The Daniel Gefen Show: Daily Motivation and Inspirational Sound Bites
The Daniel Gefen Show: Daily Motivation and Inspirational Sound Bites
Daniel Gefen
111: The End (For Now)
12 minutes Posted Feb 1, 2019 at 6:44 am.
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I just recorded the last episode of The Daniel Gefen Show 

I’m heartbroken … but it’s for the best.

I made a commitment this year that I am going to be really INTENTIONAL with my time.

Ruthlessly focused on achieving my goals.

So I took a hard look at every activity I was involved in on a daily basis and asked myself this ONE QUESTION …

⚠Is this getting me closer to achieving my goals this year?⚠

If the answer was no then I CUT IT OUT like a surgeon cuts through the flesh to save an organ.

I loved recording my daily show and I got so many incredible responses from people who were affected by it.

But time is too precious and sometimes we must sacrifice the short term wins for long term success.

We need to ZOOM OUT, zoom in, ZOOM OUT, zoom in.

If the small picture doesn’t align with the big picture we must cut it out.

We are constantly creating our collage of life.

Piece by piece.

We must choose the right pieces or we won’t end up achieving what we set out to do.

We must say no to many things so we can get to our ultimate YES.

If you don’t know where you’re going how can you expect to get there?

I’m going to be HYPER FOCUSED on growing my podcast booking agency Gefen Media Group and my weekly podcast show ‘Can I Pick Your Brain?’


💡What are you being intentional about this year?


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