The Dan Dakich Show Podcast
The Dan Dakich Show Podcast
The Dan Dakich Show
This show takes no prisoners and does not suffer fools. Decades of experience in major college basketball, and a rolodex to match. The big names visit this show. Passionate about Indiana basketball, the Chicago Cubs, the lovely Leigh Ross-Dakich, and his kids. Opinions about everything, afraid of nothing.
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Rude and ignorant, a double whammy!
Can’t think of a sport host id like to listen to less than Dan Dakich.
Jay Vee 3
Conservative kook. Enjoy your obscurity and the inevitability of President Biden.
If you like trump, then you’ll probably like this podcast. If you’re a normal person then you definitely won’t
This is disgusting!
Great Interviewer
I don’t know why, but DD gets people to open up and answer honestly. Some bare their souls. I really enjoy his show.
Delusional wannabe Skip Bayless
Has hot takes that don’t make sense and can’t be backed up. Better spend your time on a multitude of podcasts that don’t have this guy spouting nonsense.
One of best shows in the country. Neither left or right. Dakich show only one I’ve ever listened too has dialogue with each caller. Every other talk show will allow caller express their opinion. Host will hang up. Give their opinion. Dakich allows caller respond to his comments. Guests on his show amazing. You don’t see espn, fox have coaches open up like they do on Dakich show. Wish Austin sports talk were 1% of the Dakich show.
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Love it
Absolutely love it. I love the podcast so then I’m able to scrub through and get to the parts I want to listen to but Dan speaks his mind. His unique rapport he shares with college coaches, former and current shows and gets answers you typically wouldn’t on other shows. Everyone has their opinion on how he critiques IU Basketball but deep down, he says it time and time again, he wants the program to succeed.
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He’s honest
Dakich is well known here in Indy, and I’ve never been overly inclined to listen to him, but I listened to the Painter interview and really enjoyed it. Dakich deserves props for saying what he thinks, especially when it’s the unpopular view (I.e. players are babied nowadays). Also, whoever monitors this podcast might want to look into the 10 or so 1 Star reviews that all happened on July 25th last year.
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Excellent sport radio
Excellent sports radio. Also enjoy his 3 minute basketball lessons on You Tube.
please sir may i have aNother
IU backup, mediocre coach. Who cares to listen to him? All you hear on this show is his arrogance while taking shots at IU and different areas in Indiana.
Great show
Love the honesty
Donny Azof
Best Show on Radio
Love this show. Entertaining and educational.
Incredibly arrogant
Just all in all a really bad show/listen that is fueled by fan boys of his that agree with everything he says even if he contradicts himself. Arrogant in a conceded way not some hot take edgy way that he tries to portray. Pretty sad stuff really
Dakich = Garbage
Any reason there isn’t a 0 star option?
Dan Dakich!
DD takes no prisoners! If you can’t take the opinions, the heat or the man himself, then by all means get lost and don’t come back. We here in Indianapolis love the guy plain and simple. Rock on Dan!
Troy Click
He is real!!
Real down to earth honest show! If the truth hurts take your listening somewhere else. This is how people feel.
Love him or hate him
I have to change stations when my wife is in the car.
ESPN Radio in Indianapolis Deserves Better
Always loud, obnoxious, and arrogant. It’s exhausting to try to listen as he spouts his opinions and thinks he’s better than anyone who thinks differently. He interrupts his callers and refuses to admit when he’s wrong (which is often). This guy needs to to be pushed aside for someone worth listening to.
Trae G.
Very entertaining show
Dan is great and is entertaining. Love that he has a broad range of guests and not scared to give his opinion.
Scott from Valpp
Best local interviewer ANYWHERE
Best anywhere in interviewing guests. His opinions are insightful and fun. Don’t miss a day. If you don’t like Double D then spend your time elsewhere. I love the guy.
This is the single worst podcast ever created. Everything this man does is complete trash. I’m sorry, I’m not going to apologize for calling him out on his inability to say anything remotely interesting. Things I’d rather do than listen to this guy speak. (totem poll style) 1. Ride in complete silence (I drive about 5 hours a day) 2. Go to a JD and The Straight Shot concert 3. Visit Sioux Falls Some of you might think this is a little harsh, but I disagree. It was super necessary.
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Say hi to art briles
Camby time
Terrible Radio
Tried to give this guy a listen. Mediocre radio show at best. I feel bad for Indianapolis
Awful radio show and will always be jealous of the lebatard show
Who listens to this?
Dakich just wants to troll and hear himself
Dakich doesn’t bring any original thought, content, or insight. This dude just tries to rattle people’s jimmies and throw fits because he’s not talented.
Why listen?
If miracle whip is too spicy for you and you think CBS makes edgy procedural dramas this is for you. Of course this probably means you don’t know what podcasts are. And that’s good news for you as this is hot garbage.
Midwest M Mitchell
Dan is a clown
This show is terrible. Dan is a bottom feeder and I feel bad for anyone in Indianapolis who has to be present In the same area code as him.
The whole world hates you Dan
Worst excuse for a podcast that I’ve ever heard. Dakich is a waste of good air
FC Deez
Just the worst
I didn’t think it could get any worse than Dakich calling games, but then I heard his podcast. You’re better off listening to the golden girls into on repeat for 18 weeks than giving this clown a listen.
Not GJ
Traumatic Brain Injury Inducing
If you want all of your brain cells to slowly leak from your head, just give this a listen. DD’s opinions are about as nuanced as a 3rd grader who only watches Sean Hannity reruns. Overall, listening to DD is more efficient, and cost effective than receiving a lobotomy.
Craigory Greg
You don’t get the show!!!
Doc z 317
Indy’s Finest
If you’re an overweight, middle age white man still rocking a goatee and Oakley sunglasses driving thru Muncie, Indiana......... then I have a show for you! Just like the rest of Indiana sports, this show is starchy, boring, unappealing, and stuck reliving the glory days of 20 years ago. Other than that, great show!
Jim Tom Sula
instead of listening to this, find any old white man and ask him about sports because its the exact same thing
johnny weiner
This show stinks
This show stinks
Haters gonna hate!
You may not agree with him, hell - I don’t a lot of the time but he’s generally always informed, has an opinion, and sticks it right into the earhole of his biggest detractors. They can’t deal with it and fire off one star reviews. For a “local” show - his list of guests is straight up “national.” Keep doing you, Daniel J. Dakich.
Love double D
Love the Double D podcast. I do wish they’d add or upload a little more of the show on here though. Sometimes their will only be one segment uploaded for the day.
Real talk
Dan doesn’t sugar coat things so if you’re easily offended by an expert stating the obvious, then this isn’t the show for you. If you like your sports served straight with a shot of tequila, Dan is your guy. Great guests, great insight, great show.
Dakich is a Troll
If you enjoy listening to mediocre MAC coaches this podcast is for you.
The show is just boring.
My lawd.
Maybe the most ungrateful, undeserving, self-hyped for fake confidence.....sports podcast out there! Voice reminds me of bigfoots weiner if it made sound.
Idiot!!! Alert 🚨
Who does this like besides his son. Worse person on radio 📻 ever!!!!!
Lil Rock9
DD is the best
Best podcast about life and sports. DD is awesome.
Beatle from Handy Ridge
Grade A Jackass
Insulting, rude, all around jackass. Something changed a few years back. He used to be jovial, fun, sarcastic. Now he’s just a troll
Dan, You need to get the echo fixed, it sounds distorted when you speak
the real deal, Indy son's
Best there is!
Been listening to Dan’s show/podcast now for a number of years. Always a great listen. Yes, he is outspoken, however, he is always honest and tells you how it is. Sorry not sorry if that hurts your feelings. Keep it up Big Guy! #Dantheman #nofilter
grayson tripped chuck norris
Exactly what you would expect from the explanation they provide.
If you like the every day run of the mill loud mouth know it all thousandth time I’ve heard this sports guy, you might like it. His know it all attitude is very put offing to anyone that has matured since they turned twenty. If he disagrees with someone not only are they wrong, but they are also stupid for having an opinion other than his. It’s a very played out unpleasant show.
Dez Nüts.
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