The Dental Student Podcast
The Dental Student Podcast
Onni Franco DMD
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A must listen
Great podcast — wish I had started listening sooner!
Music Critic009
Great Podcast!!
This is a great podcast for dental students who want to know what they can do NOW in order to prepare and be ready for life after school.
Layton DMD
A must listen for any dental student
This show has helped me in so many ways that I cannot describe. If you are a dental student, pre-dent, or someone looking to go into private practice, this is a must listen!
Knowledge is key
Onni does a great job bringing on guests with a wide range of knowledge of the entire Dental industry. A great resource!
A must listen for predents, dental students, and dentists
These guys have taught me an unbelievable amount of stuff in the amount of time they have in each episode. All of the information is clear and concise and sticks with the overall topic of that episode. Not to mention these guys are straight up hilarious and have great personalities! They also took the time to respond to a DM I sent them on Instagram which shows they really care about their listeners and helping others. Top notch podcast and I would recommend it to everyone in the dental field!
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Not a bad show at all
I stumbled upon this a short time ago i'm listening to a few episodes. Pretty good info for students.
Favorite dental podcast
Amazing podcast from a solid group of guys. I have been listening since I was a pre-dent and continue to find their information relatable, relevant, and interesting. I particularly enjoyed the episode with Dr David Ostreicher on “The Age of Clear Aligners”. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for future episodes. Keep up the great work!
Incredibly informative and fun dental podcast!
As an incoming D1, I found this podcast to be extremely helpful! From guests ranging from dental students to practicing dentists, lawyers and other professionals in the field, I think this show gives a different scope of what life as a student and future dentist will look like!
Awesome podcast!
A must listen for any dental student!
Trevor Oldham
Favorite dental podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast since I was in dental school, it’s a must listen to podcast if you are looking to take your career and education to the next level. I’m now an ortho resident so I appreciate the Reveal Aligners episode and am looking forward to learning more about it, along with the motion appliance in the future! DuckettLadd CPA and Advisors was one of my favorites on the show as well! I’m amazed that Onni will actually ask my questions on the show whenever I need some clarification on a topic. Keep it going!
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Eli miz
Amazing podcast for everything dental school related!!
I’ve known some of these guys during my time undergrad/work at UF Dentistry and they are an amazing resource! I’m now at UCSF and wanted some guidance on what I should be doing during dental school! Watching these guys grow and their podcast become such a huge success is amazing and they have a lot of wisdom. The guest speakers are also a huge plus! Very knowledgeable and what better way to share the information than a podcast! Keep it up boys!
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Love this show
I always appreciate the variety of topics and speakers DSP brings on their show. Very knowledgeable and valuable for pre-dentals, dental students, and even for people with no connection to dentistry. And always entertaining!
The Best Mentors!
I’m a D1 at UFCD, but I listened to this podcast before I even got in to dental school and turn to it for all dental school/career advice. I absolutely love that not only do the four of them have different perspectives but also how they bring in guests to really provide the best info. I am currently making the overwhelming decision of buying loupes so I listened to the loupes episode again and it was beyond helpful. I feel like this podcast has given me four insightful mentors! 10/10 Content
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You’ve Gotta Check it Out!
The DSP is one of the best dental podcasts for anyone from pre-dent undergrads to dental students and residents out there! The hosts are super knowledgeable and down-to-earth and every guest brings an interesting perspective and unique expertise! If you’re looking to take a deeper dive into all aspects of the profession as a pre-dent or dental student, you’ve gotta check it out!
Hottest Guys
When I found this podcast, I was a first year dental student and was feeling overwhelmed. Listening to the boys talk about their experiences and advice helped me to not only feel more secure but to find ways to succeed in dental school (and my future career)! I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to see what comes next! Definitely a must listen for pre-dental and dental students!
Great group of guys! Their podcasts are always informative and filled with passion. They made lessons about dentistry easier to follow and more enjoyable to listen to. Always a great choice on the road or at home. Five out of five stars for the boys!
Great content
Entertaining and informative at the same time 😃
This is such a great podcast! I started listening to it as a pre-dental student and it really helped me with my journey! I’m now a D1 in dental school and still love to listen! The guys are very informative and entertaining and also bring on great guests. I would highly recommend this podcast for anyone interested in the dental field!
Best pod for predents & dental students alike!
I subbed to to the pod when I was still in the admission cycle, and here we are 2-3 years later. Extremely useful info for what to expect in dental school, and I look forward to that intro/outro music every time. Keep it up, boys!
D'loco critic
You guys are the BEST!
Alvin Z😎
Really helpful!
Super insightful and helpful in terms of reinforcing the oral systemic connection for new dental students and for soon to be dentists! Really great practice builder and good information about the new shifts in technology in dentistry.
Really cool!
Super enjoyed it as a Dental student!
Ethan Wood52
Love this Podcast!
I am a second year dental student at UCLA and I tried out this podcast to learn about other schools/residency programs and simply love it! Everyone I've recommended it to thinks it’s hilarious, relatable, and so informative!
As a D1 starting my career in the dental field, this podcast has given me a glimpse into what the future can potentially hold for me and I am forever grateful for all of their advice and stories!!!!
Extremely educational and insightful. Anyone interested in dental school or dentistry as a whole should have a listen. These guys work extremely hard and are an example of excellence not just in healthcare but in the world of dentistry as well. Very well done!
First podcast that I’ve listened to in which each episode is just as good as the one before. Very educational while also showing the true experience of dental school. Anybody slightly interested in dentistry needs to take a listen.
Throughly enjoyed it
The boys definitely have a way of convening a message, enjoyed every minute so far that they have put out. Truly inspires dental students and dental professions to sought out their best version of themselves in their profession
Naz dental
Sick podcast!!
Best podcast for pre dental students as well as dental students! As a pre dental student I’ve learned so much from this podcast, and as a future dental student I know what to expect from dental school. All thanks to this podcast, and the genuine advice the hosts give.
Pre dental
Huge fan, Great Content
I have been listening to this podcast for since I was a predental student, and I cannot tell you how valuable the information “The boys” have presented in the show has been. This podcast has motivated me to get more involved in organizations, participate on a mission trip, while staying focused on my DMD. Very happy that they matched into their individual residencies and excited that Oni will keep the show going.
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Nick dmd
Best podcast for pre-dentals!
Used to listen to this podcast before dental interviews. It really helped me have talking points about current topics in the profession. I learned a lot about what i needed to do to get into dental school!
Excellent information!
If you’re looking for some good insight into the life of a pre-dental/dental student, this podcast is the best one I have found! The guys give a lot of great information about getting into dental programs, what is happening in dentistry today, how to do well once you get to dental school and so on! I highly recommend. I have been a dental assistant for 12 years in Endodontics; working my way into dental school after realizing I want to be the one in the drivers seat! :) thanks for the great content gentlemen!
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Great guys!
This is such an awesome podcast for those thinking about dental school or those in dental school who are looking for some guidance or just want to see how similar/different other programs are! These guys give such good insight and individually bring great ideas and great feedback in the dental world. I’m fortunate enough to know these gentlemen personally and I can’t say nice enough things about each of them! Such smart men who just want to help others succeed!
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Shannon Rosen
So helpful
These podcasts are awesome for this Predental trying to learn all she can about dental school and dental school life. Keep me coming por favor 😌👌🙏
My Favorite Podcast!
There is never a dull moment with these guys on the show! Very informative and helpful with practical tips! Very thankful for this, keep up the good work!
Matt Wizman
A little DSP is what you need
These guys take a lot of time bringing out quality content and addressing so many aspects of dental school. It’s informative, laid back, and very relatable. Give them a try and play this instead of your Lil Uzi Vert Radio station on your down time.
Great Podcast
These guys are great; intelligent, funny and well-spoken. Very informative podcast and easy to listen to. I’m not even in the Dental realm and find it interesting.
Great Content!!
I'm a second year dental student in NY and I can truly related to what you guys are saying! Very accurate!
Great production and conversation
Awesome podcast, very well-spoken students that keep it entertaining!
give the people what they want
Great content, enjoyable to listen to. More episodes please.
One of a kind
Motivated by these inspiring men, great listen!
These guys are the real deal. Highly recommend to anybody.
I absolutely love listening to the podcast on my commute to and from work. These guys are a great resource who sound really genuine. Recommend this podcast to anybody, even if you aren't a dental student. 10/10!
Pam Brandao
Don’t sleep on this podcast!!
These guys really know what’s up! I’m not even in the field if dentistry (or even remotely close to it) and yet I still enjoy listening to their podcast. As an outsider, it’s awesome to here what the life of a dental student is like and the challenges that they face on their journey. Their stories and advice can benefit anyone, not just dental students. A+++ and Two Thumbs Up
Keep it up!
Great bunch of guys! The podcasts touch on everything you’d want to know as a dental student! A must listen!
Ricky Obando
Fresh breath, but Fresher Perspective!
These guys are all encompassing and exemplary students at UFCD. There’s so much to appreciate in their genuine rhetoric. Definitely a great listen for everyone out there currently in dental programs or interested in this career path! Keep it up boys!
10/10 would recommend
Awesome podcast for current and incoming dental students to learn about various aspects of day to day life, very honest perspective and great dialogue overall, can’t wait to see what’s to come!
Hayley Milam
Huge fan of this podcast
David Pinsky
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