The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co
The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co
Barstool Sports
Dave Portnoy and Chicago Eddie talk the inner workings of Barstool, while reflecting back on company history with guests that everybody knows and loves.
"The Dozen" Dilemma - The Dave Portnoy Show w/ Eddie and Co - Episode 33 Part 2
In Episode 33.5 of the Dave Portnoy Show w/ Eddie and Co., Dave gets into the details of the state of Penn stock and the Barstool advantage versus its competitors like DraftKings, Clay Travis’ “Outkick” getting bought by Fox, Dave’s Miami mansion’s address getting leaked in a South Florida newspaper, Dave’s thoughts on last weekend’s big boxing match, an update about the Nantucket magazine situation, Kenny Mayne’s EPSN exit, an upcoming Indy 500 party, and “The Dozen” Trivia Tournament’s first game controversy. TOPIC 1 - PENN STOCK 00:34 - 09:21 TOPIC 2 - OUTKICK 09:21 - 17:56 TOPIC 3 - MIAMI HOUSE 17:56 - 20:57 TOPIC 4 - BOXING 20:57 - 22:13 TOPIC 5 - NANTUCKET FIGHT 22:13 - 25:14 TOPIC 6 - KENNY MAYNE 25:14 - 25:45 TOPIC 7 - INDY 500 25:45 - 27:27 TOPIC 8 - THE DOZEN 27:27 - 42:53 TOPIC 9 - INSIDE BARSTOOL 42:35 - END PRESENTED BY TRADEZERO Sign up with
May 13
57 min
Mr. Portnoy Meets 'Million Dollaz Worth of Game' - Dave Portnoy Show Episode 33, Part 1
In Part 1 of Episode 33, Dave and Eddie sit down with Wallo and Gillie of Barstool’s “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” to talk about what they love about what they do, where MDWOG is going, and what it’s like to work at Barstool. Please Support Our Sponsors: PRESENTED BY TRADEZERO Sign up with HELIX SLEEP Get up to 200 dollars off all mattress orders AND two free pillows at MANSCAPED Get 20% off and free worldwide shipping with the code PORTNOY at TRIFECTA NUTRITION Go to today to save 40%
May 12
1 hr 24 min
The Return of the Pirate Porn King - Dave Portnoy Show - Episode 32
On this week's Dave Portnoy Show w/ Eddie and Co., Dave and Eddie are joined by none other than the Pirate King of Barstool Past. Pirate Simon breaks down the saga that was his illegal downloading of a full pirate porn film and complete denial of it all happening. Dave also discusses his weekend at the Derby with Elio and another special guest, his appearance on the cover of Nantucket magazine, the Patriots' future, and his replacing Rico Bosco on the upcoming live "Dozen" tournament. PIRATE SIMON - 00:00 - 32:54 DERBY DAVE - 32:54 - 47:15 NANTUCKET MAG - 47:15 - 56:49 BARSTOOL NFT - 56:49 - 58:33 PATS’ FUTURE 58:33 - 59:24 SPORTS GAMBLING - 59:24 - 01:02:12 INSIDE BARSTOOL - 01:02:12 - 01:11:21 LISTENER Q’S - 01:11:21 - END
May 5
1 hr 17 min
The Match 2.0: Portnoy vs. Koepka - Dave Portnoy Show - Episode 31
On this week’s Dave Portnoy Show w/ Eddie and Co., Brooks Koepka joins the show to discuss the upcoming “The Match 2.0” between Brooks playing exclusively lefty vs. Dave playing completely normally. The Ice Man, Elio, also joins to discuss his inability to recognize a reporter’s “hit piece” intentions, and what an article that someone doing “FBI-level research” could be about. Eddie also asks Dave to dive deeper into his recent Bitcoin back and forth with Elon Musk, his appearance on the Ben Shapiro show, and his being the cover of Nantucket Magazine. Also featured: Dave confronts Eddie about “The Dozen” tournament and his loyalty to Rico Bosco, a reflection on RnR 14 and a look ahead to the future of the event, and Dave’s thoughts on the first Barstool NFT. THE DERBY 04:01 - 07:47 BROOKS KOEPKA 07:47 - 25:09 HIT PIECE / ELIO 25:09 - 37:29 ELON MUSK 37:29 - 39:45 THE MEDIA 39:45 - 48:48 RICO BOSCO / THE DOZEN 48:48 - 52:26 ROUGH N ROWDY 52:26 - 56:14 INSIDE BARSTOOL 56:14 - END Please support our sponsors! PRESENTED BY TRADE ZERO Sign up with BLACK RIFLE COFFE Go to and use code DAVE today and get the freshest coffee in America shipped to you! TRIFECTA NUTRITION Shop meal plans and get 40% off with code DAVE, SLIQ To learn more go to
Apr 28
1 hr 10 min
The Knockout - Dave Portnoy Show - Episode 30
On this week’s Dave Portnoy Show, Dave and Eddie talk with Ben Askren about the knockout he took from Jake Paul, his reason for fighting, and his interest in cryptocurrency. Eddie asks Dave about the rest of his time with his parents visiting him, the Miami rental vs. the house Dave bought, and a star-studded Dave Grutman hotel opening. This week’s “Inside Barstool” segment includes a possibly-burgeoning Barstool beef, Kevin Durant’s appearance on MDWOG, and Dave’s sadness about missing Glenny Balls. Ben Askren - 01:21-29:57 Dave’s Parents - 29:57-32:56 Dave’s House - 32:56-35:36 Goodtime Hotel - 35:36-38:00 The Dozen - 38:00-39:40 - 39:40-42:24 Explain That Pic - 42:24-48:49 Inside Barstool - 48:49-01:03:37 Listener Emails - 01:03:37-End PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Presented by TRADEZERO Sign up with RHOBACK Get 20% off your first purchase when you use promo code DAVE on FELIX GRAY Go to and enter code PORTNOY at checkout for 15% off. Live now until 5/2. (small print) ROMAN Go to BESPOKE POST Get 20% off when you sign up at and enter code DAVE
Apr 20
1 hr 10 min
The Rocket and the Lawyer - Dave Portnoy Show - Episode 29
On this week’s Dave Portnoy Show, Dave and Eddie bring on Jared “The Rocket” Carrabis to discuss his recent comments on Erika Nardini’s “Token CEO” podcast. Dave is joined in his Miami rental by his parents for a reunion from pre-COVID days. Eddie asks Dave about the recent TikTok drama, the PageSix article about Dave’s third sex tape, and the Guy Fieri auction. “Inside Barstool” includes a Frank the Tank hospital bill rant for the ages and a Stu Feiner mulch delivery video gone right. Please support our sponsors: PRESENTED BY TRADEZERO Sign up with SimpliSafe Go to Manscaped Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code PORTNOY20 at Vuori Go to for 20% off your first purchase + shipping on any U.S. orders over $75 and free returns
Apr 15
1 hr 7 min
The Case and The Dip - The Dave Portnoy Show - Episode 28
On this week’s Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie and Co., Dave, Eddie and guest Kirk Minihane discuss another Dave sex tape making its rounds on the internet, and Kirk’s new true crime podcast “The Case”. Eddie lines up some employees who have expressed interest in moving down to Miami, and Dave interviews them. Other topics include Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant and Michael Rapaport, and Dave’s time back in the NY office last week. Sex Tape 01:25 - 12:05 The Case 12:05 - 31:28 Miami Office 31:28 - 52:46 Julian Edelman 52:46 - 55:16 Paul Pierce 55:16 - 55:58 Rapaport / KD 55:58 - 59:01 Dave in Office 59:01 - 1:03:17 Cancer Video - 1:03:17 - end Please Support Our Sponsors Presented by TradeZero Sign up with - Get three months of the Pro trading package, and 5x $BUZZ share for FREE Supreme Golf Download our brand new Barstool Golf Time App! - Available now in the app store Helix Sleep Go to for up to $200 off and two free pillows. ZipRecruiter Try ZipRecruiter for free at ZipRecruiter. The smartest way to hire.
Apr 7
1 hr 6 min
Episode 27 - Into the Buddha-verse
On this week’s Dave Portnoy Show episode, Dave and Eddie dive deep into the mind of the one of a kind Buddha Ben. Buddha, a beloved Barstool employee who left to head west and create his own empire is now involved with art, cartoons, NFTs, and march, recaps some of Dave’s favorite stories. Also on the pod, Dave and Eddie hash out who to have on as guests going forward, a mold problem in Miami, an emotional pizza review, and a Rico vs. Nadu comeback? Podcast Guests (01:31 - 13:07) Buddha Ben (13:07 - 43:01) Stoolapalooza (43:01 - 54:49) Dave in LA (54:49 - 01:05:59) Miami Update (01:05:59 - 01:10:08) Chrissy Teigen (01:10:08 - 01:11:29) Pizza Reviews (01:11:29 - 01:16:37) Inside Barstool (01:16:37 - 01:27:33) Listener Emails (01:27:33 - end) Additional Links - Barstool Takes Monster Hits Only - Stool Scenes 101 Super Bowl -WE STORMED THE COURT IN INDIANA __ Storm Chasers Vlog #2 -A Cross Country Art Heist Goes Terribly Wrong PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: Presented by TRADEZERO Sign up with - Get three months of the Pro trading package, and 5x $BUZZ share for FREE Mack Weldon For 20% off your first order, visit AND ENTER PROMO CODE eddie Roman Go to
Mar 30
1 hr 33 min
Episode 26 - DP44 from Chicago
On this week’s Dave Portnoy Show w/ Eddie and Co episode, Dave and Eddie discuss Dave’s birthday, the ongoing Chicago Sportsbook promotion, more about Dave’s move to Miami and what it means for the company. Dave also dives deeper into the “anti-Dave but pro-Barstool” take, most recently on display with hockey writer Gord Miller. The ‘Inside Barstool’ segment includes the possibility of the return of a certain gambling personality, the first Barstool baby, and Duggs and Tank searching for a “unit house”. Of course, the episode ends with questions from our listeners. DP44 02:00 - 4:27 Dave in Chicago 4:27 - 14:06 Miami Dave 14:06 - 22:41 Lebron’s Red Sox 22:41 - 23:57 Gord Miller 23:57 - 33:57 Coffee Incident 33:57 - 37:04 Inside Barstool 37:04 - 43:37 Listener Emails 43:37 PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Presented by TRADEZERO Sign up with - Get three months of the Pro trading package, and 5x $BUZZ share for FREE RHOBACK Get 20% off your first purchase when you use promo code DAVE on ROMAN Go to Black Rifle go to and use code “Dave” Social Instagram - @daveportnoyshow Twitter - @daveportnoyshow
Mar 23
52 min
Episode 25 - Dave is Moving to Miami - Dave Portnoy Show
On this week’s “Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co.”, Dave and Eddie discuss Dave’s wild week in Chicago, including a pizza review “kerfuffle” and carjacking; Dave’s recounts his live-tweeting of the Bachelor finale and Grammys; Dave discusses the reasoning behind his move to Miami, Penn’s foray into the S&P, a potential future fight at RnR (and what it would take to get Dave to fight), and some more Inside Barstool insight. DAVE IN CHI 02:10 - 15:46 GRAMMYS/BACHELOR 15:46 - 20:48 COLLEGE BBALL CONTEST 20:48 - 22:16 DAVEY MIAMI 22:16 - 33:26 BARSTOOL FUND 33:26 - 34:08 S&P 500 34:08 - 36:38 MIAMI FRIENDS 36:38 - 37:47 EXPLAIN THE PIC 37:47 - 39:27 INSIDE BARSTOOL 39:27 - 48:23 LISTENER EMAILS 48:23 - END Please support our sponsors: code PORTNOY20
Mar 17
58 min
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