The Doctor Paradox
The Doctor Paradox
Dr Paddy Barrett - Paddy Barrett interviews Dr Eric Topol, Prof Barry Schwa
The Doctor Paradox is about addressing why despite having incredibly meaningful jobs, doctors are increasingly unhappy in their work. Quite simply, it is a tragedy that we have allowed this to happen. That intensely passionate, dynamic and altruistic individuals have lost their core passions and found themselves adrift in the world of healthcare is unacceptable. The Doctor Paradox focuses on 4 key issues: 1. The factors that explain why doctors are dissatisfied with the world of healthcare. But more importantly… 2. The physicians that have rediscovered their passions and carved new paths, both within and outside of traditional healthcare. 3. The experts who offer insight on topics related to the challenges faced and the mechanisms to address them such as sleep deprivation, burnout, career advice and philosophical perspectives. 4. The strategies to rediscover your passion, find a new course and pursue what is required to find fulfillment. A primary responsibility of physicians is to add value and meaning to our patients lives and that of our own. To fulfill only one of these criteria is not enough. Without value and meaning in our own lives it is almost impossible to provide it to that of our patients. As physicians, we hold a most privileged position. We intersect with our patients lives, often in their darkest hour, with them asking for our help. For physicians to sustainably provide that help, they must first and foremost help themselves. Not to do so will ultimately degrade one of the most sacred of relationships: that of the patient in need and the doctor who can tend to that need. The Doctor Paradox also serves to explore a ‘New Medicine’ where the traditional model of what it means to be a doctor has changed. That the doctor of the future will still be adding immense value and meaning to patients lives but may be doing so in ways not conventionally pursued before. The physicians of the future will help patients across a spectrum of care, from face to face clinical encounters to designing and developing novel technologies that will significantly impact the lives of patients. For a ‘New Medicine’ we need a ‘New Doctor’. The future of medicine is bright but unless we begin a major course correction, physicians drift toward ever increasing uncertainty. As the famous saying goes: “Things always get worse…. before they get worse”. It is up to us as physicians to effect the changes we wish to see in our own lives and in doing so, ultimately that of our patients. Things are getting worse, let’s make them better. We are ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’, so it’s not that we ought to, it’s that we have to.
Surf Doctor - Dr Peter Acker On Global Emergency Care & Surf Medicine
Dr Peter Acker is a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Stanford School of Medicine. In addition to his work in the ER, he is an active member of the Stanford Emergency Medicine International Team whose work it is to assist in the provision of emergency medical care around the world. Dr Acker is also a key member of the organization, 'Surfing Doctors' and gets to combine his love of surfing with his passion for medicine.  The topic of surf medicine has been requested multiple times by listeners. So finally, here it is. If you enjoyed this episode please €˜Subscribe€˜ on iTunes or Stitcher. Enjoy! Selected Show Notes: Dr Peter Acker Stanford Emergency Medicine International Team Surfing Doctors  'Checklist Manifesto' by Atul Gawande Email:  
Sep 25, 2016
39 min
Alternative Careers In Medicine - Dr Abeyna Jones of Medic Footprints
Dr Abeyna Jones is an Occupational Medicine Registrar in London and is also the founder of Medic Footprints, a site dedicated to physician wellness and alternative careers in medicine. Dr Jones has travelled the world with her medical training and even spent time as a trauma surgeon in Africa in not exactly ideal conditions but garnered more satisfaction from that experience than her conventional surgical training in the UK at that time.  This is a fantastic conversation about the challenges of stepping outside the conventional frameworks of traditional medical practice and carving a path less travelled. Even if you have never considered an alternative career in medicine, this is a worthwhile discussion about why we choose what we do and where we derive satisfaction from our careers.  If you enjoyed this episode please €˜Subscribe€˜ on iTunes or Stitcher. Enjoy! Selected Show Notes: Dr Abeyna Jones Medic Footprints Med Net Twitter: @DrAbeynaJones
Sep 18, 2016
46 min
Rehumanizing Healthcare - Dr Robin Youngson of 'Hearts In Healthcare'
Dr Robin Youngson is a practicing anesthesiologist and international advocate for promoting compassion in healthcare. Dr Youngson has worked for many years on developing the concepts of rehumanizing healthcare at a clinical and leadership level. In addition to being the CoFounder of 'Hearts in Healthcare', a global social movement for physicians, he is also the author of several books, his most recent being the highly acclaimed 'Time To Care: How to love your patients and your job'. This is a fantastic conversation on how we desperately need to bring humanity back to medicine and how we might go about doing so.  If you enjoyed this episode please €˜Subscribe€˜ on iTunes or Stitcher. Enjoy! Selected Show Notes: Dr Robin Youngson Compassionate Happiness Inventory Dr Pamela Wible - Ideal Medical Care Hearts In Healthcare The lost art of healing: Practicing Compassion in Medicine by Dr Bernard Lown 'Time to Care' by Dr Robin Youngson Twitter: @HeartsInHealth
Sep 11, 2016
45 min
The Dangers Of Sleep Deprivation - Prof Russell Foster, Oxford UK.
Prof Russell Foster is a circadian neuroscientist and heads the Circadian Neuroscience Institute at the University of Oxford, UK. He has spent his career exploring the issues of sleep, from why we sleep to what its relationship is with mood disorders and abnormal cognitive behavior.  This is a conversation I have wanted to have for quite some time and a topic I wanted to include on the show as sleep, or more accurately, its absence is an ever present concern for most physicians.  If you enjoyed this episode please €˜Subscribe€˜ on iTunes or Stitcher. Enjoy! Selected Show Notes: Prof Russell Foster - Circadian Neuroscientist TED Talk - 'Why We Sleep' Selected Publications - Prof Foster The Oxford Online Program in Sleep Medicine - Nuffield Department of Clinical Neuroscience Twitter: @OxNeuro
Sep 4, 2016
38 min
The Inevitability Of Physician Burnout - Dr Anthony Montgomery, Organizational Psychologist
Dr Anthony Montgomery is an organizational psychologist and an internationally recognized expert on burnout. Currently he is an Associate Professor of Work & Organizational Psychology at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece. He has studied the individual and organizational elements of burnout for many years and his findings are fascinating.  I came across Dr Montgomery's work after reading an article he wrote entitled 'The Inevitability of Physician Burnout'. This is an enlightening conversation as to why we need to refocus the issue of burnout from the individual level to the ecosystem level.  If you enjoyed this episode please €˜Subscribe€˜ on iTunes or Stitcher. Enjoy! Selected Show Notes: Dr Anthony Montgomery 'The inevitability of physician burnout' by Dr Anthony Montgomery Well Med Conference 'Mindset' by Carol Dweck Areas Of Work Life Survey  
Aug 28, 2016
47 min
Physicians As Agents For Change - Dr Stephen Beeson of Practicing Excellence
Dr Stephen Beeson is the founder of the Physician Effective Project at Practicing Excellence and a nationally recognized leader in physician and healthcare performance. Dr Beeson is a  family medicine physician of 20 years and played a pivotal role in transforming the Sharp Rees-Stealy Healthcare group from a lowest tertile group to the highest, over several years. He is the author of 2 national best selling books on physician performance: Practicing Excellence and The Engaging Physician.  This episode is a fantastic conversation with someone who is deeply committed to improving the lives of physicians and transforming the world of healthcare today. I know that I will be coming back to this conversation again and again.  If you enjoyed this episode please €˜Subscribe€˜ on iTunes or Stitcher. Enjoy! Selected Show Notes: Dr Stephen Beeson Practicing Excellence  'Practicing Excellence' by Dr Stephen Beeson 'The Engaging Physician' by Dr Stephen Beeson Twitter: @SBeesonMD Email:
Aug 21, 2016
46 min
Life As An Antarctic Physician - Dr Gavin Francis, Scottish Physician & Writer
Dr Gavin Francis is a Scottish physician and award winning writer. He has practiced medicine across the globe from Africa, India, Greenland, the Arctic and Antartica. After a rigorous selection process he was chosen to be the sole physician for a 15 month period on the Halley Research station in Antartica. The Halley Research station is said to be harder evacuate a casualty in winter than the International Space Station.  This is a fantastic conversation with a physician who has used the platform of medicine to do a spectacular range of activities across the world. We get into what the section process is like, what life is like acting totally unsupported as a physician and what 3 months of darkness feels like.  If you enjoyed this episode please €˜Subscribe€˜ on iTunes or Stitcher. Enjoy! Selected Show Notes: Dr Gavin Francis Empire Antartica by Dr Gavin Francis British Antarctic Survey Halley Research Station - Selected Images Twitter: @GavinFranc  
Aug 14, 2016
41 min
Inside The Mind Of Burnout - Psychoanalyst Prof Josh Cohen
Prof Josh Cohen is a psychoanalyst and Professor of Modern Literature at Goldsmiths, University of London. Prof Cohen is the author of a recent article featured in The Economist entitled 'When Minds Turned To Ash' which explores the societal issue of burnout and why its possibly not a matter of working too hard.  This is a fantastic conversation with an incredibly insightful mind on the topic of burnout. I certainly learned an immense amount from this discussion and I would highly recommend this episode for anyone looking to get some insight on the causes and strategies to address burnout. If you enjoyed this episode please €˜Subscribe€˜ on iTunes or Stitcher. Enjoy! Selected Show Notes: Prof Josh Cohen Minds Turned To Ash - The Economist 'A Burnt Out Case' by Graham Greene Prof Josh Cohen - Selected Publications 'The Private Life: Why Remain In The Dark' by Prof Josh Cohen Walden: A Life In The Woods by Henry David Thoreau Playing and Reality by Donald Winnicott 
Aug 7, 2016
38 min
When A Helicopter Is Your Emergency Room - Dr Mike Abernethy - Flight Physician
Dr Mike Abernethy is full time Flight Physician and Clinical Professor at the University of Wisconsin. Having completed Medical School at the University of Cincinnati and Residency at the University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics. Dr Abernethy has been a practicing Flight Physician for 25 years and is an internationally recognized speaker on the topic. This is a great conversation blending the topics of medicine and aviation. We get into the details of what it takes to be a flight physician and how to get there. If you enjoyed this episode please €˜Subscribe€˜ on iTunes or Stitcher. Enjoy! Selected Show Notes: Dr Mike Abernethy Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning by Peter Brown Being Mortal by Atul Gawande Twitter: @FLTDOC1
Jul 31, 2016
35 min
Are Physician Burnout & Depression The Same? - Dr Douglas Mata Provides Insight
Dr Douglas Mata is a Resident Pathology Physician at the Brigham & Women's Hospital and a Clinical Fellow at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.  He attended the University of Cambridge, UK on a Fulbright Scholarship and the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Madrid, Spain. Dr Mata has also published extensively on the area of physician burnout and physician mental health, with his work appearing in the NEJM, Lancet Psychiatry and The New York Times. I have read much of Dr Mata's works and was excited to have him on the show to share his professional and at times very personal insights on the field of physician burnout and depression. This is a fantastic conversation with a rare expert in the field.  If you enjoyed this episode please €˜Subscribe€˜ on iTunes or Stitcher. Enjoy! Selected Show Notes: Dr Douglas Mata Selected Publications Medicines Ten Greatest Discoveries by Meyer Friedman & Gerald Friedland Twitter: @DouglasMataMD  
Jul 24, 2016
38 min
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