The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
Dan Le Batard, Stugotz
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Outstanding post game recap from the GBF crew
Best sports show ever.
But it is so much more than just sports
What’s with the editing lately? Been really bad
What’s with the editing lately? Bad
God bless
Football and cubans
Rich S in NY
Stugotz Is My Hero
I want to rip a fat blunt with Screwy Stuey and talk 90’s baseball over some gin & tonics.
Frisky Fingers
Just another far leftist group
Chris Cote
Defacation in the Stanley Cup and Fried Townails! If the goal is to make your listeners vomit, please give this guy more airtime.
Vanilla Grits
Skeptical Billy
Is it just me or does skeptical Billy sound exactly like Donald Sterling talking about Magic Johnson? “Big Magic Johnson, what has he ever done”
Machine Gun Skippy
Why dedicate new shows entirely to moral grandstanding?
We get it. Trust us.
Palestine and Blood Money
You don’t question anyone that mentions Israel and all the human rights violations they do on a daily basis. When talking about blood money in reference to Saudi Arabia, I don’t ever remember them colonizing countries and stealing their wealth. They didn’t exterminate indigenous peoples either. All their money came from their oil. I wish Amin would actually voice those things because he should know. But hey let’s not talk about who controls the media and pretend like they don’t. Free Palestine
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Meadowlarkers is usually boring
Love the Dan Le Batard show with Stugotz amd LBF. I’m there for all the content, sports related or not. I tried listening to and attaching myself to the Meadowlarkers but I can’t because I generally find the topics not that stimulating and the production to be poor and monotone (boring). Strange because I love and respect the individuals but overall, the show doesn’t do justice to their talent amd experience. It feels like an unnatural attachment to LBF. Not that anyone asked but maybe it should be a separate podcast that people could search out and listen to if they wanted it. Not hating. Just a longtime loyal fan offering some feedback. Love LBF!
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Go Fish
I love The Skipper and Salmon show.
All this soccer coverage seems fake. The core of the show doesn’t care about soccer. Stop trying to capture the world and play to your base.
Please No More
No more skipper please & thank you 🤮
The Uncle Fatty Show with Joey
Mike forgets Tony Gonzalez
Tony Gonzalez is the best TE ever until Gronk or Kelce get over even 10k. The man had 111 td’s and over 15k yards. Even with blocking it’s not enough to make up for that amount of total yardage. Gonzalez was able to be one of the best tight ends in the league while I’m Atlanta. His last season in the league he had 8tds over 80 catches and over 800 yards. The best ability is availability.
Mike is the worst on soccer/football. Please stop. Go ahead with the he’s that guy sounder.
The 11/21/22 Morally Abhorrent W/ Mike & Chris W…….
Sounds Like A Bunch Of Old Apple School Classroom Computers Having An Orgy In The Back Room Of A Mobile Home😖 And Trust Me #IGetTheShow 💯
Just love the show!!!
Jeff Saturday n CBA contract
Wasn’t Jeff involved/ paramount in the last CBA with Robert Kraft???? Huh? He knows Football!!
DJ Delish
Great Show
Best show in the word. Thank You guys for all your insight. Mike Schur, great addition. Hopefully is permanent. #Igettheshow #GoooooSTATES!
DJ Joey Blends
Diamond Hands
Diamond hands on World Cup coverage. I love soccer 💪
DANN Stugotz Amin Shipping Container
Excellent podcast 5 stars Excellent Local Hour On a NFL Monday with the Dolphins have a bye week, there’s still reason for Miami’s fan celebrated after one the ugliest game ever between the Jets and Patriots. Is iti even possible Zach Wilson to be good with his face looking the way it does? Plus Justin Herbert vs Pat Manhomes the fraudulent Vikings and other NFL storylines. Then, 2022 NL Cy Young awards winner Sandy Altantara join the Show. Excellent Big Suey We presented “ Egg Benedict”’of scocer coverage before the previewing the US chance in their first match of the World Cup Then our takeaways about Jeff Saturday and Nick Sirian’s coaching after the Colt played the Eagles close, a discussing where Manhone and Kelece rank the amongst the greatest moments of all time. Plus College Football moments from this weekend, Lincoln Riley , Bama’s playoff chances , and the totally choctic NL marketplace cause a tiff between Dan and Mike on how it should or shouldn’t be regulated. Excellent Hour 1 you dan Stu and the Shipping Container discuss the true greatness gift from the families : silcence Then, Mike Shur joins the show for his Stat of The Day , why he wants to debates with David Samson and to roast Elon Musk Plus an extraordinary Winter League fight and TuAno!s cruelty.
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eruc solomita
Meadowlarks Turducken
Outstanding! Best segment of the year!! Give that man some money!!!
Show is so good! Freaking hilarious! Always look forward to listening everyday! Hopefully it’s not to long before y’all start the next chapter!! Can’t wait!!
The turducken forces me to begrudgingly go up to 4 Stars again. I genuinely think Mike Schur might gettheshowwww better than the show does at this point, which makes his appearances enjoyable. Heady play subbing him in for Stugotz on any topic that requires > 11 seconds of thought, but his written pieces are the funniest show bits these days. The Shipping Container has never been stronger and Chris Cote has become a freaking sniper at picking his spots. Jess, Tony, Billy, and Roy have all grown while Mike Ryan appears to have largely checked out. Still, the only thing preventing the 5 Star rating that November probably deserves is the continued force feeding of side projects crammed into the show feed to milk stats.
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Great sports podcast not mainly about sports
Excellent listen, covers all bases. They obviously don’t take themselves too seriously and put out a great product.
1990s Blue Jays…AGAIN
Did I hear Pat Henke? Is this a hybrid of Pat Hentgen and the Terminator Tom Henke?
Dan is fat
Has been fat for years
Amir El Hassien
My man does too much Illuminati stuff and he is slowly becoming QAminr, questioning Jonah Hill and his intention is the new low for you bro
Meadowlarkers Episode 55 was excellent and enlightening!!!
Absolutely amazing! I was running on the treadmill listing to this and almost fell off 20 times 😂😂😂
We need the Commish
Are the statute of limitations over? Can you please get Sarah Spain back for rulings on the Bucket of Death? It is getting SO off the rails, I just love it!! And do I have to wish for Christmas for some Stan Van Gundy caroling? Please, please, please….
15 years listening
Dude how is no one saying this? Oldies is 50s and 60s… Jesus! Nirvana is 90s Jess there’s no way you actually believe that… it doesn’t matter how old you are Oldies is a STYLE, A GENRE of music, not just whatever is 30 years old. 70s is 70s, 80s is 80s…Oldies is 50s and 60s dammit!
Best podcast ever
Thank you for making enough content so everyday while I’m at work I have something to listen to. Been listening to show since 690 days and I have nothing but good things I still say. You make my bad days manageable and my good days better. You guys should hire me so I can be on the show!
Used to be the best…
This show used to be an absolute must listen for me. So many inside jokes and skits/bits they would do that unfortunately are gone now. Much respect to Dan and the crew for sticking together and doing their own thing but the show is nothing but Miami, political topics, and mental health now with a dash of sports sprinkled in. Important issues, just not quite the escape that it used to be.
Cool show
I love the single Greg Cote take in big suey. Funny editing
D weezy 1
Amin week
Amin, Good job. 👏🏿
Gummi Bears for Breakfast
My wife just bought 12lbs of gummi bears which she eats for breakfast often. Stay strong Billy.
You remember when ….
You remember the day that I Mike Ryan was not on the show ? Them is good days . Sittin around drinking an ice cold Miller Light. Listening to the show. Thinking. I wish Mike Ryan was never on the show. Well that day is today and it was a good day to be alive my friends. Brought to you by the beer that taste like beer , ice cold Miller Light. Only 96 calories.
Cletus Turbrow
The Greatest Show on Earth
See the title. Now to reiterate, this is the greatest show on earth.
Just Tap It In
Sports and Humor
These guys are trash compared to the 790 days. Billy Gil and Chris Cote are the stars and the rest are trash. Amin is a treasure but I believe Roy Bellamy and Tony mic’s need to be taken away and stick to behind the scenes. They offer nothing
Nothing but a pleasure to listen to…..Having said that….. Dan !!!!!!!!! Tone
Thank you Dan…Thank You Dan
Bald Eagles Can I get an Amin!! Fine $2, I don’t have any money, walk to the ocean…Friday….see ya They call me Chris.. karaoke Pod’n it Chubby Checkers Roy you’re my brother
Less Tony and Smetty
Jessica and Tony are the worst.
Problematic WB
Best of the best of the best
Best. Show. Ever!
Save the show!!!
Sad what happened to this show
Dan purposely avoided talking sports when they were on ESPN because he was told to talk sports. That’s when they were funny. Now my ears bleed while hearing them talk obsessively about unranked college football teams and the meaningless NBA games of November. Thank God for Greg Cote!
Ya never know!
I honestly believe that the show has become more about politics than sports. Even many of the sports segments have political undertones. Mike Ryan’s political rants are worse than his homer Browns/Heat rants. If you want to have leftist views, be my guest. But don’t act like you have all the right answers and everyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is an extremist.
Thai J
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