The Dear MilFamily Podcast
The Dear MilFamily Podcast
Sheena Arting
Ep: 42 Military Love Story
53 minutes Posted Nov 6, 2018 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes

Military love stories are all unique and yet have lots of similarities. They can often have themes involved such as "life is about making sacrifices" or "it's important to serve your country." But every MilFamily has their own unique stories and experiences that remind all of us whether connected to the military or not, that we have more in common than separates us. On this episode, I talk to author Sara Stackpoole about her and her husband's own unique love story, and the book she has written to share it. 

Sara grew up in Arizona and always wanted to write. She was the “girl next door” that had read every book in her school library. She finally wrote her first book after marrying Brad, who many people say is literally “the most interesting man in the world” because of all his adventures prior to meeting Sara. They met online in 2001 when internet dating was new to the world. Sara saved all those emails from their online courtship prior to meeting each other in person. Brad had one more interesting adventure after meeting Sara. He joined the US Army at 38 years old. Sara began writing her love story memoir while Brad was deployed to Afghanistan. Sara was a military wife, a caregiver to her disabled parents, and a mother of two young girls at the time. Sara lives in Florida now with her family, including Charlie and Elvis, their dogs.

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