The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds
The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds
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I love these guys
“Everyone feels bad…that’s a dollop” I’m learning so much which also trying so hard not to laugh like a crazy person to myself at work.
Mightn’t I the gristle
Funny, educational, could have improvements
I enjoyed the content. Think they are hilarious. I wish they would edit better. Sometimes I can’t hear them, then they are screaming at me.
New listener
Found your podcast after listening to your guest appearance early on with Karen and Georgia. So hilarious! Still very early on in the binge but as a huge baseball fan, the stories on Rube Waddell and Cleveland’s 10 cent beer night are of the rails!
Funny, entertaining, and educational
My favorite podcast in my library! Love learning the history with a comedic slant. My go to podcast for an interesting, funny story! Thanks guys! My favorite episode is the war on squirrels! Episode 386. Life truly is stranger than fiction and thanks to the dollop podcast I get to learn about new examples with each episode. Still my favorite podcast!
VT 195
History’s best podcast
Dave and Gareth: Whimsical partners. Procurers of laughter. Solicitors of history’s finest and not-so finest antiquity. The only two white guys with a podcast that are worth listening to. American History has never been funnier even among the debris of the ugly truth. If either of you read this please know that the humor in this podcast has gotten me through some rough times. May this podcast survive the test of time. Thanks for all the laughs.
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It’s good after the 13 min mark
First 10-13 mins is all adds so just skip to that and the rest is good.
c m tiz
It’s great and funny if you can get past the libtard views. I try to fast forward the preaching and self hate woke bull crap. Would be 5 stars
Favorite Podcast
I laugh hysterically while listening to this. Sure others in traffic think I’m insane, but it’s worth it. My road rage has all but disappeared, you’re doing the lords work.
Love these guys.....
Weepingly funny.
Jeff Fowle episode
11 minutes of dead air at the end of the episode. Who are you paying to edit these?
Really good
This is by far my favorite podcast. I understand the complaints about the ads, but you can just skip ahead if you want to.
Amazingly funny & informative
As a history buff, news anchor, and comedy nerd- feel like I’ve gone to Heaven. WHALE heaven! #TheEssex episode! I’ve read the book “In the Heart of the Sea” (and the underrated, mostly forgotten Ron Howard movie)- and your narrative was BETTER! What a treasure! Thanks for the many laughs- can’t wait to listen to whole catalogue.
Comedy! History! Baseball!
Hilarious podcast. Great insights. Wonderful topics. Sharp commentary. Interesting tales. Tons of baseball. What more could you ask for? I just introduced my brother who is a history teacher and he can’t get enough. Even the pros know this pod is good stuff. If you don’t like their politics you can go right ahead and eat a butt.
Legit Ballin
Great and funny podcast. Ain't I got thirst.
I share these all the time.
Subtle Genius
Saving my life with humor 👍🏼👍🏼
Love this podcast. Do more history. Love your take on things
Mari West
Hilarious however
These guys are super hilarious and I listen to their podcast every day at work however it does get old when they start talking about politics, they are extremely liberal and anti religion
Funny...Now hit em with the puppy...
Antwaun L.
Absolutely love this show
This is by far one of my favorite podcasts. You learn about events and people throughout history that you thought you knew all about, only to find out you didn’t k or the half of it. And you die laughing while leaning. Dave and Gary, err, Garreth, are hilarious.
I’ve learned a lot
I used to only listen to the episodes which I knew something about the topic. Then I went back and binged all the topics I didn’t know anything about. Now each week I listen no matter what. I appreciate that I receive this entertainment each week and do not have pay for it. Thank you.
cool dudes making a cool podcast
Funny and informative
The Dollop is one of the only podcasts I’ve listed to some episodes 4 or 5 times. They never get old. I’ve learned so much and in the most entertaining way. Can’t recommend it enough.
Whip cream
For the poop sundae that is America. At least you can enjoy a dollop of something nice before you get to the poop. And Jose is the cherry. If they’re tackling a heavy topic buckle up - Dave and Gary are more than capable of delivering a brutal dose of reality when needed. But most of the time it’s chuckles.
I’ve been listening to The Dollop for close to seven years now, and it remains amazing. Always brightens my day when a new episode drops. The stories are interesting, relevant, and hilarious. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the 10 minutes of front loaded ads; I think it’s a great idea, as it allows the story to flow unimpeded from commercial breaks. Excellent show for students of history or fans of improv comedy!
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Best podcast
Really the best
Love the pod but..
Miss. Sassy
So funny!
What a great concept for a pod: comedy and history. Great job- have recommended to several friends.
Rudi NJ
So many ads
Picked a random episode to get into the series. It had 10 minutes of ad spots before any content. Podcasters have to make money somehow and with this many ads they’ll be up with Bezos in space in no time. Definitely not worth the wait
Incredulous Dan
Great concept!
The only thing missing from this podcast is a comedian with funny commentary along the way.
Don’t waste your time. Even if Malcom says to listen
The only reason I tried this podcast is because Malcom told me to. I would do anything he wanted me to do. Episode on Billy Martin took 12 minutes to actually get started. I don’t need the improv or the shtick. It’s not funny. If they really want to learn about making a podcast maybe they should listen to Malcom a few times. Please. Learn to be storytellers. That’s what you’re supposed to be.
Was the first 14 minutes of this pod just plugs? Let’s hope this thing gets better from here
Absolutely my favorite comedy podcast!
I absolutely LOVE this podcast. I have never laughed so hard at a podcast, and enjoy the history too!
Liberal hypocrisy at its finest
What we have here is a couple of liberal, anti-capitalism, social justice warriors, one of whom reads from his pre prepared script and the other he/she/they/them improvs a reaction to the “information” in the script. If you didn’t have the fast forward function on your listening device, you would be subjected to about 10 minutes of scripted ad copy and show plugs from these two yuk yuks before every show. This is ironic because of the unashamedly negative opinions and views on capitalism that you will hear in just about every episode. They seem to have a very slanted view on the stories they tell and only choose stories in which they can express these views. With this being said, you do learn something from the podcasts, and if you have any sense you can form your own opinions from the information provided. Sometimes the liberal ball washing they give each other is tough to take, but can be entertaining. I can appreciate anybody who works hard at what they do, even if douche chills ensue. Five Stars.
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It’s fine I guess. It’s just that they are trying to hard to force mediocre humor. But not the worst thing out there
yh ooo
No I really love these guys
It’s all history was funny I would’ve paid much more attention.
Improv Gold for History Lovers
A friend introduced me to this one knowing I’m a history lover and comedy lover. This is the best crossover of those two things you’ll ever hear. So much respect for these guys just cracking jokes in a silent room without an audience. So many quality improv bits. The live ones are amazing
The number of times I have choked on water and food after bursting into unexpected hysterics listening to you guys. I almost had to pull over after the BO ayahuasca comment. Cheers!
Too many ads per episode
I used to love this show. Now it has so many commercials that It’s boring.
Only funny episode was with Bert because he’s actually funny. Otherwise it’s two idiots rambling and force laughing into a mic and thinking they are funny.
Why are you whispering Anthony?
I have to turn it up to hear one and down so the other doesn’t bust my ear drum.
tatianna vallard
As a white person i don’t think any white people can use the n word, if it comes up maybe just say literally n-word. I really like this podcast and I really want you guys to not say racial slurs no matter what. Also it’s a bit mansplainy which is too bad.
oh my god this is annoying!
Still hooked years later
I found this show almost 5 years ago, and can't get enough. I'm now re-listening to old episodes, and they're just as great on the 2nd or even 3rd listen.
Very funny! love how they play off eachother!
Great show
This is my favorite pod cast super funny and Gary’s accent are hilarious spot on and make the show. The live episodes are the best especially the ones with Will Anderson. If you don’t like to hear other peoples options because it hurts you sensitive feelings or offend you might not be the show for you.
I love this show so freakin much. It’s always amazing and I feel like I’m just hangin with my buds Dave and Gary. I’ve told so many people and will continue to spread the good word. Never stop, cause I’ll die! 😂
I Was a Huge Fan
This was actually one of my favorite podcasts. I’ve been listening multiple times a week for about three or four years. My husband actually had bought me tickets to one of their live shows as a surprise, but it was canceled due to the virus, which is definitely understandable. I paid to watch the livestream of one of their episodes, too. I only mention these to help describe how much of a fan I was. I followed both Dave and Gareth on Instagram and one day, Dave made a post mocking Ivana Trump’s appearance. I’m definitely not a Trump (fascist) supporter, but I still think it’s in poor taste to mock someone based on appearance. I saw a comment from another woman saying the same thing and commented to her that I agreed with her and that if you want to criticize someone’s personality or decisions, that’s fine, but criticizing a woman based solely on her appearance is sexist. I didn’t really think too much about it until I realized that Dave actually went to the trouble of blocking me for agreeing with someone who disagrees with him. If you want to not seem sexist, it’s probably not a great idea to silence and block women for pointing out your possible sexism. I also think it’s ironic as I remember him criticizing Louis CK (of whom I was also a big fan previously but not a fan anymore) for “taking a hard right” after his scandal, but takes a pretty conservative stance against women calling out his sexism, but what do I know? Anyway, it’s really left a bad taste in my mouth and even though I still like Gareth, I honestly don’t feel like listening to this podcast anymore. I’m not really angry so much as sad and disappointed.
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Best podcast
In the history of podcasts
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