The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett
The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett
Steven Bartlett
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Authentic - Thank you
Just discovered this podcast and I am so thankful for your authenticity! It’s been very helpful and filled with valuable info as a school principal and entrepreneur! Keep in keepin’ on!
Best podcast ever (and i have my own podcast too)
The episode with aubrey markus made me even pay to have it ads free to support this podcast even more 💛♥️
app kenner 17
Procrastination IS Distraction!
Nir Eyal reframed my late-in-life procrastination as distraction and I just had two productive days of working out first, working from home next and just getting it all done. Eyal's reframing AHDH as an identity instead of illness hit home with my brother too. America over diagnoses everything! So many interesting topics and guests.
Best Podcast Hands Down
I never thought I would listen to longer podcasts. I don’t know if it’s the video element, the caliber of content, or Steven’s soothing voice, but I could listen all day. And I pretty much do because I just found this podcast and have an entire library of content to consume. Thank you for asking the tough questions and opening the door to so many important conversations.
The best
One of my favorite podcasts- and I listen to a lot of podcasts! Steven asks great questions and chooses interesting guests who always share thought-provoking perspectives. Keep it up! All the best. JLH
Jess Lana
Awesome podcast
Steven, you are a wonderful inspiration to all. Thank you for sharing information on your podcast!
The reason DOAC is one of the ONLY podcasts I look forward to listening to is because this guy actually lets the interviewer TALK!!!! So many podcasters ask questions, then talk over the guest, not let them answer before they are asking another question, interrupt or spend too much time relating their own experience with the guest!! I mean, who cares?? I tune in to episodes with great guests because I WANT TO HEAR THEM TALK, not the podcaster! Steven actually allows his guests to answer each question, uninterrupted, and he asks great, interesting questions. And of course, how could we not want to hear his amazing voice and accent:). HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOAC!!
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If you have one regular podcast you want to follow, this is the one. Steven is a master interviewer. Asks thought provoking questions and lets the guest speak uninterrupted. Absolutely brilliant podcast with fascinating guests.
Love the show BUT…
this is truly such an incredible podcast. The intros are incredible and get me every time. Steven is such an intent listener and asks the questions I’m not anticipating. The way he gets guests to open up is remarkable. However, I must say the way the podcast titles are written makes me upset. They are very click-baity and often represent very little of what is said on the episode; just the most attention-grabbing. I understand why you do this but I feel like you’re above those tactics. The show is good that it doesn’t need to stoop to that level.
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Troy Farkas
You don’t have to just sit there and agree with your guest
I’m shocked that you just agreed with majority of what Chris Williamson was peddling without challenging it more. As he goes into detail about the male perspective but then will say I don’t know about women, I didn’t know all the details about Harvey etc. This is where it’s so important to take the time to parse out these comments bc it’s harmful to say, what Bill did wouldn’t fly now bc of Me Too. Just bc Melinda allowed it to happen and they married doesn’t mean there wasn’t a power imbalance. Me Too movement is to protect women in situations where the power isn’t there. When Chris tries to develop a scale on how terrible a man has to be is dismissive to the experience of women and their feeling of respect and safety in various environments. And his gross interpretation of data that woman now only want highly educated men…uhm are you familiar with the Victorian era when women had to marry men with wealth/class? Don’t attach statistics to your lazy assumptions just to pity men who feel rejected. It just makes you look even more uneducated.
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Always Excellent!
I found you on YouTube, have listened to several since- always amazing!!!! Truly life enhancing, life changing in the extreme best way♥️
Disappointed Greatly123456789
Looking to level up your life? Start here.
This podcast came to me via recommendation from a friend (who apparently knows me very well! 😂). I have not stopped listening since! There is value in the solo episodes as well as the interview episodes, and I learn something new with every episode I tune into. I genuinely believe that there is NO WAY you and your life don’t improve upon listening to this podcast, and for me personally it has reinvigorated my drive and passion for entrepreneurship. I can’t wait to continue listening and learning with Steven. Thank you for what you bring to your audience! @megtheburnoutcoach
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I think that Steven’s calm, curious, open demeanor brings out the absolute best in people. I love that we get a different, more vulnerable side of guests here compared to anywhere else. Thank you for everything
Not what I hoped for - unfollowed.
In the beginning I really liked this podcast, however as time has gone on I’ve just lost interest. Especially the recent interview with Alex Cooper… just not interesting. Listening to her complaining and dropping the “f-bomb” over and over was just nauseating.
An important listen
Top 3 fave podcasts. Steven is a great interviewer and chooses guests who are both interesting and helpful to living a better and more informed life.
Steven you have the best podcast and you are an amazing host. Thank you for your content! Every podcast you do is excellent.
The best podcast! Life changing and brilliant. This young man has a great heart that he shares with all of his listeners.
Steven is the best
Steven is the best at what he does and has the most incredible, insightful guests. If you don’t expand your brain and learn on a whole different level then you are not paying attention. Some shows are so deep you may listen to them more than once. Thank you Steven!
Ming as wellListen to kings tell use how to be god
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Lesiure Lotion
My New Favorite Show!
Steve is an amazing host! I love this show!
Love Steven
The way Steven interviews is with such unconditional positive regard and with such curiosity that it’s inspiring!! As a licensed therapist, I love his down to earth and authentic nature when dealing with human beings.
Highly Skilled Interviewer
Steven is really good at framing questions in ways to get high profile people get vulnerable and deliver uncommonly valuable nuggets. Good stuff 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Great show!
Great show, great conversation and get information. Keep at it Steven! All love!
This has quickly become my favorite “self growth “ podcast to listen to weekly. This year I challenged myself to listen to podcasts while commuting in hopes of “feeding my spirit and soul” and I literally stumbled across this one and I’ve been going back and listening to older episodes. Stevens voice is so relaxing. He’s a great interviewer. Gives his guests the room and validation to feel the feels of their stories and journey they’re sharing with him. Give him a listen! You won’t regret it !
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My favorite podcast by far
This podcast is just great. Has life lessons for everyone. Amazing guests. Steven asks the best questions and entertains the conversation in a flawless way. I love it.
Easy listening, addictive content!
Started listening on a whim and started at ep. 1. I’m no CEO but found the content to be applicable not only to business but just simply life. Just started ep. 16 and excited to catch up to more current content but also interested to see the podcasts execution through the pandemic.
Brilliant Podcast
Wow what a show. I can’t stop listening ! You’ll find something to relate to in almost every single recording.
Outstanding realness
I stumbled upon this podcast and I have been binge listening. The realness and honesty that Steven brings to light is I credibly helpful. Thank you so much for this platform.
Chele T.
First Time Listener
I am a first time listener of this podcast but I can say that the Maisie Williams episode shook me to my core. I have never heard anyone speak so eloquently, honestly, and with complete transparency about something I relate so well to. The host was an absolute gem in his thoughtful questions and the space he gave Maisie to elaborate as much or as little as she wanted to. I am thankful for this episode in particular for making me feel not so alone. Amazing!
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Good job
I absolutely love these conversations big up Steve 💪💯
kasaya banda
An hour isn’t enough
Steven is a rare gem of a host. Listens well, but also shares about himself and his experiences so it’s a conversation and an interview. He asks non generic, super thought provoking questions and consistently has incredibly interesting guests, beyond just CEO’s..thought leaders, and just so many people of interest. His conversations feel real and raw, and it comes through. This podcast far and beyond stands out from the pack and different than much of the “noise” that has saturated our podcast space. It’s well produced, well edited and a fantastic listen. 10/10
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such a great show
Thank you so much to Steven
Steven’s diary answers the questions in mine.
There hasn’t been an episode where I haven’t walked away with an answered question I’ve had buried in my mind! Thank you! @averngumbs
Well worth your time. So good!
Really like every episode I’ve listened to so far. Some how a clip of the YouTube version showed up on my TikTok feed. It sparked my interest and since then I’ve listened to a dozen or more full episodes. Have also listened to a few audiobooks that he’s recommended, “Never Split The Difference” being my favorite so far. Can’t recommend it enough and have even shared it with friends.
Why no women?
It would be nice if this show featured women guests once and a while. The host is terribly boring and the episodes are quite predictable. I was looking for some inspiration but it is just a series of bros talking about how they have overcome their “hard” lives to “make it.” Pass.
Giving me the momentum I needed
I regularly listen to podcasts, mostly self improvement/self help ones, and I found this podcast through Instagram a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve listened to dozens of them (on another platform) but I had to come here to leave a review. I’m an American woman in my 30s, have two small children at home. While the self help podcasts felt like they were helping me, they didn’t inspire me to make something of myself. To be honest I often spent time feeling sorry for myself and the hardships I’ve had in life. What I’ve realized is listening to this type of content has a far better positive effect on my life. It helps me be excited about the future. To hear people’s stories and realize how they have gone through hardships as well, I feel like I can do it too. Steven has such a calm demeanor in how he interviews, and his genuine curiosity and desire to learn from his guests, while not making it about “him”, as many podcast hosts do, is so unique to this space. I’ve shared this podcast with my husband and he felt the same abt how Steven interviews. I love how he brings up the ego.. we both wonder that about ourselves and how it plays into our desire to succeed. I’m also a Pilates instructor who makes videos on YouTube and listening to this podcast has helped me feel inspired to create more, believe that I can really be successful and overall just feel so much more excited to be alive. Thank you so much and keep doing what you’re doing 😊
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Rachel's Fit Pilates
Seconds In Command
I’d love to chat with Steven about how COOs often play a huge Yin/Yang role with the CEO in their success.
Must listen for business leaders and philosophers
I learned about Steven after randomly coming across his book, Happy Sexy Millionaire, on Audible and loving it. TBH a lot of what he talks about and brings up feel very close to home as far as focus on his work, relationships with friends and potential partners and lack thereof. I went back and started listening from the beginning, around 2016/2017 and everything is still very relevant. It’s very helpful and insightful to hear about thoughts from someone functioning at such a high level within the business world and makes me feel a little less chaotic myself knowing that I’m not the only one. His thoughts about social media, mental health, and self improvement are all spot on in my opinion and have led me to start journaling myself which has been much more of a stress reliever than I previously thought it would. Definitely worth listening to. I’d love to connect with Steven @Lifting_Larry on IG.
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shady Milkman
Great Podcast!! There is nothing out there speaking about what it takes to succeed all while being candid about mental health can struggle. So open-minded and I think every entrepreneur should listen. I have my entire family listening to this podcast.
I fur r hi oh
Great interviews!
I love this podcast! Please interview more females.
Life Transforming Content, Thank you Steve
This is by far my favorite podcast with excellent and REAL conversations, lots of life and business lessons. Forget music on the road as you walk or drive, invest this time in something meaningful as this Diary. Enjoy and please share with others🙏🏾
Nshuti L. Mbabazi
Genuine. Absolutely a delight to listen to
Learning a lot and enjoying the genuine and honest conversations and personal real talk. Thank you SB
Fassika Kebede
This is a great podcast.
I really love listening to this podcast. It pretty much identically mirrors the things I go through for my sport: the loneliness, the struggles with mental health, why I’m terrible with relationships and the pressure you put on yourself to go higher and higher. In fact, I’ve started my own journal because of this podcast. Just from jotting down my thoughts through out the day. Steven says it’s a therapeutic for him but it’s also therapeutic for me because he’s talking about the things that no one around me would understand so I don’t share it. But Steven almost says my thoughts exactly so it feels great to hear that I’m not alone in my way of thinking. It feels wrong for me to put my Insta handle cause those are my genuine thoughts and putting it takes away from those words but I would like to discuss those thoughts, so @oriodart27
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Episode 140
Wow! This conversation should be mandatory for every leadership development program.
So happy to have found a new favorite!
I’ve listened to a ton of podcasts and have to say this host is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever heard. He goes deeper into a topic because he’s clearly done his research but is just naturally curious. When he asked Diplo is being emotionless was actually healthy I was like….on the edge of my seat. Brilliant show.
Inside insights!
It’s obvious that Steven puts extraordinary effort into finding guests that are authentic and truly care about being a positive force in the world - there is truly an episode that will benefit everyone! So grateful to learn here... it's an absolutely incredible resource!
Arlie K
Business Masterclass
This podcast is like panning for gold. Each episode has a handful of gold. Much of my time listening was spent nodding in recognition of the situations discussed. A great resource with great insight!
Amazing podcast
I loved how you covered all the interesting topics in 2 hours.
Amazing ⭐️💥⭐️💥⚡️✨
This podcast was suggested to me by an uber driver who was contemplating suicide, I shared with him some motivational speakers i would listen to that helped me get through tough times one was the great Les Brown and he shared this beautiful piece of work with me. Keep up the great work your authenticity speaks volumes 🤞🏽💯 Ace Alpha you will hear my name soon one love.
Re: Jordan Peterson
The episode with Jordan Peterson is the first I've ever listened to and most likely my last. I was frankly very surprised that this person is touted as being so wise when so many of his ideas are out of touch especially his perspective about Covid. He was quite critical of how the pandemic has been handled and yet when challenged about how he would've handle it he had absolutely nothing to say of any value. His perspective is being touted as evolved but I found his references and rhetoric to be quite outdated and stale.
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