The Doctor Paradox
The Doctor Paradox
Dr Paddy Barrett - Paddy Barrett interviews Dr Eric Topol, Prof Barry Schwa
The Doctor Paradox is about addressing why despite having incredibly meaningful jobs, doctors are increasingly unhappy in their work. Quite simply, it is a tragedy that we have allowed this to happen. That intensely passionate, dynamic and altruistic individuals have lost their core passions and found themselves adrift in the world of healthcare is unacceptable. The Doctor Paradox focuses on 4 key issues: 1. The factors that explain why doctors are dissatisfied with the world of healthcare. But more importantly… 2. The physicians that have rediscovered their passions and carved new paths, both within and outside of traditional healthcare. 3. The experts who offer insight on topics related to the challenges faced and the mechanisms to address them such as sleep deprivation, burnout, career advice and philosophical perspectives. 4. The strategies to rediscover your passion, find a new course and pursue what is required to find fulfillment. A primary responsibility of physicians is to add value and meaning to our patients lives and that of our own. To fulfill only one of these criteria is not enough. Without value and meaning in our own lives it is almost impossible to provide it to that of our patients. As physicians, we hold a most privileged position. We intersect with our patients lives, often in their darkest hour, with them asking for our help. For physicians to sustainably provide that help, they must first and foremost help themselves. Not to do so will ultimately degrade one of the most sacred of relationships: that of the patient in need and the doctor who can tend to that need. The Doctor Paradox also serves to explore a ‘New Medicine’ where the traditional model of what it means to be a doctor has changed. That the doctor of the future will still be adding immense value and meaning to patients lives but may be doing so in ways not conventionally pursued before. The physicians of the future will help patients across a spectrum of care, from face to face clinical encounters to designing and developing novel technologies that will significantly impact the lives of patients. For a ‘New Medicine’ we need a ‘New Doctor’. The future of medicine is bright but unless we begin a major course correction, physicians drift toward ever increasing uncertainty. As the famous saying goes: “Things always get worse…. before they get worse”. It is up to us as physicians to effect the changes we wish to see in our own lives and in doing so, ultimately that of our patients. Things are getting worse, let’s make them better. We are ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’, so it’s not that we ought to, it’s that we have to.
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Great content, Poor audio quality
Very interesting podcast for anyone involved in medicine. The audio quality, particularly on phone interviews, is terrible though and makes listening difficult. The constant feedback and static can be hard to overcome.
Great Podcast for Clinicians!
I’m so glad someone is making a quality podcast about working in medicine. It’s great to learn from people who have overcome trial had had success in the field.
Your College Mentor
Great podcast for anyone working in medicine. Phenomenal insight and wonderful guests. Insightful topics. Can’t get enough!
Kristopher Maday PA-C
Good discussions, but the audio can be improved
The guests and discussions are all insightful and interesting to listen to, but the the audio needs to be mastered better. The overall podcast is at a much lower volume than others I listen too. Also the into monologue is louder than the discussion most of the time. The effect sounds between the talks are obnoxiously loud compared to the speech and so everytime they come on you have to turn the radio down and then back up to hear the talk.
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Great resource!
Great interview skills + great & knowledgable guests. Recommend to all medical professionals.
Remedies for Doctors
Such an important topic to help doctors regain their passion! If a doctor is not happy, how does that affect interactions with patients? Helping doctors find their passion and joy again is an important mission.
marc @ talking theater podcast
Interesting Viewpoint!
Its really interesting to hear medicine from this viewpoint. I’ve never really looked at it in that fashion and Dr Barrett really has a way of finding the most valuable data.
Jeremy Slate
The Doctor Struggle is Real
The Doctor Paradox explores these struggles with great guests and conversations. Well done. - Andrew Alliance
Good production quality
Great if you are interested in or practice medicine.
great podcast!
super informative and fantastic guests! I love hearing about these issues. definitely recommend!
Great show
This is a great podcast and Dr. Paddy is an excellent host. Great guests and great insights into the field of medicine.
Youngman Brown
Thank you!
Thank you for addressing this growing problem and helping shed light on the different solutions doctors are fining.
Professional and worthwhile!
I think this is something the medical industry has needed for a long, long time. I love that you are helping Medical professional stay in touch with the real reasons they chose this profession in the first place. Well Done!
Listen to this show if you're a doctor!
Such an interesting show geared towards doctors. I was listening to the burnout episodes and realized that a lot of discussion can be applied to entrepreneurship/business ownership. The techniques taught to lower stress and prevent burnout are applicaple to everyone.
Very interesting!
Every episode have all great point and would love to hear more. Keep it up!!
Thomas O'Grady, PhD
Wow, very interesting and informative podcast. Well done....
Todd Officer
Hits Home
As a doctor myself, it’s hard to hear some of the content on here but it’s also super helpful. I subscribe regularly and I really enjoy these conversations because I know they’re making me a better doctor. I never want to get to the point where I burn out. Thanks Dr. Barrett for your excellent work - Dr. Recher
Awesome and interesting
Honestly a great podcast. It was refreshing to listen to and I learned so much about the subjects they talked about.
Podcast Pat
Great podcast!
Great podcast..very informative
Interesting Listen
I love listening to the inner workings of doctors' minds. Physician burnout is a real issue, and it's nice to hear people talking about it. This most recent episode delving into vulnerability is particularly interesting and eye-opening.
What a nice podcast
Dr. paddy really knows his stuff. His guests are great too, listen to this podcast!
I loved the podcast! Extremely interesting and sounded very nice.
Interesting for pre-meds
Definitely has its niche group but is very interesting about how intense medical professions can be. The podcast also showshow to feel more rewarded in whatever profession you choose. Good for deep thinking and challenging yourself.
Very Needed
A great podcast for physicians in the field, young and old — and even for some who are in different fields. Excellent guests and interesting interviews. This one is worth a listen.
Very Interesting
"Things are getting worse, let's make them better"...this podcast is very interesting and I felt myself glued to it. I was very surprised by what I heard but it was encouraging!
Great podcast
I loved this podcast, very informaive and well made.
Truly Amazing!
What Dr. Paddy does here is something that I've never really thought about before. After listening to a couple of these episodes my eyes are wide open now. The subject matter is of the utmost importance and concern. I'm so glad to have foundthis show and I can't wait to get back to more listening. I hope everyone finds this as fascinating as I do. Thank you Dr. Paddy!
Enlightening podcast
I like these types of podcasts. I enjoy listening to intelligent people speak in a calm manner. I look forward to checking out other episodes.
great info for doctors (or really anybody)
Although this show was designed with doctors in mind, the information here is worthwhile to anybody who wants to be happier with the work that they do. I’m not a doctor myself, but found the information extremely helpful. If you’re looking to get more out of the work that you do, check it out.
Mr. Clever
Back to the Basics and from the Heart
Over the last few years, I've become increasingly obsessed with podcasts to get me going through my hour-long commute each day, and recently have listened to a lot of great podcasts that do something new with the medium. However, I've been itching for something that returns to the style of podcast and show that I first got into, where there are no gimmicks, where it's really just about people and conversation and learning about a sect of our society that I don't know anything about, and this podcast is one that can happily fill the void. I thought I would be a doctor as a child, but ended up going into the arts, so I can't really speak to the impact a show like this might have for someone working in healthcare (though I'd imagine it might act as a sort of life-raft, a way to find that inspiration and purpose again, as is the show's purpose, I think). But the podcast is inspiring for people from all walks of life, I think, and the lessons and conversations can be helpful no matter what you love to do if you've ever felt less than inspired. This can help you find that spark again, or at least gain a new insight and appreciation for the doctors that all of us end up interacting with in life, often during our worst hours. On top of all that, the production value is consistently good, the theme song and logo well done, and makes this seem like a very solidly produced podcast, and I appreciate that. And as a creative who has sought to write characters who are doctors, something like this, which gives very personal insights into what they go through, a podcast like this is invaluable. P.S. As an obnoxious American with Irish heritage, I can't get enough of Dr. Paddy's Irish accent. : )
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Podcast B
Great Information
I am not a doctor but I started listening to The Doctor Paradox. I love the information and find that it can be used for most jobs or even in many cases your personal life. The pod cast are easy to understand and bring information to the listeners in ways that most people will be able to enjoy. I love all the different podcast but the ones on burnout are some of my favorites
I am always on lookout for interesting podcasts, and I have never really found a medical-related podcast that wasn’t boring to tears. I actually listened to many of these back to back and was hooked on them. If you’re looking for something new to listen to, check this one out.
Informative and thought provoking
I've listened to a couple episodes and this explains a lot of the things I've noticed about doctors. The information is interesting and presented well. I look forward to listening to more episodes.
Super informative!
I really enjoy listening to this- it's such a specific area of interest, and I'm glad there exists a podcast for it. Listening to medical professionals talking about their work is eye-opening and incredibly interesting!
Hits Home
As a doctor myself, this stuff is sometimes hard to keep in mind. This is a great collection of lectures and talks that I'll listen to whenever I get the chance.
The road is not a straight line
Always great to remember that the goal is never that close. Even after you have it, you have your eyes set on a new goal. It’s not about the goal.
Happier for listening!
Very Interesting Material
I have listened to a couple of these podcasts now and am instantly hooked. A lot of times I find myself just listening and doing nothing else. A lot of times in the medical field, things can get a little dull (especially if you work in clerical positions like me), so listening to this podcast has made the field a lot more interesting to me again!
Very interesting!
Very insightful and filled with interesting information about medicine and healthcare. I am looking forward to listening to more podcasts. Also Dr. Paddy’s Barrett is very soothing to listen to!
Excellent and unique
A very insightful and unique look at the medical profession and one that really opened my eyes and caused me to think about things in a different manner. This is one of those things that many people might not think about, but is very important. Dr. Barrett does an excellent job and has some very interesting guests. Highly recommend, especially for anyone in medical school or pondering med school.
Very interesting!
The podcasts that I have listened to were always very educational. It gives me insight into what doctors think, how they feel, and why they do some of the things they do. Really like what I'm hearing in these podcasts!
Wonderful and Inspiring for Doctors & Pre-Meds
I am a pre-med I have found this podcast to not only relate to practicing physicians, but to also speak to many of the challenges I face as a pre-med. The importance of life balance is severely underestimated in our culture and burnout is one of my biggest fears as I pursue a career in medicine. Thank you for being brave and for bringing this issue out in the open because physicians are people too and they need to be taken care of in order to better take care of others. This podcast has made me feel more encouraged to pursue a career in medicine because I am hopeful for a brighter future for physicians.
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Everyone should listen to this!
This podcast is amazing- Dr. Paddy Barrett and his guest speakers are so down to Earth and motivating. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone, especially those who are a bit lost on their journey applying to medical school or at any stage of their career. I also appreciate all of the great book recommendations and additional resources. Keep up the great work!
Physician burnout
I am loving the podcasts helping us understand and improve our practices and lives
Excellent and well structured
I found this podcast via the medical headquarters podcast. I must say I came with high expectations and I was not let down! Dr.Barnnett along with guests brings insight along with what seems to be a genuine care. I like the way these podcasts and structured and I love the topics.Please keep it up! :D x
Love your passion!
Love the podcast, and even more your bigger mission!
Timely and insightful
Look forward to each episode....
A breath of fresh air.
Great episode. It is great to hear doctors follow their intuition and put their clients first.
Awesome Help for Docs
Love the useful content and concept serving a valuable segment of society. Great work , Dr Barrett!
Wonderful, thoughtful podcast
The conversations between Paddy Barrett and his guests are thoughtful and interesting. They address issues faced by health care providers today (not just docs!). I find myself re-listening to episodes and thinking about the topics raised long after the conversation has ended.
Applicable everywhere!
These conversations are beneficial to anyone struggling to rediscover the passion in their career. Great show!!
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