The Digital & Dice Podcast
The Digital & Dice Podcast
Digital and Dice
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Funny but Knowledgeable!
Mark and Brian definitely know what they are talking about when it comes to games. They have a great background in a variety of different topics so they bring all that information to the table when it is time to talk about RPG's. They give excellent advice and information on so many topics.... definitely check them out if you want info on table top RPG's!
Great weekly listening
I love the tabletop RPG focused episodes as a fledgling DM. There are always points that I can take back to the game table as a DM or Player to help the role play or mechanics.
Great for fledgling DMs!
This podcast has me seriously considering DMing for the first time for a small group of friends, they give a lot of great tabletop advice and inspire a lot of my own ideas to use to run my own campaigns!
My favorite podcast!
Seriously great. The hosts are wonderful and entertaining, and I honestly feel inspired with new ideas after watching each episode. I cannot recommend this enough looking to listen to tabletop topics. I will definitely be following them further, and you should too.
The BEST tabletop podcast around
It helped get me into D&D/tabletop, what more can I say?
The Golden Bolt
Critical Success
An adorable abomination of charm, wit, & great gaming advice. Not only do I enjoy their podcast, I also am I devoted youtube subscriber. You'll have a blast! Just give it a roll!
Odd Shaped Channel
A communal, fun podcast.
I've been listening to their podcasts for a short bit, and they're a lot of fun! Especially live on YouTube, they give their podcasts a lot of life and are definitely worth the check out!
Check this one out!
WHY DOESN'T THIS SHOW HAVE MORE REVIEWS?! Seriously, this is a fantastic show. Great rapport with the hosts, fun topics, and just a wonderfully geeky podcast that runs the gamut. I'm definitely more digital than dice, but there's something for everyone here. Check it out! -Julian Titus, host of the Nerds Without Pants podcast
Great, nerdy fun!
Great stuff! The hosts know exactly what they're talking about and this show is so entertaining to listen to! Bob Zapp approves!
Great podcast!!
You wouldn't be here if you didn't love nerdy stuff. That's why I listen to this podcast! Great topics, great insight and funny! Subscribe to this podcast!!!
Nerds With Words
Great show!
Finally got around to checking out this show, and it's great! The hosts are very knowledgeable with a huge catalogue of episodes to check out. TNB approves!
Bobby Bronson