The Dog Girl Cat Guy's Podcast
The Dog Girl Cat Guy's Podcast
A Podcast for Dog and Cat Lovers who want to hear inspiring and heartwarming pet stories!
#30 - Weather Cat and Happy Tail
In our 30th episode, we will introduce you to the quarantine weather cat, and a dog with a severe case of "Happy Tail".
Apr 19
17 min
#29 - Quarantine, Week 5?
We have officially gone quarantine crazy over here!
Apr 12
12 min
#28 - Rhonda's Four Wieners
Special guest, Rhonda has FOUR wiener dogs!  How do you end up with four wiener dogs?  Rhonda shares how she ended up with four!
Apr 5
21 min
#27 - Charlotte's New Dog, Gizzy!
We are living the quarantine life over here!  We forgot what day it was and didn't podcast.  This episode is on current events and what is happening in week 3 of quarantine.  Our loyal listener got a new puppy and we share that happy story!
Mar 30
11 min
#26 Quarantine Pet Adoptions
Quarantine = lots of pet walking!  We will be sharing our 1st week of quarantine.
Mar 22
14 min
#25 - Dymka the Cat and Stella the Dog
Meet Dymka the Russian cat found in the snow.  You will also meet Stella.  The dog who can communicate up to 29 words.
Mar 15
10 min
#24 My Retirement and Cat Armor
In this episode we talk about Tracy's retirement plan, the loss of Astro and Cat Armor.
Mar 8
11 min
#23 Bunnies Part 2!
This episode will continue to talk about the bunnies in our life!
Mar 1
16 min
#22 Bunnies, Rats and Bearded Dragons, Oh My!
This episode is all about our pets that were not cats and dogs!
Feb 23
21 min
#21 Meet Eclipse, the Dog Who Rides the Bus!
Meet A dog named Eclipse, and hear some dog vs. cat tweets!
Feb 16
15 min
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