The Devil's Music with Pleasant Gehman
The Devil's Music with Pleasant Gehman
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The Devil's Music 11: Madame Pamita
1 hour 11 minutes Posted Sep 30, 2020 at 11:18 am.
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The amazing Madame Pamita is a witch, tarot reader, musician, metaphysical teacher and author. Her latest work “The Book Of Candle Magic” is out now. In this episode, Madame Pamita and hostess Pleasant Gehman dish on everything from the Los Angeles music scene in the 1980’s to taking LSD in graveyards to Eastern European Slavic magick...from concerts by The Damned going very wrong. Madame Pamita also tells tales from when her surf band The Neptunas toured with The Breeders and talks about her all-female Cheap Trick cover band and gives listeners a taste of the Neptunas’ newly released album, “Mermaid A Go-Go”.

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Instagram & Twitter: @madamepamita

Facebook: Madame Pamita

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