The Dear MilFamily Podcast
The Dear MilFamily Podcast
Sheena Arting
Using Your Post 9/11 GI Bill
59 minutes Posted Sep 17, 2019 at 4:00 am.
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There can be so many decisions that can go into using money for school. One veteran and military spouse, Dina, decided to use it in an unconventional way to help her family and do something that she enjoyed! And she's still using it now in her small business just not the way you think.

Dina is a military spouse and a mom to two wild and free-spirited boys. She and her husband both come from military families and met while both were stationed in Japan. She found joy in planning trips. More specifically, planning trips to Disney. Her interest in travel stems from being a military child and getting thrown into different countries around the world. She loves learning about different cultures, relaxing on sandy beaches and riding the e-ticket rides at theme parks such as Disney. Tokyo Disneyland was the place where her husband asked her to marry him. With the birth of their first child, she decided it was best to stay at home with him due to his early arrival Earth-side. She left active duty and joined the Air National Guard. Shortly, after the birth of their first child, her husband deployed and she was left to raise our baby alone for almost 7 months. Needless to say, it was a big shock to her husband to see a tiny newborn grow into a crawling chatty toddler. She wanted to find a way to quickly reintegrate her husband into their family life. She booked a cruise with a travel agent they worked with before and off they jet-setted with an infant to Alaska. At that point, she knew travel was for them. They've had the unique chance to travel around the world due to the military. When they got assigned to Hawai'i, she finally separated from the military completely. She found she was booking vacations around and out of Hawai'i for the duration of their time there, right up until their final trip which was an amazing 2-week vacation to Tokyo with another family. She decided for health reasons to stop traveling after this trip because they discovered she was pregnant with their second child. She found joy in working on the details of the reservation and naturally, booking tickets for the Tokyo Disneyland Resort. It was inspirational to watch everyone's face's light up during the trip. That joy everyone felt during the vacation was because she helped make it memorable and fun. This trip is the spark that inspired her to pursue a career in travel. She loves to plan a dream Disney vacations, and she enjoys helping create new adventures for families, couples, and singles in locations around the world. Whether it is a mom’s getaway to Hawai'i, a romantic couple’s getaway to Italy or a family trip to a Disney Resort – the knowledge that she played a part in helping others experience different cultures or craft a dream vacation to Disney is what inspires her to create memorable and lasting vacations.

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