more or less makes sense but is expensive, and all the rest of it makes somewhat less sense and we still have a lot of midfield questions.Support the show
Jul 7
27 min
We dig down into what modern wide attackers are, statistically and tactically, by looking at a variety of players currently on the transfer market. Gabriel Jesus, Richarlison, Raphinha, Raheem Sterling, Ousmane Dembele, and a touch of Christian Pulisic at the end.Support the show
Jun 23
46 min
Analytics is about Context: Premier League Transfers Edition
Fabio Carvalho, Marc Cucurella and Yves Bissouma are all at different stages in the transfer rumor to actual transfer process, all generally look like good players that good teams are right to target, but all are complicated to evaluate analytically because of the different tactical contexts in which they have produced.(We also talk about Bissouma's sexual assault arrest and how we think about a less cut-and-dried but still troubling story.)Support the show
Jun 17
40 min
NWSL with Arielle Dror
Official Double Pivot NWSL Correspondent Arielle Dror (@arielle_dror) joins us for what is not really a preview of the NWSL season because it's been going on for a little while now, but we take a look at what's going on so far in the league, why San Diego is so good, what's holding back the Reign, why Caley's beloved Gotham are probably not going to give him much joy this year, and more.Support the show
Jun 2
54 min
Looking Back and Looking Forward for the Top Seven
City won the league but are making some big changes in their forward line. Liverpool came close but likewise are looking at some retooling. We also take closer looks at how it all went so wrong for United and what West Ham might do to mount another competitive season.Support the show
May 27
40 min
Spurs and Arsenal and Liverpool and City and Everton and
There has been a whole lot of Premier League drama and we've got you covered with all the analytics takes on it.Support the show
May 18
47 min
Premier League Roundup
The PL is giving us everything right now -- stakes at the top and the bottom and dramatic reversals and the best teams playing great. We start with Everton at the bottom and work our way up to the title and top four races with a brief detour through Aston Villa on the way.Support the show (
May 3
34 min
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