The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: Ears Edition
The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: Ears Edition
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Listen to highlights and extended interviews in the "Ears Edition" of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. From Comedy Central’s Podcast Network.
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Just plain freaking awesome
Provides an awesome alternative to watching the show on youtube.
Sad propaganda
I can not believe some people listen to this as their "source of News" . I had to check it out myself. What a sad commentary on the blatant Left Wing, hatful propaganda of everything and anyone who is not supporting the new manufactured Race WAR and propaganda to advance totalitarian Communism. Why not just move to China, Venezuela or N. Korea? Like ALL MSM- this is propaganda for the brainwashed "useful idiots" .
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Whiney B****
The worst.
Court packing
I’m so glad to hear a conversation about court packing, stacking! Republicans have been packing the courts with their own agendas. Courts/judges should be non-partisan and represent fairness. It really bugs me that we keep using this “packing” term in reference to expansion of courts.
South Africa just put in place a law that can take land, money, and lively from people based on the color of their skin. Where is this Jack wagon from ? And he is calling America racist.
Freddie bag of donuts
Informative and smart, great pod!
style magazine
It's funny
To listen to you make a pathetic attempt at comedy
I Love Utah!!!
Thank you
I truly love this podcast it is funny and helps me keep track of everything going on and it gives me a chuckle and to people who say it’s horrible you can have your opinion but you do not have to write a horrible review and be really rude
It’s good
But it is inaccurate, I don’t watch it on my couch, I watch it in bed
Hilarious and informative
Outside of the Lincoln Project this is one of my favorite podcasts. Factual and funny. 👍👍
He’s a comedian?
I won’t even listen to this trash. Trevor Noah doesn’t have a clue what funny even is. The show is unwatchable and the podcast is unlistenable. The only thing worth a crap on Comedy Central is South Park
Love him
He’s my favorite comedian. So funny! And great at accents. I loved his book too.
Love Trevor Noah 😍
Trevor Noah is hilarious and can always put me in a good mood. He gives me my daily dose of comedy and news.
love this 😻😍😍
Hilarious and Informative!
Trevor Noah is incredibly funny while keeping you up to date about what’s going on in the world. A lot of news lately seems heavy, so his take makes it easier to hear.
Calling the White House
This will be the only time in America’s history that a collection company will call the White House, to collect money from the President. Those calls can be annoying.
Clapter for leftists
Just an awful show, it’s just more woke garbage.
“Latte Salute” Episode
I am suing if I have an accident for laughing so hard I close my eyes while driving. #WhoeverDoesntFindThisFunnyISueYouForNotHavingASenseOfHumor
Thank you!
The daily show has helped me stay aware of all that is happening in the world and has helped me stay semi-sane during COVID.
He is honestly SO FUNNY! Love Trevor Noah!!
I can listen to this podcast or watch Trevor Noah and he IS ALWAYS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! This dude cracks me up!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
hih scool credits
Get politics
Stick to comedy.
Informative and entertaining!
What can I say about Trevor Noah. Well! This has become my daily morning commute listen. I feel like I am able to stay informed about what is currently happening each day, while also getting some funny entertainment! Trevor has a very intellectual perspective and is also hilarious. He also brings on some really great guests, like Samuel L Jackson or Hillary Clinton. I always appreciate his episodes and look forward to the next one!
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The dude is hilarious
Hysterical and #fact
Hysterical and so sad that the jokes are actually facts. Trevor is awesome. No idea what all ⬆️⬇️ other people are saying, they must be listing to a different podcast!
The only way to have news delivered
This is the only way I can tolerate the news ! It’s funny and relevant and I love to listen to it !
My review
I love this podcast, and I will continue listening to it. It discusses BLM, and Trump. Please, if you don’t like these comments, don’t watch the show. This is a political podcast, and it reports on news. Thank you for reading!
holo 12345
He says black people are in worse positions so they shouldn’t try to do anything just vote for democrats and cry victim to every white without being responsible for anything what a piece of garbage (have listened to him many times and used to agree with him but I eventually realized this is utter bs
America is great 1656
not funny anymore
love the politics/info but with each episode the jokes get less funny
Hilarious and Informative
This podcast makes me laugh so hard. Before I found this, I did not laugh a lot because this is not a funny time. But Trevor makes the news so funny and I cannot help but laugh. The news he reports is also accurate and informative. All in all, this podcast is great for a laugh and informative news.
Better than any news channel The only issue is the sound effects from the normal show are still in this podcast, not that big of a problem but would be better without them.
Fnaf luvr
Great show
Love the news in a way that is hilarious and serious.
Love this!
Love this!
MrAJK..PO box 442554 Detroit 48244 Michigan/1313-675-4423
Thanks again for your Podcast,& I like the way it comes out and I am usually Laughing every time I get a chance to catch the show and I am usually pleasantly surprised by the relevant news and the fact that they are still putting together a lot of ironic humor in this article...
Illogical liberal bias spoken by one of the least funny people in America
If you're a supporter of BLM and/or just a dumb person you will probably love this show.
Hammer jammer.
The once great Daily Show is now unfunny and a complete waste of time. Sad, so sad.
Sorry to say.
I love the show and Trevor but since you added sound effects to the podcast I had to stop listening. I tried to stay with it but I can not deal with the extra swishes and swooshes. You are killing the show.
He speaks facts and educates me on the political side of America.
Big zero for this podcast. I love comedy but you ain’t funny. This is not worth one star... I had to give rating.
Love this guy
In a world so biased and full of misinformation, it is good to see a show that clears up misconceptions, and informs!
Gaining Fame In Times Of Turmoil
Noah, you come off as very sleek and opportunistic in times of turmoil. Some of your comments are rational but most appear to be advertising. I used to be a fan of yours, but I prefer a more objective agenda and honesty. Quit Your Job, Get Out There And Join Your People. Stop worrying if you loose your legal status in this country or your fame!! If Trump Wins 2020 You’ll Remember The Confort Of your Chair. 👏👏👏
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Rock Star Sodoma
Not everyone will like it
I love the jokes in this podcast, but some people won’t. You can’t expect everyone to like it! It can be dark at times so if you don’t like dark humor, this podcast probably isn’t for you
Thoughtful and funny
Trevor has done a great job taking over for John Stewart. He present the news in a funny way while also being thoughtful.
It’s not funny
Can’t even get through a whole pod. Horrible
Pretty funny
Its nice to laugh sometimes with everything going on
that nickn4me is taken...
Call them ELDERS
please refrain the older politicians as Elders as bringing wisdom to us all. Value their age and experience. Do something to change the same old narrative that marginalizes our wisdom
Sooooo funnny
I’m bored in quarantine so i watch then I crack up
I enjoy it.
It’s informative and updated regularly. Plus I think it’s really funny. Very reliable source of news as well
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