The Dean's List
The Dean's List
Dean Austrino Sr.
Join Me As I Go Through All The Ups And Downs Of Starting an Online business. Learn with me, to use one of the most prolific softwares and marketing strategies of all time, ( CLICKFUNNELS ) and Russell Brunson are the real deal. So hang out with me and we will talk about "What It Takes To Attain An Onlinelivin" Cover art photo provided by Josh Rose on Unsplash:
Achieve your goals and all costs.
I talked about not letting the obstacles slow you down because the obstacle is the way
Dec 21, 2020
8 min
Why people buy
Five of the main reasons why people buy
Dec 3, 2020
16 min
Taking action!
Taking action. And Building offers.
Nov 17, 2020
16 min
Birthday episode time lost
There are 84000 seconds each day and we talk about not wasting them
Nov 7, 2020
8 min
How ya livin!!
I talk about mindset and the up and coming tech boom amongst other things
Oct 21, 2020
21 min
Changes are coming
We talked about some of the changes in a come in and what's not working right now and a little rant I went on day before yesterday
Oct 20, 2020
12 min
Follow up email sequence and natural progression of your funnels
We talked about what's on the first page what's on your second page hook story offer natural progression of your funnel and also making sure that it's understandable and the natural progression of your emailso3
Sep 15, 2020
12 min
Emails in autoresponders
Talking about the importance of email add coffee and autoresponders and how to use autoresponder software
Sep 7, 2020
10 min
The Importance of showing people right where your at!!!
I talk about my primitive podcast and some of the tools on the internet that are out there to help us create our onlinelivin!!
Sep 5, 2020
17 min
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