The Developing Athlete Podcast
The Developing Athlete Podcast
Leslie Trujillo
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Informative, accessible and motivational interviews
This podcast has many great interviews with athletes, coaches, trainers, educators - runs the gamut of kinesiology professionals. The host, Leslie Trujillo, is an intelligent interviewer who has accessible questions that let the interviewee shine. Excellent advice and insight for those of us getting in to the field. I finish every episode feeling inspired and focused. Highly recommend if you’re relatively new to the kinesiology field.
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Very good range of topics.
Enjoyed many topics of this podcast. Very good information along with very knowledgeable participants during the podcast. Nice to hear from an active Athletic Director, and how she uses her information to not only motivate, but also to share the gems. Keep it up!
Very enjoyable and informative
I started listening to this podcast for a class, but I honestly enjoyed listening to it and I feel like I learned a lot of things from the podcast and the guests.
Nicolette Beatrice B.
Podcast review
I tend to find myself constantly listening to these podcasts, and I believe it is due to the fact that the way the podcast is set up and laid out and presented is very very mot9vating and Informational. I always am able to take valuable knowledge from the podcasts and learn many life lessons as well as advice as someone who is interested in the kinesiology field. I am always finishing the podcasts feeling motivated and refreshed with the tips and knowledge I am able to intake from the podcasts.
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Podcast review
Wow listening to this podcast taught me many life skills and lessons along the way. Being able to listen to a professional in the work field I dream of pursuing is a gift I will not take for granted. Very informational as well as enjoyable!
Honor your words and commitments
I found this podcast to be very movtivating and really got feeling like I could take on the world. It helped me realize how important commitment really is I have gave up on many things either they were to easy and not challenging or they were to hard. Im going to try to honor my commitments more and really give it my all great podcast.
Eric Sorton
The podcasts are incredibly thought-provoking and will cause you to consider issues from a variety of angles. Although each one is unique, it nevertheless manages to leave a significant impression on those who hear it. Listeners can choose from a variety of genres and categories, depending on their identity. It not only improves your mindset but also teaches you key lessons, makes you think about the topic in the long term, and forces you to think about it.
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Inspirational and educational
Such a great way to get inspired and learn from some highly experienced athletes and coaches. I have learned so much from these podcasts, and I haven't finished listening to them all yet.
Love this podcast!
I just finished listening episode 4, Leslie is interviewing a Hypnotherapist -Lia Nees- Who helps athletes through hypnosis, sooo informative! Thank you 🙏!
Mindset Money WILL Change Your Life
Sometimes we need an extra push. That motivational impact shifts our outlook and Coach C provides that. If you’ve been meaning to improve your success by getting inspired, this is the podcast to listen to. These snippets of audio provide a whole knew perception of accomplishing your goals.
Mishalina W
This podcast is perfect for anyone that needs extra motivation or input from qualified kinesiologist and sports trainers. The advice can be implemented by young athletes and college athletes alike and provides insight and and knowledge that can not be found anywhere else
Helping Me to Develop My Mindset
If you want to listen to a podcast that is very positive and focused on getting the best out of learning about others’ life experiences then this one is a great fit. I’m very picky about the type of content I expose my mind and energy to because I always want to walk away feeling uplifted and The Developing Athlete definitely aces that test. Coach C is all about cultivating a powerful mindset that can help you accomplish your goals. I am not a Kin major but will probably end up listening to most of these episodes just because it is nice to hear from people who are professionals, have decided to take charge of and make the most of their lives, and all have lovely attitudes that show how much they genuinely want to help empower others.
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Rosanna Hilton
This is the first podcast I ever listen to and let me say it has turned my mindset around. Before listening to this podcast I didn’t have the motivation and confidence to continue my goals but it has taught me to think totally differently. She has the power to help you open your eyes and see life in a different way even when is difficult or tiring. She has taught me through her energy and experience that we are really strong and nothing can stop us to reach our goals. I loved her podcast and I look forward to more of her episodes!
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Miguel Antonio Hernandez
5 star review!
I love listening to this podcast! Coach C helps her students by interviewing a variety of people in the Kinesiology field to help us narrow down what we want to pursue as a career! It’s been great learning and hearing such amazing stories about how people got to where they are today.
Maddie Yamada
I enjoy listening to her podcast. She is my kinesiology teacher and the same enthusiasm she brings to her podcast, she does the same to her class. I loved her class and she really motivated me to create a program and I have actually lost weight!
Informative & Inspiring
These podcasts have always been a pleasure to listen to! I often find myself more motivated and inspired after listening. I love the advice the guests give to students who are entering the field. Super informative & helpful!
Love it
I love this podcast and I’m glad I got exposed to it. As an athlete it has guided me and also opened up my mentality to different things. Coach Leslie offers a variety of guest speakers who are the best and speak much wisdom and inspirational stories.
Natalie Salamanca
Amazing Podcast!
I love listening to this podcast! I’ve learned a lot and can relate to many things:) I also enjoy listening because she motivates me to do better!
Great tips on mindset Monday’s!
Love the mindset Monday episodes! I am currently taking one of her classes and she has helped me integrate workouts into my daily routine and provided various videos to expand the type of workouts we do. I wish I would have listened to the podcast sooner!
Championship Podcast
It was an honor to be on Coach C’s podcast. Leslie is a great mentor and leader in our community they has dedicated her life to helping develop student athletes. We can all learn a lot from listening to these episodes, especially when it comes to developing the mindset of a champion.
Neal Perlmutter
Must download for young athletes!
Leslie has done so much as far as getting athletes ready for the physical demands of their sport but there is so much more to becoming elite athletes. The mental side of the game is paramount an Leslie and grown into an incredible motivator that has vastly broadened her horizons for bring the best out of people both on and off the field.
What Every Young Athlete Needs to Heat!
Leslie has a special talent with her connections with the athletes she coaches every day! This podcast offers a variety of “AHA” moments for athletes in ways that direct them how to get the most out of themselves both on and off the playing field, court! She addresses mindset tools, disciplines, core values, stronger habits, and ways to release the negatives that hold athletes back, in order for each athlete to reach their full potential. This podcast will create better leaders in life, as well as athletes ,for those who take advantage of the lessons within these podcast episodes. Leslie selects guest speakers that share her vision and work tirelessly at achieving the above mutual goals!
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Positive Impact
I love the energy and purpose of this podcast. As a mother of athletes, this is very helpful to me and my family. Thank you.
Great Podcast
So much valuable information to take in thank you!
So much wisdom!
Love the info, love the guests, love the purpose! I wish I had this podcast a long time ago. Thank you!
Coach C is passionate, positive, and all that a great coach should encompass. In this podcast, Coach C shares principles that apply to sports and life. Principles that will help us become the best version of ourselves in every area! Thank You, Coach C and keep up the excellent work!
Chad Landon Parks
Awesome work Leslie!!
You are a gift!!
Eye opening!
I truly enjoyed listening to your work and desire to help others. Love what you’re doing and keep on !
Ryne Lina
Great podcast!
I enjoyed your mission of helping people bring out the best potential in themselves! Something I really agree with.
Great insight
Love the conversations and insight to helping develop young athletes to be their best! It helps me reflect on my own philosophy and journey.
Great podcast!!
Really informational, thanks for the great work!
I love listening to coach’s podcasts!! She talks about subjects that you can easily relate to and help me change my mindset to become more positive! She inspires me to better my fitness journey and will continue to listen to all her other podcasts !
Tune in!
Important podcast for all coaches and parents that want to learn what’s best for the kids.
Thompson William success in the NFL
The podcast that Coach Leslie interview Thompson William in is success through is life and his journey through USC and also to the NFL. The inspiration on the mindset to success is very important.
Coach Leslie asks all the right questions!
I love this podcast!!! I was lucky to be coached by Leslie when I was in high school, and now I still get to benefit from her wisdom here. I love the questions she asks and how specific she is. The normal health and wellness podcasts I listen to don’t go deep enough, so love love the info her questions dig up!
Coach Leslie has given us a gift!
As an All-American collegiate athlete and a mom of 2 little girls, I am grateful for the wisdom and thoughtfulness put into this topic and Coach Leslie’s effort to share and discuss it. Never has there been a more critical time to recalibrate the role of sports in each stage of our children’s development and consider both its positive power and associated risks. We share common goals for better stronger people. Let’s unite on how to get there through athletics! Thank you Coach Trujillo!
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Great stuff!
Great insights into what it takes to help youth athletes with their development. You can tell Coach C and her guests really care!
Coach C has a reputation for inspiring her athletes and now she is bringing her influencers and mentors to help guide and educate the world of athletics. First Podcast was 🔥. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead. Go Coach C!! ❤️Dr. Ja’nae Brown
Miss Love & Respected
This is a must listen for any athlete or coach! Leslie, along with her speakers, do a great of emphasizing the value of a growth mindset, and having a positive sense of self-worth. “Who you become is more important than what you’ve achieved” 💯💯💯
This is a must!
So excited for The Developing Athlete to finally be here! After the success of Dear Her I can only imagine the topics that this podcast will cover and the guests Leslie will have access to for the podcast. The sky is the limit!
A podcast for anyone who works with athletes
Athletes and anyone who works with athletes should be subscribing to this. There is so much more to a compete athlete and This podcast will got all the angles to success. Leslie has so much experience training athletes of all levels. Her approach to develop the athlete as a whole, mind-body-spirit is what you do not want to miss.
Thanks from an athlete
This was a great listen. Thank you for supporting athletes. I’m excited to hear more.
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