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The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
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Remember what got you here
Used to love the show, but it’s so hit or miss now. When you spend half the show talking about the show being a show, you’ve lost me. Witty and Jess were a poor addition. Witty is K-Mart version of Pablo Torre and Jess thinks everyone needs her opinion on every single conversation. Greg is worse than ever, JUST GIVE ME BACK IN MY DAY AND TALK ABOUT SOUP. And pls no more 5 minutes of show for Greg’s podcast producer’s crappy band. I’m getting very concered for Stu’s health, he sounds like he’s on a pack a day of heaters. Miss you King Roy. Hang in there Billy, you’re a pro at the rat-a-tat-tat useless sound montage. Chris, keep being Chris, your away from the mic laugh gets me every time. I guess you’re doing alright, fat face. SCREW NOTRE DAME AND LONG LIVE PIPO. Stop bringing David Samson, he’s so bad and he’s somehow the most annoying person on the show. Running a team into the ground and making a billion dollars off of it does not make you an expert in anything
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usually angry
Loved the Josh Fart joke … Dan needs to get sent to the penalty box more often for his crappy jokes
I should explain to the audience..Dan, we don’t need your FAT loser self explaining anything to us…you’re a JOKE
Draft kings made a mistake
Please retire.
jacob's ipod touch
Too many uploads and not enough consistency
I don’t want 15 different shows in my feed each week. Also have some consistency in the daily lineups. Get rid of Mike. He obviously doesn’t want to be there unless he can dominate with his played out takes.
Makes me laugh in a mindless way.
Stugotz should only be allowed to do Weekend Observations. He so annoying the rest of the time. Please pay WFAN to take him..The rest of the show is perfect nonsense..
David Siniscalchi
Billy for EP
It is so obvious when Billy is in the big chair. The show is fun and loose. And Billy easily keeps everyone in check with humor. He works the board just as well as Mike. Great timing, really understands the rhythm of the show.
Billy is immature and I’m doubling down
Immature and the biggest hater
Joe.... Mama
Greg Cote
Nothing makes me happier than Billy just blindly supporting Greg.
Matt Swing
We don’t care about hockey
Please stop….
the show
Please find another job.
Woy. You’re a waste. I wish all the worst for you and only you. Stop talking you have nothing to say and sound like a 3 year old. Nobody needs to head you butcher the Engwish wanguage. Loser.
woy is a bingo
LOVE David Dennis
Have not listened to this segment yet today but I can’t wait! I love David Dennis and everything about him. I love his personality, intelligence, varied interests and expertise, fairness and my favorite trait is his humor!! Of course his day job is very insightful and informed BUT I cannot LIE! I love him most on the Mina Kimes YouTube channel “Love is Kimes”!! They are such good friends and can break down Love is Blind so deeply that no one has to watch the actual series! It’s the best.
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Patriot food sponsor
Patriot food or whatever sponsoring has me worried about the company finances
Love the show
Love the show.
Tony, David
Kick all the rocks. Anyone still reading these or is it just YouTube? They are just instant show changers for me. Even jokingly Dan is in super annoying territory attacking Jeremy every chance and then saying his name 4 times in a row before he starts talking even when Jeremy has shut up. My word this show needs some direction.
Island of misfit hosts
Tony is carrying the show today, Dan-O
Tougher to listen
I have been a listener since the 790 days. I still like the show but it is harder to listen now, with most of the content geared towards video. The March sadness tournament was tough and an automatic skip. And how many times we need to hear Mike talking about miller light? Its so much, that I have develop an aversion to it.
why has mike's voice become physically intolerable?
Happy Mother’s Day
How many bouquets of flowers are you getting Kyle this year for Mother’s Day?
hippo tears lol dc shoes 4lyfe
Too many ads
What happened? The show turned into more ads than sports talk. I found 3 ads in ten minutes. I don’t need to hear Mike Ryan tell me the same thing about miller lite 25 times a show. It’s almost unbearable
Please God!! Never let this be the Mike Ryan Ruiz show. Dan’s strength as a host is his ability to distribute. Mike is an iso act. Suffered through him dominating a hockey segment, followed by him dominating a Heat segment, then a UFL segment. Jesus, take a breath and let someone else talk!
Spoiler Alert Correction
When Wolf Blitzer removed the mask in Mission Impossible, it was Simon Pegg wearing it, not Tom Cruise. If you are going to spoil a movie, at least get the facts right. Still love the show.
Great Show
Love Juju. Chris Cote is a net negative.
Bring on funny person (Roy Wood Jr) and immediately ruin it with an unfunny person (Mike Ryan)
I love this show…
…but I can’t tell that Dan has any ability to discern player abilities, across sports
Podd Flanders
D weezy 1
Miami Heat
Well boys and girls, if the 4/23/24 show is an example of what’s in store for the next couple of weeks then this will be the format of the show: Local Hour: Miami Heat Talk Big Suey: Miami Heat Talk Hour 1: Miami Heat Talk Hour 2: Miami Heat Talk Postgame Show: Miami Heat Talk
Thai J
Pretty Rough
Without Dan, Stu, Mike, & Billy there.. it’s bad. Chris Cote’s been especially bad. Seems cranky.. does he get that way when someone actually expects something from him?
Chris the W
Looks Like (Jason Bateman)
Jason Bateman looks like the owner of a Sasquatch themed bar and grill. Love the show!!
Why Leadership Matters
The April 18 2024 Postgame is the worst example of media ever produced. Do better with your flagship’s programming.
Imperial Jawa
The best
When Mike Ryan and Jessica are not on the show, there is no better podcast.
Stu is a liar
Who would advertise with him?
Haole RJ
mike Schur still boring
Stolen cupcake bit that wasn't funny just kept yelling at Jessica about food. What happened to the show.
bk top notch
Usually great
Except for god bless football where Stu just laughs way too much. I know he’s having fun, but it gets annoyingly constant. The Ricky astrology stuff is so silly and I don’t get it, but you do you. Does Roy have a speech pathologist? He’s a mumbler
These people are not smart
They lack perspective, depth, and self awareness. Any moron could these debate these idiots and win.
WHY is Jeremy still on this show?!!! Go away.
Show is great but it has added pieces that has bogged down the banter. When Jessica talks she just rambles on and on. She needs to get to her points quicker. Also stop saying “like” every other word it makes you sound uneducated. Lucy is a horror show. I don’t understand how she made the cut. Jeremy is also a waste. Too many voices on now need to cut down the daily group to four maximum. Great thing about podcasts you can delete the ones that have the annoying members.
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Listen to an old pre-ESPN show. Then compare it to the last few months.
I love Billy and Dan (when he’s invested in the discussion and he’s not holier than thou).
E in the 813
Long time, first time.
I miss this show so much. The run it was on between 2013-2018 was incredible. I would listen to every second of each podcast. I’ve been trying to hold on but it’s so bad now. The shark has been jumped.
5 Stars
Jessica snapped at Amin for not being familiar with the women’s tennis players in the show breakpoint.. oddly enough she had to correct herself because she also apparently wasn’t familiar with the athletes on the show. So typical of her hate first and add nothing to it he show approach. Please leave.
Wonder if they’ll talk about the NPR story? Or is it only certain journalism stories they talk about?
Michael R VI
No Chris no Amin
Show is so much better when Chris Cote and Amin are not on it
Less songs!!!!!
Love the show but please no more songs!!
The formula
(1) Stridently obnoxious Dan (2) Lovable loyal peons (3) Humor at their expense Add current events, food habits, fart jokes and gummies the show makes us laugh and cringe about the cast sports, society and especially DAN
Illegal Lawyer
Best Show Ever but….
I get the show and love most everyone but is it just me or has Lucy become very annoying? She has no insight or comedic touch. Just whiny.
775 Hive
*Chefs kiss
Post game show today is Office Level comedic timing . Maybe the most pretentious thing I’ve ever said
Change dot org: Fire David Sampson Petition
Search: “Remove David Sampson from the Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz and Meadowlark Media” As a dedicated follower of the Dan LeBatard show with Stugotz and Meadowlark Media, I am deeply saddened by the negative impact David Sampson has had on this beloved program. His lack of social awareness, disdain for everyday people, and his unwavering support for trickle-down economics in sports and business are not only out of touch but also detrimental to the integrity of one of the greatest sports shows ever. David's presence on the show is not just a personal annoyance; it's a matter that affects all viewers who value genuine sports commentary. His views have created an environment that is increasingly hostile towards those who do not align with his elitist perspectives. This has led to a significant decrease in viewer satisfaction, threatening to tarnish what was once an engaging platform for all sports fans. Furthermore, his unpopularity among viewers is unprecedented. According to recent polls conducted by independent media outlets (source: Nielsen Ratings), viewer dissatisfaction has spiked since David became more prominent on the show. We believe that removing David Sampson from The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz and Meadowlark Media will restore its original spirit - one that champions diversity in opinion while maintaining respect for all viewpoints. We urge you to consider our plea seriously as we strive to preserve this iconic platform for future generations of sports enthusiasts. Please sign this petition if you agree that it's time for change at The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz and Meadowlark Media!
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Sir Squidball Teasmonger III
What a scam! Get PTFO off main feed please don’t want it. Ok
Roy is clearly racist, that’s gross! Get him out, also because he brings absolutely nothing positive to the show
no More Izzy
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