The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds
The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds
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I love this show!
This is the best. I’m working through every episode in the back catalogue
Darek & Laura
So funny
So funny and interesting!
Used to be good
Honestly i used to love this podcast and I’m not sure what changed but the hatred of America is just annoying at this point, I’m not even Republican or Conservative but every single episode now somehow turns into some thing anti-American. Hopefully it gets back on track and more about history than their political views but I’m out for now.
Some bits get annoying
No big deal. Skip ahead (or wait it out). A different better bit is around the corner.
Just simply the best
These guys have given me a deeper appreciation, education and had me in tears of laughter while living internationally. If history in schools were taught with this format more citizens would better informed to take action. Thank you Dollup team for all you do.
Notwanna Post
Best podcast.
One of the all time greats! 5/5
Subject matter often shocking always fascinating and the hosts are comedic geniuses.
5 / 5
Great comedy and history all in one!!
Love the twist of comedy and history all in one!
Best History Class ever
Love the show. They never fail to make me laugh and make me understand just how messed up the world was and still is.
Best “show” since Car Talk
I have not laughed this hard since Click & Clack.
Needs fresh air
Been a listener for 3+ years and this has been in my top 5 podcasts off and on throughout that time. So I appreciate them and I do love something about the show. I’m also totally supportive of the politics of the show. Basically I don’t want to be mean, but the “comedy” commentary has become completely devoid of any entertainment. Not funny. So drawn out each time they “improv”. Gareth has always been the one who actually made me smile but lately both the guys have not an ounce of amusing banter. Also concerned about other fans experiences regarding Dave.
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These guys are dicks but, the show is cool
Dave and Garett are 10 year old children with tremendous knowledge
Tam Speyder
Best of the best
Dave and Gary make history fun. Listen every week. Two very funny guys! Best podcast out there. Move LEFT and eat the rich!
Gareth is hilarious!
Dave…not so much.
Captivating History Lessons
So many gnarly things have taken place in American history and this pod is a great to do some of the deep digging.
The best
Again I say, the best!
It’s great if your into self hate…which I am.
Great stuff. Go Pack!
c m tiz
Most entertaining podcast
Longtime Dollop listener, I can’t say enough about this show. The history of everyone, everywhere is absolutely horrible and hilarious.
Such a funny podcast!
There’s a lot of crazy and awful things that gave happened in history and it’s just really interesting to hear about some things that have happened. I enjoy listening to this when I’m doing something I don’t want to do just so I can actually enjoy it. It’s very entertaining, they are both very funny and Gareth Reynolds is sooooooo good at accents.
muppetsandbooks K15
Hilarious and interesting in equal measure
Like the tag line says, this cast is equal parts fascinating and hilarious. The two have really awesome chemistry as a duo and the structure is brilliant for the listener to join in with the other co host. Great material almost every episode!
Best Podcast to ever Cast a Pod
I just wish the guys would do an episode on my favorite Kentuckian , the first Cassius Clay . It’s kinda crazy both of my favorite Kentuckians were named that . I’m referring to the one who was not later known as Muhammad Ali . They both seemingly stood for similar things too.
Dave and Gareth are national treasures.
The best podcast.
Like history? Like to laugh. Look no further. This is the greatest podcast ever.
Science needs more of this
I'm so glad my friend told me about them! The science is solid but the jokes are really bad. 5 stars!!
DEVs please read!!
Just ok
Good stories but the guys are NOT funny
I can't put my finger on it
I've binged this and other times left it on my podcast shelf for months. Some episodes are spit take funny, I started with the live "juicero" episodes and was hooked. War against squirrels? Amazing. But a lot of them drag.... Garreth always has some cute funny quips but it's hard to sit through. Maybe ida just my preference but a lot of the 1700s era stories don't tend to get me. Timothy Leary, rad.
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The moment I found this it instantly became a favorite.
This show steals its material from more talented sources.
L. Ron Hubba
Absolutely hilarious
*My new favorite podcast. *Always has a surprising twist. * They make me laugh out loud all the time. * These guys make a great team.
Funny, entertaining, and educational
My favorite podcast in my library! Love learning the history with a comedic slant. My go to podcast for an interesting, funny story! Thanks guys! My favorite episode is the war on squirrels! Episode 386. Life truly is stranger than fiction and thanks to the dollop podcast I get to learn about new examples with each episode. Still my favorite podcast!
VT 195
Too woke
Funny at first until The wokeness between facts and jokes became unbearable.
nephew no. 69
One of my favorites
This podcast can be dangerous for me when I’m working in the garage. Laughing uncontrollably while working with saws is not always the best.
Aaron Hyman
Great Pod!!!
I love this podcast they make history sooooo entertaining!! I recommend you guys on my podcast washed gods!!
I miss the pre-2020 hosts
Too left leaning currently. I don’t mind a few hot takes and pot shots at conservatives, a little wink and nod tongue in cheek style like the used to do. A lot of Dave specifically looking for historical conservatives to do a podcast about just so they can fire at will. It’s become pretty gross.
Just can’t stay off the politics
Once again some liberals who have to bash anyone who disagrees with their politics on every show. The content is great and the guys are funny but after listening to a hundred episodes of being told people who hold different views are trash I’m done.
Sassy num nums
Kareth Kilreynolds, the power couple of the century.
I laugh so hard
Pretty sure other drivers think I’m a lunatic because I’m laughing so hard as I drive to work. Thank you!!!!
Supporter to getting bashed by Dave
Well this podcast has taken a lame turn in the last year… forcing their views and politics on you when you were here for comedy… If I wanted advice about my health, politics or other things I’d speak to a specialist in the field… not two comedians…
I love these guys
“Everyone feels bad…that’s a dollop” I’m learning so much which also trying so hard not to laugh like a crazy person to myself at work.
Mightn’t I the gristle
Funny, educational, could have improvements
I enjoyed the content. Think they are hilarious. I wish they would edit better. Sometimes I can’t hear them, then they are screaming at me.
New listener
Found your podcast after listening to your guest appearance early on with Karen and Georgia. So hilarious! Still very early on in the binge but as a huge baseball fan, the stories on Rube Waddell and Cleveland’s 10 cent beer night are of the rails!
History’s best podcast
Dave and Gareth: Whimsical partners. Procurers of laughter. Solicitors of history’s finest and not-so finest antiquity. The only two white guys with a podcast that are worth listening to. American History has never been funnier even among the debris of the ugly truth. If either of you read this please know that the humor in this podcast has gotten me through some rough times. May this podcast survive the test of time. Thanks for all the laughs.
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It’s great and funny if you can get past the libtard views. I try to fast forward the preaching and self hate woke bull crap. Would be 5 stars
Favorite Podcast
I laugh hysterically while listening to this. Sure others in traffic think I’m insane, but it’s worth it. My road rage has all but disappeared, you’re doing the lords work.
Love these guys.....
Weepingly funny.
Jeff Fowle episode
11 minutes of dead air at the end of the episode. Who are you paying to edit these?
Really good
This is by far my favorite podcast. I understand the complaints about the ads, but you can just skip ahead if you want to.
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