The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
Dan Le Batard, Stugotz
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Mike Ryan PLEASE stop talking
Good god
Tyler in CT
Constructive Criticism
When you start a new segment with a guest, can we please do a better job of letting the Podcast LISTENERS know who it is that you are talking to. It was five minutes in until we heard the name Max Struss. The other day, you went through the whole interview with Bruce who I assume was Denver Nugget. Whenever someone makes a reference to something from a past show, Dan always wants to explain the reference so as not to alienate the listener today who might not have been listening then. It’s no fun listening to an interview while trying to decipher who that person is. Thank you, I’ll hang up and listen to answer on air.
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Inconsistent Schedule
I know the show is in flux and they’re “building something”, but for how long can that be a legitimate excuse? They’re alienating their listeners whom they care so much about by releasing content with no discernible schedule. It’s disappointing. Especially given the comparable shows that have parted from ESPN or FOX and manage to deliver their content on schedule. Just really bummed about how long the transition process has taken. Makes me wonder if it’s all a convenient excuse to deliver a lesser product.
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Aaron Matis
Not great 5/30
Show was garbage today…
This is an unfollow
With the hiring of Sampson - it seems as on-air talent - the show has gone from bad to worse. Along with the antics (made up I’m sure) of the Stu and Dan script this now just a bad show. The Shipping Container should decide on the new name and head off on their own. Only show worth subscribing to within the Danverse.
Once great, now beyond terrible
I loved this show. I listened nearly every day for a decade. Over that time, the show devolved from a progressive, ground breaking, stupidly-smart foray of the irrelevant (but hilarious) nature of sports fandom — into a laugh-less mess of a bunch of stubborn and emotional floridians. The decision to cave to Masvidal conspiracy theories, and to not recognize the dolphins awful behavior regarding Tua, has left me feeling like i worshiped false idols. I once traveled across the country to celebrate Mas Miami, and that righteous Hipppo’s 50th birthday. There is simply nothing I could regret more in my life. Don’t listen to this noise - FRAUDS doesn’t even begin to describe these money grubbing schmucks.
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Sb fc
Always have loved the show. Not anymore!
I have been a huge fan for many years “I get the show”. I enjoy all the new additions through the years. I just feel like its become the Mike Ryan show with Dan and Stu. He makes me shut it down every time he dominates the show which seems to be more and more all the time. If you guys would just limit him from taking over segments constantly it would make it so much more listenable. Please help us out here and bring back the Dan Lebatard show with StuGotz. P.S Love Jessica and Really miss Wittingham!
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great pod
Poopy Poop Butt Butt Soup
Muddy Waters, thatkindathang
19 year listener
Love the show. Get the show. Listened since 790 Hoch and Butterbean. But the new Draft Kings opener is an aural assault. Can it please be changed? Tysm
Yet Another Ashley Apparently
Probably the best thing I’ve heard on this show and that’s saying a lot. Hilarious
Best podcast out there. LB !
Best sports show
Most entertaining sports talk radio show I’ve ever heard. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if someone took a team approach (4-5 personalities) to sports talk radio but just made fun of everything. This show does it better than any I’ve heard. They have me laughing and lifting my mood daily. I can’t get enough of the episodes. The insightful viewpoints are an added bonus. I basically listen to laugh, but it doesn’t hurt to learn something in the process. Mike Ryan is a rising star. Can’t wait to see where his career takes him. Love Roy’s Realm- funniest segment they do. Please stop letting Mike control the mics when arguing basketball with Amin. He’s just a bully and doesn’t let the other side of the debate any time to speak and elaborate. Lacks entertainment value when that happens.
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Great show
The bit Dan and Mike do where they ask someone to give an opinion and then not let them talk is really overused and annoying. I think it might be time for a break. Or maybe just let Dan and Mike do their own show somewhere else.
Hard to listen to Mike Ryan
The Big Suey- Listen Pal (5-25-23) was very frustrating to listen to. Mike Ryan’s debate conduct while discussing Carmelo’s career with Amin was disrespectful and maddening. He showed no respect for Amin’s expertise in the realm of the NBA. Still love the show and will continue to support y’all, but damn…..that was bad form by Mike Ryan.
Melo NBA 75 team. Fast forwarded every second Mike ryan talks.
Charolette is great. Juju knock off the brother and sister in Christ stuff. Tired Greg is gold. Can’t wait until it’s just baseball.
Shut up Mike Ryan
10 years I’ve listened to this show. Please Mike, sit down and shut up. You were given 2 ears and 1 mouth, it would be great if you’d use them in that ratio. I’m over all your yelling at people on the show.
Not sure why you think it’s a joke that you bring on a lying thief every week and then laugh when the audience and crew don’t want him on. Claim to be a “Miami show” for the city blah blah and then bring that clown on the show. It’s disgusting.
CJ Kania
5/25 Big Suey too much Mike Ryan
Especially when he not only talks over but shouts over the others. Not quite decades, but it’s spanned several weeks now with the Miami teams’ run, and it’s become unlistenable.
Loving the show
Charlotte is the best addition since Mike Shur
Kind of had enough
Used to love this show. But now I’m really over PoPo Dan, Aged Bro Mike, and the slow self destruction (which has another name) of John W. Also, over the constant, near universal stepping on Jess. Roy excepted on that last point. That room is as woke as a frat kegger. Give Amin, David, Juju, Jessica, Roy, and Chris their own segment a couple times a week.
Gregg Cote
Best BIMD ever! Greg needs to nearly die every BIMD! See if AI can do that🤪
Usually amazing, but today, horrific
I've been listening to the show for 10 years multiple hours every day. I love it. True brilliance. In so many ways. Then today, Mike Ryan plays the same sound in his juvenile ways again and again, that Gracian it's the nerve. It wasn't funny once, and then he ruins Stugotz a segment. He's right, that will listen anyway, and we have no power over what he does, because the rest of the show is amazing, but he's been doing this for years and it's not funny. In the past I boycotted any time he did this for a few days. Obviously that doesn't make a difference. So I'm putting one star as a sign we know they look at these reviews and maybe others will follow to communicate stop ruining this amazing show with the sound effect interjections. Today was the very very very worst and put me in a foul mood, so foul that I gave a one star. To show that has been a star experience for 10 years.
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That kinda thing
You guys remember the singer from the 60s Oliver, he a hit song called “good morning star shine”. He is the brother of ACC commissioner John Swafford. Now who didn’t contribute.
Murderin Murphy
Best Line Ever
Billy always thinks he’s right, he’s a d$*k
So I was an avid daily listener for years, but had to stop all of it recently because you not only seemed to not stop talking politics and social conservatives, but you seem to have gotten worse, acted as though it’s your duty to, and self righteous of it all. I grew weary, even though I enjoyed the show for so long because of the chemistry and fun when not talking about politics/social norms. It’s not your job, nor does anyone want to hear your takes in politics and social concerns. I know you will label me as an “oh well,” but to the extent I’m not the only one and your ratings are dropping or do, I hope it helps draw your show back to what it’s good at.
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South Beach Sessions - Izzy & Samson
Open, honest, smart…all I gotta say is thank you!
I’ve listened for 14 years straight. Almost every hour… He’s terrible for the podcast. His contributions are beyond awful. I’m still going to listen to every segment like a psychopath but he is VERY irritating to listen to. So I hope this sternly worded message leads to change. Is it just me??? Am I crazy ? Can’t imagine working with him and having to interact with him every day… is this why Quitty quit??
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this is michael doleac
no entiendo el programa
más david samson menos mike ryan, el apesta
OG listener
First time commentator. Beach Sessions with Sansom perfection! Now you just need Pablo to moderate Bromance Round 2.
Non Miami listener
Lets be honest, this show is not at the top of the charts. They pump the numbers and they admit it. Who listens to this junk. Pull the ads
Amin, What?!
“Ja is only 23, he’s closer to a high school kid”…Amin what are you talking about? He is the age of a college graduate. 23 is not a child, get real. No he didn’t do anything illegal but when your boss says stop acting foolish or else, you are old enough to know I should stop acting foolish. If it’s mental issues his circle needs to intervene. What are you doing Amin? Stop projecting your child’s age and manner on a grown man.
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Tophat Giraffe
South Beach w David Samson - David QUIT TESTING your FRIENDS
I’ve always been a fan of and supported David on social media. I got half way through the podcast and it was really great. I was feeling really sorry for David after he talked about the childhood bullying, the recent deaths in his family and how he struggles every minute of his life BUT….I really hated how David blindsided Dan toward the end and it felt real. It appeared that Dan was truly unaware. Dan IS juggling a lot right now. He’s honest and open about it. Very disappointing words and delivery coming from David. David coming across like a wounded bird was not a good look. It will not endear him to the shipping container or the audience. I wish David hadn’t done this. Hopefully this doesn’t fracture their friendship because it sounds like neither one of them have many close friends that they trust.
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Stop dismissing the Audio audience
This move to visual is causing the product to suffer. I can’t watch the show because of work. It’s disgusting your cohosts dismissing loyal listeners of 10+ years who can’t watch.
Longtime fan!
F*** the haters Dan! Your boldness is an inspiration to all creators! Btw Brockmire is hilarious🤣🤣
Losing a long time listener
Looks like I’m going to switch to Pat’s show. The inconsistency in the shows ability to deliver a podcast on time has really ruined my listening enjoyment. It’s 1230pm on Thursday and we still don’t even have the local hour up. It’s incredible that this show has grown and added more people but yet is the worst product you’ve put out. Frustrating to say the least. Can’t imagine meadowlark is going to be around for much longer anyways being ran this way
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Drr. Mantis Toboggan MD
I’m ashamed to say I’ve listened to this show for almost a decade. Used to be great. Now we have to listen to the self proclaimed son of Cuban exiles tell us to shut up and get the shot or if you don’t agree with me you don’t deserve to speak. Was it marrying the white gold digging woman that made you so stupid Dan? I’m unsubscribing to everything you do or have any part in. Draftkings won’t be renewing that contract. Lol
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Been a fun ride
Rode with you guys for 9 years. Got your merch in my closet. Two sections, one to wear and the other to keep without wearing like a piece of art. Even started a twitter account just so I could vote on the polls. Listened/watched every day religiously and when started to add podcasts under the le Batard umbrella I would catch up with them on weekends. Hate to say it but I think you guys needed ESPN. Hasn’t been as entertaining. Lazy and entitled. Lots of preaching without any facts, opposing views, or even consistency. Stayed on last couple months just for Greg cote Tuesdays. Even that isn’t worth it anymore. It’s turned into hot political garbage. Perfect example of go woke go broke.
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Good when Amin isnt there
Borderline unlistenable when he’s on, borderline great when he’s not
Forever a fan
The only complaint I would ever have is something I know can’t be fixed. The show is at its peak when Stu is there. Billy is perfect, no notes. Mike Ryan is vilified when he is the soul of the show. Never stop
Leaving after 10+ years
I started listening right as Dan was getting a lot more time on the ESPN circuit in 2012. Literally days before the the show went national. First show I listened to was a Greg Cote Tuesday and I never looked back. Saved me on many boring days at the desk. I hate to say it, but I think Dan getting married was the show’s downfall. She’s his Yoko. That’s when he fully abandoned his more conservative roots and the ultra leftist politics started. He lost his sense of humor. Unfortunately, when it comes to political talk, Dan is a lightweight and an amateur. I also wonder how much influence the corporate sponsors have in the political messaging.
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Hard network out
Soooooooo happy it’s back . Best show ever !
10Day Tony
“Put it on the poll JuJu @lebatardshow : Are you surprised Tony used the word ‘dichotomy’ properly in a sentence.”
Love it
Awesome show. Been listening for years
Way too much Mike Ryan!
Please send him back to California! We all need a break!
Please less mike Ryan
Please less mike Ryan 😢😐😞
Order Restored
With the Sampson threat mercifully contained, and South Florida teams rampaging through the playoffs, I couldn’t be happier with the direction of the show. I am encouraged and relieved.
I guess I don’t get the show
Mike Ryan screaming into the microphone that he is a god and letting him dominate the show get exhausting and obnoxious. Why does he have to shove his likes and passions down our throat? I guess I don’t get the show anymore
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