The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.
The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.
Dr. Mark Hyman
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Ok Info, Smug AF Host
The info is ok, though not ground breaking. The host is super smug about what he shares every episode as if he’s invented the wheel. He’s classist and it shows. If you’re looking for basic info on health and wellness presented in an easy to understand way, and you don’t mind his presentation, you might enjoy this podcast.
The most amazing functional doctor
I’ve been following Dr Hyman for a while now. I literally became my own doctor and helped my family with all their medical problems. I can’t afford to go to medical school but I feel like I can do sth about my own health and people around me
Natasha 86
Changed My Life
Ever since I caught you on PBS I have been reading everything you put out. I think I have listened to every podcast and check everyday to see if there is a new one. You have helped me change so many things in my lifestyle, I just wish all doctors were like you and your team!!!!!!!!
Overall great but why did Dr. H just bash therapy in this most recent episode?
As a therapist myself I had to write something because I feel as though he may be doing a disservice to his listeners by saying that therapy takes “30 years” and “forever and ever” to work. Therapy doesn’t have to take longer than 6 months in fact usually the GOAL is to get people out in under a year. We’re also trained in helping people with their limiting beliefs (so not sure how this episode is “anti-therapy”???)—not to say this guest is not extremely knowledgeable and great at what she does. This honestly just ground my gears (LOL) and I don’t think a functional medicine doctor’s beliefs and practices should line up with describing therapy in the wrong way and diminishing its usefulness and effectiveness. Seems like a pretty big mis-step for him based on what he says he bases his work on. People need and benefit greatly from therapy. And it doesn’t take 30 years.
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Overall good podcast but interrupting the guests is rude and distracting
I find this podcast overall very helpful and interesting. However, Dr. H needs to listen more to his guests. We want to hear what they have to say, but it is hard when they are constantly interrupted. Also too many ads and self promoting.
Great Health and Wellness Podcast
24 y/o and have been listening since I was 19. I plan to listen indefinitely so please don’t stop Mark! Also, love the book Food Fix. I saw you took a photo with Joe Biden and hope you gave him a copy. Also hope he reads it ... lol 😔
So much good info from health experts
I’ve been following Dr. Hyman’s work for many years. This podcast brings you real info about how to improve your health. Recently went back and listened to episode about social media and it’s effects in your cognitive health. The best info I’ve heard on the topic!
Love podcasts !
Tiny suggestion...please let guests speak more. Thanks
Most of the interviews in this podcast are infomercials. They are about important topics, but mainly discuss the problem or symptoms without offering many practical solutions. They push the guest’s book or other product if you want any real solutions to the problem.
Such a wealth of knowledge!
I love this podcast and have learned so much from each episode! I highly recommend it!!
Vivicious Lil Val
Not helpful
So little useful information and lots of marketing of the guest speakers product. I tune into an episode hoping to Learn something and after an hour of my time come away with very little knowledge. Unsubscribing after trying quite a few episodes and feeling the same way after each episode. Not a good use of my time.
A Functional Approach to Covid……
I am offended by one bit of information in this podcast. I experienced a mild case of Covid in February 2020. I only know because I have antibodies documented by bloodwork. I thought I had a mild sinus infection after a flight from Fla. In this podcast it is said that long haul symptoms are only experienced in people with other underlying health issues. Not true for me, as I have none. I experienced daily hives from April through Thanksgiving week this year. The podcast made me feel like the doctor was saying the symptoms were my own fault for bad health issues. I eat very healthy meals that I cook from scratch. I exercise daily. Long term symptoms are a result of the virus itself. Stop blaming the victim.
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tj hoosier
Great show
I have learned so much from listening to this podcast. Mark is a great host and the guests are great too. Thanks for this!
It’s a let down to hear people who appear to have the goal of helping others talk so poorly about folks with disabilities (particularly people who use mobility aids).
Please listen more
We understand that you’re knowledgeable in your field. But you get all of these excellent guests and you speak over them often. Ask the questions and let us listen to what THEY have to say.
I listened to his podcast this year during this pandemic but then when he showed himself to be political , it really made me uninterested. I wanted an outlet free from the world and country news and far away from politics. Everyone has their own opinion but he should keep everyone’s views in mind and be more mindful when posting or talking about things. Anyways I unsubscribed
Great, but...
Great podcast but Dr. Hymans’s mic is too sensitive. Hearing every exhale, sniff and lip smack is almost unbearable.
Great content
I love the content! Please adjust the sound so we don’t hear Mark’s heavy breathing. It’s so distracting and sometimes I stop listening to a topic that I would love to hear more about.
Dr. Mark Hyman’s podcast is amazing. Thoughtful conversations around topics that impact us the most: climate change, physical health and social health. Thanks for conversations that inspire us to do better!!! ❤️
Hollis A
Comes off as condescending and rude
Good info but the recent q&a episode left a bad taste in my mouth. They way he responded to the pregnant woman’s question was especially condescending. Then he flat out cut one woman off. I get that there’s time constraints but at least be nicer about it! Also way too many ads.
I love this podcast! I wish I could see Dr. Hyman in real life!!
Interrupting and talking more than the guests
Dr Hayman, you have to listen more when you have a guest NOT overtalk...
Amazing podcast
I am so grateful. I am a family medicine physician. I passed my boards with flying colors a couple of years ago; however, after listening to your podcast I started asking myself a question “do I know anything?” You helped me so much with my own Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and non celiac gluten sensitivity. I use my knowledge as to how to improve your immune system every day working in telemedicine.
Mute your mic
Shows aren’t too bad, though it’s really hard to focus because Dr. Hyman does not mute his mic when guests are speaking and my attention, at least, is drawn to his heavy nasal breathing. Not sure if it’s a deviated septum or an issue along those lines, but it would be nice to not hear it when guests are speaking. It’s rather loud.
Fat phobic and self promoting
Showed up for the health info, left because of the fat phobia. News flash, fat folks can be healthy (A+ blood panels), and thin folks can be unhealthy. Weight does not equal health. Also, the constant self promotion got irritating.
Good information but he’s rude and condescending
I have listened to this podcast for about a year and I truly love the information in it. However, the longer you listen the worse he gets. He speaks over his guests. Puts people down. Thinks he’s being witty when he’s being a rude. A woman asked about eating gluten during and after her pregnancy and his response was “oh no eat all the junk food and garbage hahaha who would ever wanna eat healthy for their child hahaha I’m just kidding have you ever heard of epigenetics probably not cause you’re too dumb”. That’s how it felt when he was speaking and I’m not even a mom but I’m unsubscribing for this reason. I’m trying to find a healthier path. Not be put down for lack of knowledge. Although I did know what epigenetic was. I just don’t like how he talks to people. And always trying to sell his books. Ugh. Yuck. 2 stars for good info though.
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A perfect podcast!
Whether you have some specific issues you want to learn more about or are just really trying to educate yourself on how to live a healthy life- this is for you! Dr. Hyman and his team deliver an incredible podcast that is professional, clear and fun. So thankful I have found this podcast!
Win Hoff
This episode was just fabulous! Dr. Mark always has great guests, but this is one of the most uplifting I have heard in months.
Weight does not equal health.
Episode from 11/9/20. Dr Hyman tells the person asking a question that they look pretty skinny and healthy. This is a harmful assumption on so many levels. Please consider doing some research on all the different ways this assumption could cause harm. “Skinny” does not equal health.
Helps a School Counselor Think Outside the Box
Each episode is helpful thought provoking! Dr. Hyman’s joy makes it fun to listen to each week. His passion for what he does comes through too. It’s always helpful. As a school counselor I work with a lot of children and families and your podcast makes it possible for me to provide them with fresh ideas or approaches to the health challenges they face. It aligns with my whole person/integrative philosophy and helps me stay current on the go. I really appreciate the work you do! Thank you!
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Does he ever have a patient he couldn’t cure?
Very Hard to believe all his wild claims about curing patient after patient after just X weeks. Does he ever have a patient he couldn’t cure? Never cites scientific evidence, just his own subjective experience as a doctor. As a result he sounds like a quack even if his premise is not necessarily wrong.
My favorite doctor on the planet
I’ve been following Dr. Mark Hyman’s work for 7 years now. I’ve read all of his books. This podcast is my new favorite way to keep up with his work. He also has a weekly email that I can’t wait to receive in my inbox called Mark’s picks where he shares things he is enjoying! In this podcast he touches on everything. I love that he’s a doctor with a medical background but he goes into mind body spirit topics.
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Content great but unprofessional recording
Unsure why Dr. Hyman was sucking on hard candy or drinking while recording his interview with Wim Hof. Had to stop listening to his podcast because of the irritating noise.
Interrupting guests
Some good information but he will not let his guests finish a sentence.
Just breathe into the mic, that’s about what this podcast is.
It’s been painfully awkward enough listening to someone hawk his wares and then breathe/chew/drink into the mic while waiting to interrupt his guests. Some of his guests have been questionable - I get that Hyman himself is pretty woowoo - but he focuses on more than just veganism which I initially liked. However, I’m more than happy to hit the unsubscribe button after he’s now giving the science illiterate and money grubbing “Food Babe” a platform. The Exam Room is a much better nutrition related podcast if anyone is looking for another recommendation - they are vegan so there’s not a ton of room for flexibility in their approach, but as an omnivore I usually still end up learning a lot. Again, sometimes questionable guests, but at least they’re people who’ve done actual research and don’t use their name to sell overpriced products with the ingredients they claim to be against.
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Hard to listen to
Mark constantly interrupts and essentially just waits until it’s time to talk instead of conducting an interview
Great podcast!
Love all these! Very informative and I hope the uneducated can listen to these and improve their lives. Side note- Mark, you are awesome, but you breath very heavily in a lot of these podcasts... maybe work on the sound levels ;-)
barcode blows
Hi Dr Heymsn. I love your interviews and all the info you give Istened to interview on psychedelics and want you tou know that i was someone from the 60 s that had a bad trip I had no history of mental illness but ended up in the hospital and had three subsequent episodes. Im not against the present resergence of this research but i had trouble with you minimizing these experiences from the sixties. Ive had to work very hard my while life to overcome this experience. Perhaps it was the dosage but i did it with friends in a safe environment sny way I felt important for you to get this feedbac Thanks
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Dr. Hyman is doing great things for the field of medicine
I have a bachelors degree in human nutrition and dietetics and hope to go to become a doctor some day so that I can do what Dr. Hyman is doing— incorporating the profound importance of food in how we prevent, treat, and eradicate common western diseases such as heart disease, neurological disease, and cancer.
So helpful
I love all the info and experts sharing advice on living healthier. It’s nice to find an informative podcast I trust that’s not a sales pitch.
Dr. Hyman please... your guests and let your guests talk! This podcast is wonderful, one of the few sources of information that's up-to-date for people to access. I love you, but you talk too much and don't let your guests talk enough! Please trust your guests and let them speak. It would've been a five star review except that you drive me crazy not letting your guests speak.
Dr Hyman is on point
In a world of fad diets and extremes, Dr Hyman puts things into a clear perspective. Pioneer in health and inspiring for sure. Grateful for DR Hyman.
Too long
Great info but takes too long. Sweet spot is 20 minutes.
Davo Davicci
Love this podcast 💜
A lot of alternatives and solutions to our modern problems, very practical and knowledgeable!
Stop Interrupting the Guests
Sorry but I can’t get over the doctor interrupting and talking over his guests. I listened to a show about HBP and with all of his interruptions it increased my BP. Please let your guests speak!
Elizabeth in Concord NH
Awesome podcast
I love this podcast and just finished listening to the backlog of episodes! It has given me a lot of good information and so many book recommendations. I got interested in health after my diagnosis of celiac and these experts have helped motivate me to stay on track and tune out doctors & nutritionists who promote the Standard American Diet. My way of eating mirrors his recommendations and I lost 30lbs of fat. Then my mom finally decided to be healthier, read his 10 day detox book at my promoting, and lost 14lbs so far. I often recommend this podcast and Dr. Hyman’s work. The information he provides has helped me and my family make more informed choices and live healthier.
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No politics PLEASE
Do not take me wrong, I love to listen your podcasts, they just so educational, I have only one problem... would you and your guests ( some of them) stop ⛔️talking politics PLEASE. I'm listen for health purpose, I'm not interested in politics. Thank you 😊
Content of this podcast is great and non-dogmatic which is rare these days but it is SO frustrating when you interrupt your guests and give the “punch line.” We know you are educated and know most of the answers to the questions you ask but if you’re not going to let the experts talk, why have them on the podcast? You are a great interviewee but not the best interviewer. Interrupting someone’s train of thought is unprofessional and annoying whether it’s to give the answer yourself to the question you just asked or to interject a comment you think is funny but really isn’t.
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Love these podcasts but
Just wish they were shorter. I know for some the length is appropriate and desired. For me, they are too long. I don’t have an hour and 15 minutes to spend intently focused to make sure I am giving this my complete attention. I would prefer shorter bites. I think I would listen more regularly and frequently. Just being honest. Content is always outstanding. Just wish there were shorter.
OG rascalfishy
Twenty minutes of mattress advertising
Sounds like you've begun the podcast, twenty minutes later you are given the BIG REVEAL of this guys new mattress and how it revamped his wallet - a i mean, revamped his life.
Tech Husb
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