The Double Cleanse
The Double Cleanse
The Double Cleanse
Hosted by skincare enthusiast James Welsh and professional makeup artist Robert Welsh, The Double Cleanse Podcast gets our listeners involved in a weekly discussion about everything beauty. We will try and cover everything including dealing with pimples, how to perfect your makeup and the realities of social media influencing and advertising.
Season 1 Review
We wrap up season 1 with a review of our first 29 episodes!We'll be back soon!Join in the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast
Nov 11
1 hr 2 min
Skin Tones & Textures
This week we are talking skin tones and textures!Hear us discuss how skin care and make up can effect and benefit various skin types.Also, does James apologise to Robert for keyboard shortcut shaming?Join in the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast
Nov 4
55 min
Q&A 2!!!
Time for our second Q&A!Thanks for all your questions and if there is anything else we can help with (sorry we are slow at replying) then ask over on Instagram @thedoublecleansepodcast
Oct 28
53 min
Cash Grabs & Candles
This week we're trying to talk about brands and cash grabs but keep getting distracted by candles!Hear us smell candles, enjoy candles and talk brands we are fed up with!Join in the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast
Oct 21
49 min
Dissecting Drama
Hi everyone! We have a special guest this week as Angelika Oles joins us to talk drama channels!Watch Angelika's channel here - in the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast
Oct 14
1 hr 6 min
Inside The Influence
Hey everyone! This week we are answering your questions on what it is like to be an 'influencer'.We talk YouTube money, the pressure of the job and how it compares to jobs with real pressure!Thanks for your questions, we had so many we will be doing a part 2 one day. Join in the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast
Oct 7
58 min
Definitely don't but do do not do this!
Hi everyone sorry we were away last week but we are back and talking about things you should not but should do in your make up and skin care routines, just do-n't them!Please promise us you will absolutely not not not do but do do these things...Join in the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast
Sep 30
58 min
Not So Instant Influencer
In this weeks podcast we go into more detail about our journeys as influencers and provide some advice and tips for those wanting to choose it as a career path (we also chew tuna melts really loudly).Join in the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast
Sep 16
59 min
American Dream or Pyramid Scheme?
We have a special guest! Blair from iilluminaughtii is joining us to talk, MLMs, pyramid schemes and shady business practices.Her videos are insightful mini documentaries that are amazingly researched and brilliantly produced, we are huge fans and we know you will be too! us know what you think of the episode! @thedoublecleansepodcast
Sep 10
1 hr 25 min
Sibling Secrets
In this weeks episode we have our older brother Marcus on to read your questions!Hear once and for all who was the most annoying twin growing up!Join in the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast
Sep 2
1 hr 18 min
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