The Digital Story Photography Podcast
The Digital Story Photography Podcast
Derrick Story
Where photography meets technology. Weekly podcasts, photo tips, equipment reviews, and more. Author and pro photographer Derrick Story shares his insights, experiences, and opinions.
Birthday Cheer and Disappointment - TDS Photography Podcast
Hanging out with you on my birthday, sharing stories of cheer and disappointment.
Jun 7
26 min
Get Serious: The Fujifilm GFX 100S Medium Format Mirrorless - TDS Podcast
When you first pickup the GFX 100S, you know you're playing in a different league. Its heft combined with confidence-inspiring specification builds anticipation that something wonderful is about to happen. And the pictures do not disappoint. The question is: Is this camera for you? We'll explore that topic on today's TDS Photography Podcast.
May 31
35 min
How to Photograph the Upcoming Lunar Eclipse - TDS Photo Podcast
Photographing celestial events is a wonderful way to add variety to your photography. No matter what your thing is (unless you’re an astrophotographer), capturing a comet or an eclipse in your viewfinder can add a dash of enthusiasm to your creative endeavors. If you agree, then I have a great opportunity for you in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, a total lunar eclipse. And on today’s show, I’m going to discuss how to make the most of it.
May 25
33 min
It's Spring! 5 Tips to Clean Up Your Photography Act - TDS Podcast
Spring cleaning shouldn't be limited to our yards, garages, and closets. We get behind on photography-related tasks as well. It's not that we’re lazy or distracted (OK, well maybe distracted), it's just that we forget to do certain things that may really help us in the long run. Consider today's show a handy checklist for those springtime tasks. Look at it this way, everyone of these is more fun than cleaning the garage. I hope you enjoy the show..
May 17
34 min
Supercharge Your Editing App - TDS Photography Podcast?
One of the reasons we don’t move from an existing photo management app, such as Lightroom, to another is because we have so much time invested in it. Changing horses doesn’t make sense. But what if we could breath new life into our existing workflow without having to relocate a single file? That sounds more palatable. And it’s the first story in today’s TDS Photography Podcast. I hope you enjoy the show.
May 11
33 min
The Workshop Plan - TDS Photography Podcast
Going into the second half of 2021 and planning the entire 2022 season, I want to share our TDS Workshop Plan with you. Many of us are already considering travel plans and thinking about the things that we want to do. I’m hoping to be very much part of those plans. Here’s what I’m working on.
May 3
33 min
Is a New DSLR Totally Out of the Question? (Pentax K-3 III) - TDS Podcast
With all the mirrorless announcements from Sony, Canon, Nikon, and others, it seems as though the DSLR is going the way of the film camera. But there’s one holdout against this trend, Pentax, and the just-announced Pentax K-3 Mark III has some truly interesting features, including outstanding high ISO performance. So, are the reports of DSLR death are greatly exaggerated? We’ll explore this idea on today’s TDS Photography Podcast.
Apr 27
32 min
5 Useful Accessories for DIY Photo Projects - TDS Podcast
When inspiration strikes for a “do it yourself” solution to a gear-related idea that comes to mind, I’ve found that certain items in my photo accessory drawer are helpful time after time. This week, I’ll share five of my favorite DIY accessories, and a case study of putting some of them to use. I hope you enjoy the show.
Apr 19
34 min
Should I Stay or Should I Go? (with Micro Four Thirds) - TDS Photo Podcast
It’s been over a year since the release of the OM-D E-M1 Mark III. And it doesn't seem like we're going to see anything significant until the end of 2021 from OM Digital Solutions. Panasonic has been quiet on the MFT front as well. Meanwhile, Fujifilm and others have been quite active. Is it time for me to read the writing on the wall, or to stay the course? I discuss on today's TDS Photography Podcast. I hope you enjoy the show.
Apr 12
33 min
If I Were to Buy a Photo Printer - TDS Photography Podcast
Quite possibly a barrier to making more visual art is your printer. Do you have an aging behemoth that gives you unpredictable results at best? Has your All-in-One become an All-In-None? Would you like something that's just a bit smarter, smaller, and better looking? Well, then keep listening. Today's TDS Podcast will get you up and running again.
Apr 6
31 min
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