The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.
The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.
Dr. Mark Hyman
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Keto Changed My Life!!
Thank you Dr Mark Hyman for the VERY informative podcasts . I am 78 wife married 61 years. 25-30 year ago I began to ache so bad I could barely walk. They said (traditional doctors) I had high inflammation, got very little relief. Even going to Germany for treatment. Than in 2017 in read about Keto & immediately started it by fasting for three days. It was gradual but I have NEVER been so healthy. I take no medication, lost 30 pounds & have almost no more aches. Arthritis has keep me from walk like I sure to but I swim, bike, rebound & do band exercises. You & doctors like you have kept me positive and on the right track. We have purchased the Aqua Tru, should have done that much sooner. I am also on your Gut Food. Next week it will be 4 weeks, will be writing my review after that. We live in Connecticut but have be COVIDing (which we both had in November) in Florida 🌴for about 16 months. ☺️ THANK YOU AGAIN, Carolyn & Fred
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Weight Loss
Just listened to a March podcast you had on weight loss with Dr Chatterjee I believe and there were some good things but after reading Bright Line Eating I feel like I have a whole different way of thinking about food and food choices that kind of conflicted with some of the things Dr Chatterjee was discussing. What are your thoughts on Bright Line Eating? It helped my sister in law lose a ton of weight and keep it off for the past two years.
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Thanks for helping change the world one podcast at a time. Each episode gives us incredible information that spurs hope for our personal health journey as well as providing a roadmap for a better, healthier world. Keep up the great work!
Love the emphasis on nutrition!
I’ve read several of Dr. Hyman’s books and absolutely love his practical nutrition approach. His podcasts are always informative and I always learn something new, in spite of all the reading and research that I already do on my own.
Very useful
I’m hooked on listening. As a medical professional it’s pleasing to hear alternative perspectives. I don’t agree one hundred percent with all the information shared but I can respect there is so much I wasn’t trained on that Mark has taught me. Especially so, on topics of environment and agriculture. I have encouraged patients and family to seek out functional medicine, awaiting the antidotal stories!
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Please don’t interrupt!
If you are interviewing someone, please let them talk or don’t have them on!
Twin mom 1654087
Interesting content poor hosting skills
Interesting health related content, however im every episode Dr Hyman cuts guests off multiple times to give a long (though typically interesting) diatribe or cuts in with a “joke”. In the episode w Dr Chatterjee he rudely said “yeah yeah yeah” two different times! I like the content but am getting very frustrated not being able to hear his guests completed thoughts. Also as mentioned by others, whoever takes care of the sound needs to do some adjusting so that we don’t hear Dr Hymans sighing etc while the guest is talking.
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Great podcast with interruption issues
Really love all the information Dr.Mark Hyman provides, however, to hear him continually interrupt his guests is very disheartening and annoying. Due to this, sometimes I just stop the podcast. Please please stop interrupting your guests and let them finish their sentences!
If he were my actual doctor I would run screaming from the office. This man has to have the worst bedside manner (if you actually had the misfortune of meeting with him in person). Just listen to the way he treats his guests who are, in theory, people he respects and WANTS to hear from! So dismissive and rude. Whatever good information he has is lost in the way he presents himself. Check out the MBG podcast for a compassionate human being interviewing others for the purpose of sharing knowledge and improving lives, not just driving his own agenda.
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Let your guests speak!
Dr. Hyman invites great guest speakers and then interrupts and talks over them. Not only is it rude, I get aggravated because I’d like to hear what the person is trying to say. He does this constantly. Ughhh just stop!
Regenerative Agriculture
Love the podcasts on this subject!!!
Psalm 91:1-2
Bust her hymen Dr. Mark !!!
Love the podcast.
Scott - Oak Park
The episode with Dr. Todd Lepine may be the worst.
If you want to talk about the mouth, talk to a real oral doctor - a dentist. The antidotal evidence presented by Dr Lepine will cause more harm and tooth loss in patients looking for an answer than the one off antidotal patients in which multiple variables were altered. Root canals work in the majority of people I am glad that Dr Hyman noted that to set the record straight. Our metabolic health and immune system plays the largest role in our health. We haven’t identified the majority of batería in our mouth and gut via DNA, yet Lepine is ready to present this as facts. It’s is research until we have more knowledge. Dr Lepine should go to dental school in order to better understand the complexity of what dentistry offers patients. His entire family may be dentists but that does not make him qualified to present global biased misinformation. Respectfully, a real DDS
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The best!
Food is medicine! I learned so much! And definitely take aways to talk about with my doctor!
Super disappointed with the latest take on COVID vaccine - basically, you have to get it because you will not be allowed anywhere without a vaccine certificate
So disappointed
So disappointed in you!
Tiny one 5
Learning a lot but very expensive to become a patient!
I am learning so much from this podcast & the benefits of functional medicine. I wondered why more people don’t use functional medicine doctors or the Ultra Wellness Center. I inquired about becoming a patient & now I know why this approach to medicine is only for the wealthy! Initial consult is $2250 + lab work $1,000-5,000. They do not take insurance.
Great information, too much selling
I think the information is interesting and good, but I just don’t like being pandered to with all of the selling.
Linda Kressh
I love all of the knowledge you share, I’ve learned so much. It’s a bummer when you have a guest and as soon as they start to speak, you interrupt and take over without them finishing their thought.
Jj jelled
Episode with Mark Bittman - tone down the liberal pitch. Conservatives care too
I’m a big proponent of regenerative agriculture, stop destruction of nature, and eating real food. FYI lots of farmers are conservative (did not vote for Biden) and you bet they care about health and quality of their land and their farms. Policy and gov subsidies need to change and I wish things will change with new administration, but i will not hold my breath. How likely they will go against big AG and money that financed their campaign?
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This is basically Mark Hyman’s school of fake doctoring.
Recently discovered Dr Mark Hyman and completely obsessed. on point and shares soooo much valuable information with listeners . If you have any desire to be your best you it’s a must listen and follow ! Fan for life. Thank you so much for all you are doing to make a difference
All shows
Fed up with 4 minutes of you hucksters selling skills to begin each show....
marmion boy
Learning a lot!
I’m about 5 episodes deep and have learned a ton about my topics of interest. Some of the guests seem like hacks (read: Dave Asprey, the guy who hates on veganism and thinks he’s going to live to 180), but some are true medical scientists with really great insight. It’s a balance.
Big fan but the gas, Mark!
Huge fan of this podcast, Dr. Hyman is intelligent, thoughtful and relies information in a comprehensive manner. My one complaint is every podcast he has a burp or gas bubble that arises several times! Come on Mark cut those out of our listening buddy!
Citing actual science would be great
The stats, etc. ‘cited’ in the Covid episode weren’t remotely accurate on multiple occasions and is probably why not a single actual study was cited in this discussion. The ‘virologist’ being interviewed often contradicted himself and basically just embellished talking points that merely perpetuate fear amongst the layman in the audience. I went in thinking that Dr. Hyman wouldn’t give platforms to fear mongering like this...
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Functional medicine explained simply and entertaining
Mark has a positive, wise, curious, and informative show. His questions elicit great advice we all need to live healthier lives. Thank you, Dr. Hyman!
Eye opening for this MD
MDPhD here in emergency medicine. Really love the podcast. So many things are completely left out of medical training! Would love the show to cover radon- a toxin not often discussed. Two critiques, one: that Dr Hyman not interrupt his female guest speakers so often and two: that he not say EM is always easy and algorithmic. Agree that kidney stones are often this way, but there is also plenty of nuanced, complicated multi-factorial pathology that requires careful thought and stabilization.
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Becca phd soon to be MD
Too many ads
This started as a great source of information but over time there are so many ads! It makes me doubt whether the products are really that good, or if he’s just promoting them for $. I love his books and the meaningful conversations he has.
Please stop interrupting
Please please please let your guests speak and stop interrupting. This podcast is AMAZING and so full of important information. But Dr Mark’s constant interruptions with his own anecdotes make it near impossible to listen.
sw from bzb
Robert F Kennedy Jr? Really?
I love this podcast
Covid vaccine show was a great disappointment
Dr Hyman forfeited his Functional medicine card on this one.
A true philanthropist
It amazes me how much information Dr. Hyman shares freely with us every day. His back-to-basics approach makes total sense and has helped me to get on track with my health and longevity. I listen to him every day and it keeps me motivated to keep trying to live a better life. Thank you Dr. Hyman. You are a bright light in this world!
Love love
I love this podcast as well as Dr. Hymans books I love how he presents factual information from different perspectives that encourage you to develop your own opinion based on what’s best for you
COVID Vaccine Question
I found the COVID Vaccine episode very interesting. My question is: would you recommend, at this time, for people who currently have one or more autoimmune conditions to get the vaccine? Thank you!
Conflicting info
So let me get this straight. The vaccine does prevent further infection or contamination, doesn’t lessen your chance of getting or giving the virus, doesn’t keep you from getting it a second or third time,but does lessen the symptoms and should in turn lessen the burden on hospitals and shutting things down has helped? Depression rate is sky high with over double the suicides of previous years, parents are straight up abandoning their children cause they can’t cope, people are losing their businesses and their livelihoods not to mention their food and shelter, and lockdowns are helping? Go back to you mansion and stable life doc and lock yourself down. The only good thing I can say about this is the promotion of healthy diet and lifestyle cause everything else in my opinion doesn’t matter if you keep taking everything away from the majority of the population.
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Relevant information but wrong conclusions served in an arogant format
I'm an avid listener to the podcast as it always contains great information delivered in an accessible way. The episode on the Covid-19 vaccine was no exception. It is important that everyone understands that the current vaccines against Covid-19 are not providing full immunity. One can still get infected – almost at the same rate as if you haven’t taken the vaccine – but the risk of severe illness is radically reduced in risk groups such as elderly people, people with underlying health conditions or those with compromised immune system. Up to this point I fully agree but when Dr. Hyman and his guest tries to make the case that everyone must take the vaccine their arguments ring hollow. In fact, since the current vaccines don’t provide full immunity it may not be necessary for everyone to take the vaccine. And perhaps it's even advisable that not everyone gets the vaccine – at least not until there is a vaccine that offers full immunity and any long-term side effects of taking the vaccine are fully understood. It appears that those benefitting from taking the vaccine are people with an elevated risk of developing severe symptoms. In contrast, the potential benefit for young and healthy people is much less obvious. Why taking a vaccine that only reduces the risk of severe illness when it is likely that you will only get mild symptoms if infected? Dr. Hyman’s guest makes the case that everyone is at risk – even young, healthy individuals. That statement is not rooted in reality. There may be a small number of such cases but they are very rare. And let us define healthy. Are we talking about the 15% of Americans that don’t have a compromised gut microbiome (and therefore a compromised immune system) or are we just talking about people who exercises regularly and may look healthy? Or perhaps being healthy is just a synonym for someone who hasn’t yet developed an underlying disease or is low on the spectrum of disease development? Furthermore, the guest goes on to say that even young individuals have a doubled risk of dying. Even if that is correct, it is a rather useless argument. Consider the risk increasing from 1/100,000 to 2/100,000; it is true that the relative risk has increased by 100% but the risk is still pretty small. Not only is the argument useless but it is also reckless as it only serves to inflate the real risk. Dr. Hyman’s guest also makes an analogy between wearing a bulletproof vest in a duel and taking the vaccine. That is only relevant if you’re actually at risk of severe complications from contracting the virus, which arguably most people are not and, particularity, if you have a reasonably healthy lifestyle. In that case, wearing a bulletproof vest in a fist fight is likely going to slow you down! Being 50+ years, I have spent decades to build a healthy body and mind. I have never taken a vaccine against the flu and never come down with the flu. Similarly, I never get a cold. Why? Because of the diet and lifestyle choices I make. Why would I then risk compromising the investment I have made in myself by taking the vaccine? And referring to people who, like me, wants to wait and see as 'idiots' is only reflecting back on those who choose to use that term.
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I’m in love
I love this show.. so informative and relevant. Please keep it coming!...
Let the guests talk!
Dr. Hyman is very knowledgeable. I follow him and have learned so much BUT why does he have guests on? He just talks over them or takes over the conversation. We know Dr Hyman is smart. He doesn’t have to prove it every episode. Be a good host and let us learn from others. And stop pushing the Ultra Wellness Center. Being so pushy is such a turn off. Take a hint from other Welness podcasts and learn the art of being subtle.
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Covid Vaccine Episode
I’ve never taken the time to write a review for a podcast before, but I had to for the Covid vax episode. I admit that I rolled my eyes, when I saw the episode title. I honestly expected Dr. H to have an antivax approach, considering he’s a food and supplement guru, or at least he comes off that way. Instead, the episode was a science forward wake-up call. The Covid vaccines are critical to mitigating the pandemic, but not the magic wand we were all expecting. I highly recommend you take the time to listen to this almost 2hr episode. TBH, it was a depressing listen, but in the end I have a better idea what to expect and how to protect myself, my loved ones, and community.
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The Houston Epicure
The real story about the Covid vaccine
Thank you for this enlightening conversation. So much important information and I really appreciate you putting it out there!
Timely Well-Presented Information: Worth Listening
The episode on the Covid vaccine is the most interesting and informative info I have heard or read. Other episodes are also great: I never fail to learn something new. Definitely worth your time: in a sea of podcasts and info sources this one stands out. Mark: Thank you for doing these, they are incredibly beneficial.
Long but very good information. We still need masks people. Be smart. Thanks Dr H as always.
Covid/vaccine with dale harrison
What a terribly depressing podcast episode.I only listened to about 20 minutes of this show where your guest talked about cruise ships never coming back, masks as the elixir, continued isolation, etc. You asked him for the science on his views, which he never gave you. I also did not hear you push back regarding other methods for combating and preventing Covid, besides an experimental vaccine. So much of what he said is in stark contrast to what you stand for. I hope you pull this episode.
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Thanks for probing about vaccine effectiveness!
Thank you so much for your in-depth interview with Dale Ellison on the COVID vaccines. I especially appreciated the fact that you probed and had him clarify just what "effective" means when it comes to the vaccines. As someone who, at age 71, has never had a flu vaccine and never had the flu and who doesn't take pharmeuticals and has no chronic diseases, I will not be taking the vaccine. I have stayed healthy all these years by eating real food, getting exercise every day, and using alternative therapies. I've read that functional MD's and others in the alternative medicine community are having success with their approaches to COVID. I would love to hear you interview one or more practitioners from integrative medicine or even other healing modalities ( TCM, homeopathy, naturopathy, herbology, etc) to see what other therapies might be helpful for those of us who have never done well with (or have been harmed by) pharmaceuticals and/or vaccines. Keep up the good work and thanks again!
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Real Story about COVID vaccine
Thank you so much for this important episode. I learned much and I appreciate it!
COVID vaccine info
Informative, thought provoking and critically important in the world we live in now. Thank you for sharing.
Interesting dialogue however Dale’s delivery of his information was arrogant and at times off putting. Would love to see everything he predicted be completely wrong. Definitely spreading fear.
mahjongg highlighters
Let the guest talk!
Please....your interview with Dr Elizabeth Boham could have been great but as a woman I could barely listen to it. You keep interrupting and basically man-sprained her. Stop!!! Let your guest speak, even if you know the information.
Fasting with Dave Asprey
Thank you thank you thank you for this episode! I am recent cancer survivor - who was diagnosed at age 39. It was a scary wake up call to make radical changes to my diet. I started fasting - the wrong way at first. Eating carb-y breakfasts to break my fasts and drinking only plain water. I learned the hard way that I had to start putting sea salt in my water and eat proteins as my first meal. This episode gave me even more tools for my healthy lifestyle toolbox. I also LOVE all of your IG posts Dr Hyman!
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Kerri Bee
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