The Dentalpreneur Podcast w/ Dr. Mark Costes
The Dentalpreneur Podcast w/ Dr. Mark Costes
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Valuable podcast! Worth my time
I’ve listened to several of the Dentalpreneur podcasts with Dr. Mark Costes. He has some really valuable insights into running a practice. Interestingly, his ideas work well for other health care professions - not just dentistry. I tend not to study in my own profession (eye care) but rather look for leaders in other health care professions to see how their best ideas can be applied within my own. Dr. Mark is clearly one of those leaders. It’s pretty easy to see why his mastermind has taken off so quickly. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed!
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This podcast provides keen insights to all aspects of running a dental practice.
tommye w-c
Dr. Mark rocks!
This show is so informative and helpful, I’m recommending my dentist listen to it. Dr. Mark and his team really take the time to select guests and topics that are helpful to doctors with their own practices. Worth a listen!
Great show!
The host is great. Definitely knows what he's doing. Invites the right guests and asks the right questions. I love this show!
Real and authentic
All Dr Mark Costes does every day is bring it. The value that he creates has helped thousands of struggling dental entrepreneurs find their way. Every episodes has something that will help you grow into a composite human being.
Unsurpassed Value
Dr. Mark has brought an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise to our community and it couldn’t be at a better time! The caliber of his guests and the quality of the information delivered is unparalleled. This podcast is a must listen for all high achieving dental professionals.
Embrace The Lead
Outstanding and Insightful
This podcast isn’t just for dentists. Mark keeps things interesting for all demographics by featuring guests like Ryan Holiday, Rob O’Neill, Peter Attia and many more! Not only are the guests excellent, but Mark Is an exceptional interviewer. His curiosity is refreshing. If you want a podcast that will make you think, this is the one for you.
Brandon Wolterman
Awesome Podcast
Awesome and informative content, can’t get enough!
Media DSI
Love it
Great content, amazing guests, and cool host!
Great Podcast!
I highly recommend Dr. Mark Costes’ podcast! If you’re looking for a solid dental podcast with great content, this is it!
Great Content for Dentalpreneurs!
Cheers on helping Dentalpreneurs be the best they can be with their practice! Keep it up!
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
Keep it up!
I am loving The Dentalpreneur Podcast w/ Dr. Mark Costes. I highly recommend to all dentists or even business owners everywhere!
I get so much motivation to improve my life & practice from listening to this podcast! It’s a great way to start my day and leaves me wanting more!
No.1 Dental Podcast
MUST Listen to this podcast. Don’t miss out. Dr Mark Costes podcast is a “Complete Package”. Super, super informative. I am also planning to join Dental success network once I finish my education. Kudos!!
Purna Patel
Top notch
Been addicted to podcasts for 3 or so years now and the dentalprenuer is one that brought me into the podcast world, and is the one I keep coming back to. Mark keeps a great balance of hammering home the basics of running a dental practice with excellent clinical information, while also interviewing some cutting edge names within dentistry and adjacent industries.
Great podcasts
Mark stands as the most influential dentist of our time. His work ethic honesty and positive energy is a gift to the profession
The OG of dental podcasts is still going strong!
Bradley Michael
Changed my practice and my life!
I cannot even count how many ways my professional and even my personal life have improved since listening to this podcast! Thank you, Mark for sharing your wealth of information for FREE! It’s been life-changing!
Excellent content
I listen daily on my commute to the office. The four futures alone has changed my morning routine and my life. The amount of information you can glean from each podcast that will directly affect your life inside and outside of the practice is phenomenal! Love it and keep it up!!
A Must Listen
Great job Mark! Your content is spot on!
Patrick K F
Excellent content
I love the variety of Mark’s show and the guests he brings on the podcast keep the show varied and interesting. Keep it up!!
Ashley Micciche
Stop splitting episodes
There is no reason to break up an hour long interview into two episodes. I listen to plenty of other podcasts that manage over an hour on one episode. I can only imagine this is more work for whoever edits the episodes as well as myself for having to spin up another episode.
Very informative
This podcast has taught me so much! Episode 570 was amazing! Great job 👏🏼🙌🏼
This pod cast has been a game changer for me. I feel like it has helped me be a better practice owner in every way. Thanks for the great content!
So inspired by this podcast!
Great prodcast
This podcast has been incredibly helpful. I look forward to new podcasts each week. Thank you!!
Very informative
I only have room for a few podcasts in rotation and I always make sure this is one of them. I am a huge fan of the diversity of guests he has on. I'm in dental school and I really feel like this is one of the best opportunities to be mentored daily. Thank you!
J Stanford
Inspirational & Practical!!
What an amazing podcast!! It provides so much great content and is so inspirational!! In particular, the solo episodes with Mark are so insightful and authentic. They inspire me to reflect on my own life & motivate me to improve in all facets of life. The five episodes per week format is great and usually gives me some episodes to listen to over the weekend. Thanks for putting in all the time in making this podcast happen!!
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James Maxwell, DMD
Great Content
I love listening to this podcast! I have been meaning to write this review for the past 2 years! Thank you Mark for all that you do!
Beth Herko
This podcast is awesome!
I have been listening to this podcast for over two years and feel like it is the best dental business podcast out there. I have listened to about 7 other dental related podcasts and I get bored by them after a while, but Dr Costes' message really resonates with me and I keep coming back for more. I have been meaning to write a review since day one but it's really inconvenient to figure out how to write a review on iTunes on my phone.
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Best dental podcast
Dr. Costes has been such an inspiration and leader in our field. The wealth of knowledge I’ve consumed listening to this podcast has helped me make great changes to improve my practice. As a young dentist I am always looking for new ideas to implement in my practice. Thanks for all you do for our field.
Beau Calcei
New dentist alert
This podcast is great. Dr. Mark is so committed to getting good info out to his listeners. The titles and descriptions make it easy to evaluate whether and episode is one you want to listen to or skip over, but I find I listen to most. Great for new dentists that want to learn more of the business of dentistry.
High value podcast
An extremely high value podcast for dentists at any stage of their career journey. Thanks for doing what you do!
One of the best
Mark’s podcast is one of the best out there. Each episode is full of excellent info. He is a great interviewer and he and his executive team provide no nonsense, easily implementable jewels, whether you are new to the profession or are a seasoned veteran. Thanks for al you do for the profession Mark.
Battle bear X
Pharmacist and Dentist isolation challenges are similar
It was great to find a lot of the struggles we face as pharmacists are similar to those dentists have
As with some dental podcasts, the interviews or discussions are completely self-promotional. There really is no meat- just commentary about how great the interviewee is and why you should invest in them. I understand not giving your secrets away but I don’t want to spend my time listening to why I should sign up for more summits and trips to courses that will take me away from my office. Basically an ad for whoever is being interviewed.
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Rookie to Junkie in 3 months
I didn’t even know what a Podcast was until February of this year. After discovering Dr Mark and his podcast I spent the next 3 months listening to all of his episodes at least once, most of them multiple times. I might as well give up my Sirius XM subscriptions! The free content that he delivers on such a consistent basis is fantastic. He has an incredible team and has the biggest names in our profession weekly. I was fortunate enough to meet Dr Mark, his team and many of my Podcast heroes at a Mastermind meeting in beautiful Prescott, AZ this month. Absolutely amazing! I’m thrilled to be part of such a happy, successful and sharing group. Best investment ever!
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Thank you Dr. Costes
I love the show and there is great content full of practical advice. I have listened to every one on my commute to work and often save the episode to write down some helpful hints or things to implement when I get into the office. Some great examples of other practices and exposing their strengths and weaknesses makes me think about my own practice, what to improve, how to implement the systems to improve, and use factual data to track the improvements.
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Doug the Dentist
Great podcast
I have listened to all of the dentalprenuer podcasts and have learned something valuable each time. I have reheard Some episodes multiple times because they have pure gold information about the business of dentistry. Dr. Costes is a really nice guy and has helped me enhance my quality of life as a dental practice owner with this free resource.
-Vatsal Suthar
Drilling sound :/
Great podcast but that drilling sound hurts my ears. It shrieks an makes me cringe every time. Please change the intro. It does help wake me up on the road trips but could also cause me to jerk the wheel.
Gator dent
Listened to 4 shows my 1st day!
Great podcast. I've never been to a conference or heard a lecture before and came across this podcast that totally related to everything I'm starting to do in my own career 5 years out. Every show has a bunch of tips you can incorporate into your daily practice. I haven't listened to all the shows but in looking at the titles I haven't seen anything that relates to dental anesthesia and how it can change your practice. This is something I dedicate one of my offices to and find it to be better than any other aspect of dentistry that I've tried to incorporate in my own opinion. I definitly would love to hear what you have to say about the topic and am willing to offer any knowledge I may have gained over the years....keep up the good work.
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Texas dent.
Informative and Down-to-Earth
This podcast is incredible. Dr. Costes brings on amazing guests and his interview style is such that you receive actionable, information-laden content in a laid-back, entertaining manner. An amazing backstory, personable nature, and obvious genuine passion for helping other dentists makes him easy to listen to episode after episode. There is a great mix of topics and a perfect balance of information and inspiration. Can't get enough!
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Dental Student’s Perspective
Great podcast. Teaches you so much stuff that you don’t learn from school. Honestly.. it is a must listen to. I have heard a lot of others and was not impressed, with the exception of Gary Takacs who also has a great podcast. Anyways, this is as good as it gets for dental business knowledge.
A Must Listen!!
Dr. Costes has created a wonderful show highlighting many aspects of the business of dentistry. His guests produce thought provocaking dialogue and is really a crucial show for anyone looking to take their practice and career to the next level. I am about a year away from becoming a practice owner and feel lucky to have found this show in time. Thank you Mark for all that you do for dentistry!
No fluff! Great job
All relevant!!!
Great Marketing Advice
Very infomartive podcast. I received some amazing Facebook marketing tips. A must listen!
This is written for the dental niche, but this has some great information for any business owner. Great interviews with some fascinating guests.
You're Due For a Podcast Checkup
As a practicing dentist, Mark is on a mission to share his lessons learned to dentists looking to expand and grow their practice. He's a successful speaker as well and his message will definitely resonate with you. If what you've tried up until now hasn't worked, let this podcast give you a fresh start!
Harry Duran
Perfect resource
Love this show, everything I wanted to know and more !
Excellent Resource for Dentists!
We all need inspiring stories, fresh ideas, relevant information, and steps to action. Way to make this show happen! Joel and Dr Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch
Joel Boggess
Love this podcast
Dr Mark delivers week after week with great interviews with some of the industries best and most entrepreneurial dentists out there. I always learn things to apply in my business. Thanks Mark!
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