The Devil's Music with Pleasant Gehman
The Devil's Music with Pleasant Gehman
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The Devil's Music 13: Gabriela Herstick
1 hour Posted Oct 28, 2020 at 12:16 pm.
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Hot sorceress Gabriela Herstick is the author of “Inner Witch”, “Bewitching The Elements” & “Embody Your Magic”. She also has a column In High Times called “The High Priestess”, exploring the connection between weed and ritual, and just had a piece in Cosmopolitan. In this episode, Gaby and hostess Pleasant Gehman get all witchy discussing telekinesis, clairsentience, Samhain, Halloween and Dia De Los Muertes. The conversation turns kinky as they compare notes on Shibari (erotic rope bondage) sensory deprivation and sex magick rituals.

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Instagram @gabyherstik

Twitter: @gabyherstik

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