The Dog's Way Podcast: Dog Training for Real Life
The Dog's Way Podcast: Dog Training for Real Life
Sean McDaniel
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Best podcast ever!!! especially if you are preparing to get a dog or have one that you want to train!
Getting inside a dog’s head
I have become an avid listener because I love how Sean gets to the source of why a dog acts out and he focuses on positive reinforcement rather than harsh discipline. Last week I submitted a question and was so surprised that he actually called me. We discussed my dog’s anxiety for over an hour. I found Sean to be knowledgeable, intelligent, understanding and very generous with his time. My rescued and beloved standard poodle is on the path to some emotional recovery and I am better equipped to help her thanks to his advice. Give it a listen so you can get into your dog’s head. You will be glad you did.
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His methods work!
I love this podcast. Not only do I get tips for working with my dog but I find him easy to listen to. Something about this podcast is gentle and soothing. I saw immediate results with my dog using his tips and methods. I can listen to this podcast when I have insomnia and there is no harsh ads or music to interrupt me as I finally drift off to sleep thinking about my precious dog and how I’m going to continue to train her.
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I love this podcast!
Sean is a master dog trainer, and has experimented with a broad spectrum of different training techniques to find out what really works. His methods are so clearly and articulately defined, and it has helped me understand my dog. He is a bit of a nerd, but then so am I, so I like that. Also, check out his video training program. It’s cheaper than a group training class, and I think you will have much better results. Highly recommended!
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Too much small talk, banter
Could be an interesting podcast with better editing and fewer small talk jokes/banter. I felt like I was listening to a boring dinner party guest most of the time. Like if you met this guy at someone‘s house you’d try as quickly as you could to excuse yourself. I love podcasts, and write a lot of five-star reviews; but this one is truly cringe-worthy in its boring back-and-forth.
Great podcast!
Sean is super informative and really cares about you and your dog. Everything is presented in a step by step process. I have a much better understanding of how to move forward with my dogs.
Sean is so knowledgeable and easy to follow
Great host with loads of knowledge. Very smart guy who knows exactly how to get good results with your dog on your own.
Want a great dog? Then you need this podcast.
Amazing training advice to help your pup develop into the loving, well balanced companion you want it to be. Thx, Dogs Way - you rock!!!
Love this podcast
This is a great podcast to learn all different aspects of dog training and learning to understand your beloved pup. Strongly recommend!
Amazing trainer and podcast
I’ve been listening to this while doing my dog walks since I’m studying to become a dog trainer and it’s been fantastic! I’ve learned so many good tidbits and try practicing them with my dog clients, and cannot wait to get my own dog to use the techniques he graciously provides.
Started listening, already learning
I just started to listen and I am only on podcast five, but I have learned several key steps in handling my new puppy. I have had several dogs and I have a few now, but it is always good to brush up on dogs and they way to get the most out of your relationship with them.
*update on 4/19/18- I received a receipt email from the purchase of the DVDs to which I responded. I heard back from Sean and he addressed my issues below. He kindly gave me a refund, made sure I had access to the content and is addressing the problems with the DVDs. I’m very happy with his response and am glad to say it’s not a scam business. I’m not sure what happened but I think you can order with confidence. * This review isn’t for the podcast, in fact I was so interested in what Sean was saying that I shelled out and bought the DVD set. What a disappointment! The second DVD doesn’t work in any of my devices and I have been calling and emailing about the issue for the last 3 weeks with absolutely no response from the company. I cannot believe the horrible customer service. Occasionally I do speak to someone on the phone but they have admitted it is a message forwarding service and can do nothing more than send along my contact information. I assumed it was a small business and tried to be patient but I think three weeks without hearing a word is unacceptable. Listen to the podcast, but DO NOT buy the DVD and risk the crappy customer service!
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Great show
Not only is this a great source of information that makes sense, Sean is super nice! I have a new puppy that was driving me crazy. I was able to call him and he cared enough to spend the time to answer my question and help me out. Of the eight or so podcasts I’ve downloaded, this is the only one with real training tips and how to advise that got results in my dogs! He knows his stuff! Thanks Sean!
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Bloody hand Mike
Sean is the best
My husband and I listened to many of Sean's podcasts in preparation for our new puppy. We find his advice extremely helpful. Sean goes above and beyond to answer our specific questions over email. I can't recommend Sean enough!!
Phenomenal resource
I can't say enough about how helpful Sean's podcast has been. His style is incredibly adaptable and he's not attached to any one theory of proper dog training, he just wants to help you raise a functional, happy dog. He also very clearly has done his homework and draws from a ton of experience to inform his opinions. He's very honest, and straightforward. I haven't come across any other training resource that does as good of a job as giving the "why" behind the "what".
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Awful Podcast
This is an awful podcast not worth your time. The commentator has a chip on his shoulder about a wide variety of things and spends the show going off on tangents that have nothing to do with dog training – ranting nonsense in the most uneducated of opinions. You can hear his guests squirming as he tries to implicate them in his Limbaugh-lite view of the world. In the rare moments he provides info on dog training, the substance of his recommendations is as likely to be incorrect as helpful. A better use of your time is to skip this podcast and spend the time playing with your dog. You'll both be glad you did.
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John Bigboote
Great info!
Great info, and professional delivery. I've learned a lot in a day, which will help when we being our pup home next weekend. ;) I also love that this is not a continuous sell job for some other program. It stands on its own, and that's excellent. Thank you!
Great MN Race
Worth binge listening!
This is my favorite dog training podcast! Sean McD provides a practical approach for listeners. His theories are on-the-money and simple to understand. What sets this approach apart from average training is that Sean provides clear, intelligent explanations for all the how's and why's of dog training. I retain the lessons as I truly understand the information and the dog's perspective.
Uses mommy's phone now
Love the Dog's Way
I started using Sean's technique and right away saw a positive difference in my two dog's behavior. My dogs and I are both learning about clear communication and consistency. I am looking forward to starting the video course. Phoenix (1 year mutt), Glenn (2 year mutt), and I (human adult) thank you!
Great advice
Just adopted a new puppy after 15 years without a dog in my life and listening to this podcast has actually helped with house training and thought process required to teach puppy good behavior. Forgot how difficult house training puppies are and great information from host.
Dr nintendo
Great approach
When I first got my puppy I enrolled him obedience training, which was a good basis to learn communication with my dog. This program does it better and I am seeing excellent results!
So helpful! Sean’s approach really is about understanding what lies behind a dog’s behavior. I find myself using his lists for what makes a situation difficult and a distraction more distracting anytime my dogs get squirrelly, not just during training. It helps clarify why the dogs are so wound up and gives me a clue as to how to diffuse the situation. These podcasts are not only informative but are enjoyable.
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Love the podcast! Sean's philosophy and methods are state of the art in dog training. He does a great job of explaining in a very clear and ‘user-friendly’ way exactly how he approaches dog training. This is a great resource to supplement his videos.
I enjoyed it
Good quality, nice personality, and he sounds like he knows his stuff. I look forward to more shows.