The Disclosure Podcast
The Disclosure Podcast
Earthling Ed
Join vegan educator, TEDx speaker and content creator Ed Winters as he explores topics surrounding veganism, morality, ethics, communication, and the environment, as well as discussing current events. Winters has spoken at over 1/3 of UK universities and at 6 Ivy league colleges, including as a guest lecturer at Harvard University. He has given speeches across the world, including at the University of Cambridge, EPFL, Google NYC and Google Zürich. In early 2019 he gave two TEDx talks, reaching a total of 1.5 million views online. His speech “You Will Never Look at Your Life in the Same Way Again” has 35 million accumulative views online and has been given to thousands of students across UK universities.
Ep 26: Why Don't Humans Care About Fish? In Conversation with Jonathan Balcombe
In this episode I am joined by Jonathan Balcombe, an expert in animal behaviour. We discuss his work exploring how intellectually and emotionally complex fish actually are, and dispel many of the hugely prevalent myths surrounding fish, and fish sentience. We also discuss some of their most interesting behaviours, whether or not it is ethical to eat mussels and oysters, and whether or not we should have home aquariums.
Nov 17
45 min
Ep 25: Reflecting on Life Before Veganism - How the World Never Looks the Same Again When You Go Vegan
I was once disappointed that I wasn't able to see an orca performing at an aquarium I was visiting, I once bet on horses with friends, and I once ate animal products every single day. But once I went vegan, everything changed. Your perspective on the...
Oct 22
30 min
Ep 24: This is How the Dairy Industry Lied to the World (And Almost Got Away With It)
Welcome to Season 3 of The Disclosure Podcast! In today's episode I take a look at how the dairy industry lied to the world, and almost got away with it. From 'government cheese' to government collusion, I break down how the industry worked with the US...
Oct 14
34 min
Ep 23: Why the Hunting Argument Doesn't Hold Up - What to Say if You're Arguing with a Hunter
"Look, I hunt my own animals. I'm connected to nature, and I'm helping the environment. Haven't you heard about overpopulation and the importance of hunting for conservation?"In this episode I expand fully on my recent YouTube upload, where I debunked...
Jul 24
55 min
Ep 22: The Death of Regan Russell & The Danger of Bill 156
On June 19th 2020, Regan Russell was killed. ⁣⁣An activist since the 1970s, she was at Fearman’s Pork slaughterhouse with Toronto Pig Save for a regular vigil. During these vigils the activists have an agreement with the slaughterhouse where the trucks stop outside for 2 minutes, so the activists can approach and give the pigs water and show them some comfort. However, on that day, one of the truck drivers ran Regan over and killed her. ⁣⁣ In today's episode, I discuss how the new Bill 156, which was passed just a few days before, could have potentially pushed the truck driver to act in a way that ultimately ended a human life. Bill 156 exists to prevent activists from filming animal suffering on farms and during transport, making it illegal to do so.⁣⁣
Jul 2
34 min
Ep 21: "I've Been an Undercover Investigator Since 2001: Here's What I Want You to Know"
Today I talk to America's leading undercover investigator Pete Paxton, who has spent the past couple of decades exposing what happens to animals in a huge range of animal exploitation facilities - including farms, fishing vessels and in more than 700 puppy mills. His work has been featured in both HBO and National Geographic documentaries, and he has not only raised a huge amount of mass awareness to what happens to animals, but his work has been instrumental in holding owners and workers in these industries accountable, taking them to court and securing prosecutions. We talk in depth about some of his experiences, and also what lessons he has learnt from his time as an undercover investigator.
Jun 23
1 hr 19 min
Ep 20: Can Vegans Have Pets? The Pet Industry Explained
In this highly requested episode, I discuss the many questions surrounding vegan pets. Should dogs and cats be vegan? And are you any less vegan if you feed your pets meat? And should we even have pets in the first place?
Jun 10
37 min
Ep 19: The Last Bailout - Why We Need to Reform Agricultural Subsidies
This week I discuss the $19 billion bail out that the Trump administration has given to US farmers, and the wider issue of subsidising animal agriculture in general. I also discuss the UK government’s new plan for subsiding agriculture in the wake of leaving the EU, and how their new system could actually pave the way for a complete reform that would incentivise the shift to a plant-based food system.
May 26
33 min
Ep 18: "We're Modern Day Slaves" - The Truth About COVID-19 & The People Who Kill Animals
In this episode I delve into the current slaughterhouse situation in the US, talking not only about the outbreaks of COVID-19 in US facilities and the effect that is having on slaughterhouse workers, but also how slaughterhouses foster an environment where workers suffer from mental health problems such as PTSD, drug and alcohol dependency, social isolation and emotional repression. I reflect on some of my personal experiences with slaughterhouses and slaughterhouse workers, and I also discuss how the current pandemic is driving people towards vegan options.
May 13
41 min
Ep 17: The Pandemic That Could Have Been Prevented - In Conversation with Mic the Vegan
I speak with Mic the Vegan, a highly influential vegan educator and YouTuber, about what’s happening right now in slaughterhouses in relation to COVID-19, as well as the possibility of the coronavirus also being able to be spread through animals such as pigs.
May 1
40 min
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