The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett
The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett
Steven Bartlett
A few years ago I was a broke, university dropout, living in a studio-flat in a rough area. At 18 I started a company which would eventually become "Social Chain" - an industry leading marketing company. At 26 the company was generating $600m a year in revenue. At 27 I resigned as CEO, and launched 'The Diary Of A CEO' podcast with the simple mission of un-filtering success and giving you the knowledge you need to create the life you want. Thank you for listening. IG: TW: LI:
E232: Robert Greene: How To Seduce Anyone, Build Confidence & Become Powerful
How do you achieve success in the modern world? This is the billion dollar question. Some people would say that you must gain a whole new variety of skills and knowledge to keep up in our fast moving times. Only a few people would say you should use strategies that haven’t changed in thousands of years, as human nature and the game of power hasn’t changed either. Best-selling author Robert Greene is one of these few people. Ever since he was a child he has been fascinated with seeing behind the polite masks that humans show to each other in civilised society, whilst underneath these disguises we all share a darker side and cravings for power. In this enlightening conversation Robert Greene discusses his life’s work, from the rules of power and seduction, to mastery and human nature. Robert explores how we can use the lessons of history to succeed in all areas of life. Topics: Your book & its international success  What is power? Learn how to use your enemies Conceal your intentions & be a strategist Is it being a narcissist good or bad? The power of seduction What makes you anti-seductive? Best dating advice for single people Your body language betrays you Learn the art of mastery A stroke changed my life My struggles and how to overcome them What have you learnt about happiness? Last guest’s question Robert Greene: Instagram: Website: Robert’s book: Watch the episodes on Youtube - Follow: Instagram - Twitter - Linkedin - Telegram - Sponsors: Airbnb: Huel: Bluejeans:
Mar 22
1 hr 54 min
E231: The Food Doctor: The 4 Foods You MUST Avoid If You Want To Be Healthy! - Dr. Will Cole
At some point in your life you have felt how your thoughts and emotions have had impacts on your body, whether that is not sleeping because of stress or stomach aches from anxiety. While we’ve all felt that modern medicine denies any connection between the two and the effects they have on each other. Dr Will Cole believes that we can’t just separate mental health from physical health as they so obviously affect each other. He believes that the way to heal ourselves fully and not just treat symptoms is to be aware of what we our putting into our bodies, from thoughts to nutrition. In this revolutionary conversation Dr Will Cole teaches all you need to relearn about wellness and how your body works to become healthier and happier in body and mind. Watch the episodes on Youtube: Topics: Why do you do what you do? What's the difference between a conventional and functional doctor? Why did you write the book ‘Gut Feeling’? How is inflammation and shame related & why is it affecting us? What does our future look like & can we change it? Is trauma inherited & how does it impact your health? What food should we avoid? Why I stopped being a vegan The best advice for optimal health The emotional impact of your career Last guest’s question Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Airbnb: Huel: Bluejeans:
Mar 19
1 hr 26 min
Moment 101 - This 1 Skill Will Transform Your Life: Will Storr
Why do you connect with certain adverts or businesses? Is it because of their impressive facts or statistics, it’s more likely that you had an emotional connection that is hard for you to even describe rationally. In this moment Will Storr discusses how humans are storytelling animals, the very language of our brains are stories and they are the way we process the world around us. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you are a Fortune 500 company or talking to a new person, if you aren’t communicating with stories you aren’t communicating. Listen to the full episode here - The conversation cards waitlist is now open, join now - Will - Watch the episodes on YouTube -
Mar 16
12 min
E230: Simon Sinek: Opens Up About His Struggle with Loneliness, Love, Dating!
What is the greatest way that you can spend your time on earth? Or in other words, what is your 'why'? For too many of us, we answer that question by saying all the things that we hope we will gain and achieve, rather than the ways that we help others and make their life better. As Simon Sinek says, there are entire sections of bookshops dedicated to self-help but none dedicated to helping others, and we aren't taught in school how to listen or the value of being a good friend. In fact, it seems one of the radical acts you can do in the modern world is to live a life of service. In this conversation with Simon at his most vulnerable, he discusses everything from love and relationships, quarter-life crises, and why you should never cry alone. As with every discussion with Simon, this will have you rethinking everything you previously thought you knew. Simon: Website: Twitter: Waiting list for an evening of conversation with Simon Sinek and Steven Bartlett: The conversation cards waitlist is now open, join now: Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Huel: Bluejeans: Wework:
Mar 15
2 hr 1 min
E229: Cole Sprouse: My Narcissistic Mum Sacrificed My Childhood For Fame!
Cole Sprouse is an actor and photographer who has been lighting up our screens and bringing joy to our lives for now twenty years. The star of 'Riverdale', 'The Suite Life' and many more beloved TV shows and films, he's been possessed with the spirit of creativity since before he was out of his cradle. But as he reveals today, he didn't go into the entertainment industry by choice. He was effectively forced to perform by his mother, with whom he has a complicated, and currently estranged, relationship. To become comfortable inhabiting people in his acting roles, he first had to become comfortable with himself. It hasn't been an easy journey. The new and final season of Riverdale is out later this year, and his photography is available for purchase, or just appreciation at Topics: Being a child actor Your mother Being taken away from my mother What is your validation? Acting career Your mental health Love & Relationships Conversation Cards Last guest’s question Cole: Instagram: Twitter: The conversation cards waitlist is now open, join now: Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Bluejeans: Wework: Huel:
Mar 12
1 hr 26 min
Moment 100 - A Neuroscientist Explains The Surprising Way To Be Happy TODAY!: Tali Sharot
What is the optimism bias? This is overestimating the good things that will happen in your future, despite all the evidence that may go against it. This is a systematic mistake that we all make as we always expect the future to be better than it ends up being and we underestimate the negatives that could happen. However, in this moment Dr. Tali Sharot discusses how the optimism bias can be a positive as our expectations of future happiness affect our happiness right now, it can motivate you to try harder to make this a reality. As Dr. Sharot says, “what we believe in our mind, changes the way we behave and the way we behave in the world changes the world”. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube -
Mar 9
9 min
E228: Matthew Walker: The World’s No.1 Sleep Expert (The 6 Sleep Hacks You NEED!)
You know how important sleep is just from the personal experience of making it through the day after a bad night's sleep. But what if you were told that sleep was the single most important thing you could do for your physical and mental health? It affects everything from your sex hormones, immunity, blood sugar, and even how you form memories. Dr. Matthew Walker has dedicated his life to tackling the global sleep loss epidemic we are all living through, as this wakefulness personally costs us our health, it costs businesses productivity, and it costs countries billions of dollars a year. In this enlightening episode, Dr. Walker discusses the science of how and why we sleep, how modern life is affecting our shut-eye, and the tricks to getting the best night's rest. Considering that sleep makes up a third of your life, this is a conversation you can't miss. Topics: Why is your work so important? Work and research life Why do we sleep? Chronotypes/sleep deprivation Will sleep get worse as we go on through life and society as we know it? How many of us are getting the right amount of sleep? Redesigning society to get better sleep Napping Caffeine Sleep medication CBT for sleep What to do when you're struggling with sleep Listening to something before bed Can you make up for lost sleep on the weekend? Sleep deprivation consequences Actionable things to improve your sleep Social media and sleep Sleep & weight lose Dreams The last guest’s question Matthew: Instagram - Twitter - Website - Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Airbnb: Wework: Huel:
Mar 8
2 hr 4 min
E227: Seth Rogen Opens Up About His Self-Doubt & Struggles That Nobody Sees!
Seth Rogen is a comedian, writer, director, and producer whose films have together grossed $2.8 billion at the box office. In comedy since he was 12 years old, it's all he's ever known, and he's one of the biggest comedy forces on the planet. Opening up for the first time on the dementia diagnosis that tore his family apart, as well as the toll that bad reviews can do to the people who make films, Seth is a good guy trying to make his way in an industry that famously rewards bad behaviour. He tells us what that's really like. For many people, Seth provided the narration for their adolescence with iconic, classic movies like Superbad and Pineapple Express - hilariously mining his own fumbles on his journey into adulthood for comic effect. Now, through his weed company Houseplant, he takes people on a journey of a different source as the supplier of one of the most popular sources of legal weed in North America. Topics: Early context Starting comedy Moving to Hollywood Self-doubt Criticism Life without films ADHD Weed What is it about you that's unique Advice for creatives Not having kids Alzheimer's Mental health What gets you excited these days? Your creative process Last guest's question Question cards Seth: Instagram: Twitter: Seth’s book: Watch the episodes on Youtube: Our new question cards: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Airbnb: Wework: Huel:
Mar 5
1 hr 29 min
Moment 99 - Simon Sinek: The Power Of Your ‘Why’ & How To Find It!
What is your why? It is the reason you wake up in the morning, it is your value and the thing you give to the world and the people around you. In this moment Simon Sinek discusses how your ‘why’ is formed by the time you are a teenager and is the sum total of your upbringing and how you were raised. Once formed your ‘why’ never changes. But Simon says the thing we give to the world with our ‘why’ is also the thing we need the most, to find this we need to focus less on ourselves and focus on helping others. Listen to the full episode here - Simon: Watch the Episodes On Youtube -
Mar 2
12 min
E226: Zara Larsson: How To Stop Caring What Others Think!
Zara Larsson is an international singer song writer, amassing over 8 billion streams across all major streaming platforms. Since she won a national televised talent contest in her native Sweden aged 10, Zara has always wanted to be ‘bigger than Elvis’ and ‘more famous than Beyonce’. Saying the goal is ambitious is understating it, but she’s single-mindedly pursued it ever since. Chasing the top for Zara is a way of chasing life. Outspoken about her beliefs and uncompromising in her art - for Zara there are no half-measures and no shortcuts. She’s in the game to be the best. Zara is promoting her new single, ‘Can’t tame her’, which is out now. Her new album is nearly ready, too. In one of the most honest conversations we’ve had with a major public figure, Zara certainly doesn’t hold back on how she got to where she is, and where she’s headed next… Topics: Intro Early years Desire to be famous Pressure as an artist Ambitions Life under the microscope Your struggles Being scared of death Public validation Being treated badly by men Advice to people who look up to you Your new album What does success look like for you in 10 years? The last guest's question Zara: Instagram - Twitter - Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Huel:
Mar 1
1 hr 4 min
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