The Digital Story Photography Podcast
The Digital Story Photography Podcast
Derrick Story
Where photography meets technology. Weekly podcasts, photo tips, equipment reviews, and more. Author and pro photographer Derrick Story shares his insights, experiences, and opinions.
2021 - My Most Challenging Year of Photography - TDS Photo Podcast
In large part, 2021 seemed like a year of talking about photography rather than actually taking pictures. But just like with any important relationship, anything that you can do to keep the embers glowing is worthwhile. Today I’ll take a look back at the past 11 months and look forward to what could be different in 2022. I hope you enjoy the show.
Nov 29
28 min
Holiday Gifts Under $40 for Photographers - TDS Photography Podcast
Photographers aren’t the easiest folks to buy for. They’re picky about their gear, they already have more stuff than anyone realizes, and what they don’t have usually costs a lot of money. But there are always a few hidden treasures that are bound to delight, and those goodies are the focus of this week’s TDS Photography Podcast. I hope you enjoy the show.
Nov 22
32 min
So, How Did it Go? - TDS Photography Podcast
When you’ve been away from them for a while, it’s easy to forget the joy of an in-person workshop. That is, until you’re all gathered there in a parking lot at a beautiful location getting your gear together for a short hike and a shoot. Then it all comes roaring back. This week we’re going to look at the adjustments required, and the resulting rewards, of a physical workshop. And look ahead to 2022. I hope you enjoy the show.
Nov 15
32 min
Can Electric Vehicles Cut It for Photo Road Trips? - TDS Photography Podcast
Those of you who have been following the story about my transition from the VW Vanagon to the EV ID.4 for our official workshop transport, this is the week where the rubber hits the road. Is it too early to switch from ICE to EV? Tune in to this week�s TDS Podcast to find out. I hope you enjoy the show.
Nov 8
29 min
Preparing for an Inclement Photo Shoot - TDS Photography Podcast
In just a few days I leave for the Oregon Coast to co-lead a weeklong workshop. There are preparations on many fronts including travel route, photo gear, and apparel. As part of that process, I�ve noted that the long range weather forecast predicts plenty of precipitation. This definitely has an impact on my packing, and today I�m going to discuss how I prepare for a wet-weather photo shoot. I hope you enjoy the show.
Nov 2
33 min
Inside a Live Photo Critique - TDS Digital Photography Podcast
Have you ever wondered what actually goes on when a bunch of photographers critique the work of their peers? This week, you�ll have that chance. I�m going to share a conversation from our recent class presentation for the Infrared Photography Workshop. Plus, I�m going to talk about Instagram and my favorite iPhone accessory. All of that, and more, on today�s TDS Photography Podcast.
Oct 25
29 min
The New M1 MacBook Pro for Photographers - TDS Photography Podcast
Apple showed off its next generation of Apple Silicon processors for two new laptops, and they are impressive. Not only the speed bumps, but the actual designs of the computers are improved as well, especially for photographers. And that’s our lead story for today’s TDS Photography Podcast. I hope you enjoy the show.
Oct 19
33 min
If There Ever Was a Time to Stand Pat - TDS Photography Podcast
I have become very familiar with the term, Request Stock Alert. As I compare recent camera announcements with availability, I see there is a fairly wide gap. You can receive shipment on some items, but they may not be the exact thing that you�re hoping for. And this got me thinking, maybe this is a good time to simply appreciate the equipment that I have, and leave it at that. I explore this topic on today�s TDS Photography Podcast (and lots more!). I hope you enjoy the show.
Oct 12
30 min
Ben Long Says a Photo Practice Might Not Be What You Think - TDS Podcast
Photographer/Writer Ben Long joins the show this week to explain his ideas on how to grow as a photographer, as outlined in his new book, The Practicing Photographer. In the interview, I ask him how practice can be fun. He tells me I have it all wrong. And off we go! I’m pretty sure this is a half hour that you’re going to enjoy.
Oct 5
32 min
Why I'm Still Podcasting - Digital Photography Podcast
The other day, during a conversation, someone asked me, "Why, after all this time, are you still podcasting? Don't you get tired of the grind?" In the moment, I wasn't overly articulate, other than to say, "I still like it." Scintillating, right? But after some reflection I was able to put my fingers on a few key reasons, and I'm going to share those with you in today's TDS Photography Podcast. I hope you enjoy the show.
Sep 27
29 min
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