The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: Ears Edition
The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: Ears Edition
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Americans literally praise anyone with an accent or different background, but don’t actually give merit to people with intelligence or experience. There are plenty other people with same ideas that will discuss issues in a professional and respectful manner. Constantly blabbers on bull. Has no real experience on anything he talks about. And he really isn’t that funny.
Keep speaking the truth Trevor. Your humor on the hypocrisy of the right wing is priceless.
I know I keep on posting the same review, but I was reading through the other reviews and what they are saying is wrong. This is the best show anyone could ask for.
Exactly what we need
Trevor is exactly what we need at this time. Someone I really look forward to listening to each day. I’ve been waiting for him to come back from Vaca... judging some of the reviews I’m reading, Trevor is exactly what we need at this time.
Domestic terrorists
If you are a domestic terrorists this show is for you! Here you will find the all the lies spouted by left wing extremists. You get to hate all patriotic people and Christians without any concern about being morally wrong because you will be handed your defense on a silver platter. You’ll learn to call anyone who disagrees with you a racist, even if they are a person of color, so you don’t have to argue the facts. You’ll also get to deny science if the facts don’t agree with your narrative then claim others deny science while you selectively point to other leftists with an agenda. You’ll also learn to hate god given rights protected by our constitution. All of this wrapped up in a light hearted package!
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Buys a 30 million dollar home and has the nerves to preach against the destruction of middle class whites bc of their privilege? How can we take this from these rich elitist socialist snobs.
Love it, but what happened to posting the full show?
I love Trevor Noah and I love getting to listen to The Daily Show while driving. Occasionally, the sound isn’t great or it may cut-off the recording at unusual times, but overall, I just love it. Y’all even changed the pre-show announcer to someone who sounds less like the worst white frat bro ever, after I complained about it in a review. Great improvement. Now I am just bummed because it seems you are no longer posting the full show everyday, but rather just the little ICYMI segments. Bring back the full show please!
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Rodion R
Dear Trevor,
You make too much money. 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Is this a David Duke podcast? The ideas coming from the person is more dangerous that that crazy racist that hosts the 1619 obfuscation.
Podge 121978
Favorite way to start my day
Trevor Noah has really come into his own on this show. Funny, innovative and relevant. Why are you on vacation ? Come back soon- we need you!
Worst daily show host ever. Not funny.
The best!
Best way to get the news. I think he’s a hilarious genius.
Too many ICYMI & repeats
Love the show, but it’s quite a task to remove all the repeat episodes and ICYMI. If I want to listen to it twice I can go back to the original.
B MAN1234567891
I cringe
no purpose. no comedy. no news. straight nonsense.
Absolute Garbage
Painful to watch. Talentless. Not funny. Pretentious. Sold his soul.
Love Trevor Noah Show/HATE all of the Rebroadcasts!
Totally love Trevor Noah’s humorous commentary on the crazy happenings in the news. It’s such a great addition to my regular news intake! However, I’d rather have NO shows in my Listen Now inbox than multiple rebroadcasts. If I want to hear something again, I can do that on my own. Please just send me new broadcasts!
listening now 2021
Too many rebroadcasts
Good, but inconsistent. A ton of rebroadcasts.
Liz in Sacto
How can one be so unfunny
Acts more like a little cry baby the an informed commentator. How does this stay online 🤷🏼‍♂️
Ahhh I can’t
He’s literally the worst. So much hatred and hypocritical blabber. Don’t waste your time
How do people think this guy is funny?
What’s up guys, yes
Today we are going to look at the thickest loser fruit skin
This is genius. This is the absolute best representation of human culture I’ve ever heard in my life. Totally not biased or Souless. It’s good. ITS SO FUNNY!
How this guy got the daily show is incredible. What blackmail does he have over the execs? Smary, pretentious, clapter.
Lacks talent
The guy is trying but waiting to see something not painfully reaching.
Love the show, too many icymi.
I really like the show. You guys release way too many ICYMI. I’m unsubscribing due to the amount of short episodes you push. I’m here for the show, not the show 7 different ways. 🤷🏽‍♂️
🥸 pretteh coo
Big fan.
Garbage virtue signaling which is typical of Trevor. Wonder why the nation is divided look no further than this elitist crap
Puppet and clown show
Spoon fed liberal hot garbage
czrny 26
This is so true he got facts lol. It is Kinda sad. 🙄
Rather watch the show
Still funny, but takes to long to download and you don’t get the visual jokes as well. Trevor is great. The podcast is just an edited version of the show with extra ads😝
Great Informative Podcast
If I could get this podcast six stars I would do it. It’s a mix of comedy and information.
How is he a comedian
Trevor Noah is an unfunny, unoriginal, spineless, idiot. He relies on Trump to make jokes and doesn’t criticize his own party. I absolutely hate his political views but I don’t relentlessly mock him over and over for his personality. I criticize and disagree with some things Trump says but I also believe in many of the things he says. Here is a summary on every episode: “Hello everybody welcome to my dumpster fire. Today we are going to be mocking Trump and falling to our knees in absolute awe at our lord and savior Joesph “when is bedtime” Biden.” Please leave this platform and never talk about politics again. You are the physical definition of who asked. You were apparently good as a regular comedian. I don’t see it. Please leave this site forever. Sincerely, anybody with half a brain.
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Amanda Kissanhug
Not sure what is funny?
Bizarre takes and humor! clearly out of touch with common people!
😻I love it!!!!!Way to make a laugh out of serious topic without it being immature or offensive it’s a little rushed but amazing!!!❤️
kitkats lover
If BLM matters, perhaps the POC community should get in line for the vaccine...
This is real comedy
Trevor’s so funny and unfunny at the same time that he cracks me up. Good job Comedy Central and Noah!
Mr Reviewer Man 🕵🏻‍♂️
Love it but
... this is a graphical podcast made for YouTube or visual audience. I love the show and if you want to fully enjoy it, go to YouTube.
Powerful 9 minutes! All Respect.
Powerful use of these 9 minutes on your incredibly well earned and utilized platform. Nadia is bringing forth such tragic truth. She deserves to be heard. Thank you for having the courage to help her carry and share such a heavy (burden) message. Brings to mind the Ethiopian expression (translation ) “when the threads of a spider combine they can hold a lion” let justice flow
I Just loved the retrospective on the Biden candidacy. Trevor’s humor is the best, his grasp and phrasing is sublime. Thank you for making my life better!
Hot Garbage, maybe it’s just me?
I don’t understand why people find Trevor Noah funny. He has an army of writers, and his delivery sounds (to me) like he’s reading a teleprompter in a bad local car dealership commercial. He has no sense of comedic timing. I feel like Comedy Central forced Trevor into his role. I don’t think he was prepared, but he had raised himself to much higher comedic level on the fly and I respect him for that. However, all that said. The episodes I’ve listened too, are scattered. His rapid fire questions which sometimes I have to rewind to listen understand what he said, or even slow the podcast to half speed to hear semi clearly, is all over the place. It’s almost like the writers throw him so many questions, and so many jokes, that instead of picking and choosing the best one’s, he tries very hard to use all the content they wrote for him. He is at his best when he speaks from his own mind. He ruined the daily show, actually I take that back. Comedy Central ruined The Daily Show by picking an unproven host, and thrusting him was into a show that was raking in huge numbers. I loved John Stewart even though we didn’t always share the same ideals, but Trevor (maybe by Comedy Central design) has taken the show, and moved it so far to one side, that those unofficial us who are somewhere in the middle of the political sphere (and I can only speak for myself) felt alienated. Ok, that was mostly just building the foundation for my opinion on the podcast...I like the free form style and I think that allows Trevor to come through in a more natural way, but because he is beholden to that Comedy Central paycheck, I think he is holding back, and that he is still sitting there with the joke list and talking points, and he’s not quite taking advantage of the ability to be a little bit less scripted. Also, and this is just a personal opinion, but whether it be Trevor Noah, or Ricky Gervais, John Oliver (my favorite of the bunch as far as comedy goes), Gordon Ramsey, Piers Morgan etc... I love the British, and yes I know Trevor Noah is South African. I am an Anglophile to some degree, but with the exception of John Oliver. I can’t seem to connect with any of these people in their various roles. The reason I knocked my rating even lower for this show and Trevor Noah specifically...and maybe he didn’t write this joke, but he was answering from a listener that asked a question about what temperature he likes to keep his home, he answered ‘22.5°C, then proceeded to berate every American by saying for the rest of you who don’t use the same scale “as the rest of the world, that’s about....°F...” I don’t know it rubbed me the wrong way. If I had been taught nothing but metric as a child, then maybe I could relate, but that’s not how it was. Thankfully in college I studied Chemistry, and learned the metric system, and perhaps that’s an indictment on American education, or the office or Weights and Measures/Standardization, but it bothered me that he chose that to make a joke about when we have incredibly weightier and more substantive issues going on in the US, that could definitely use a good making fun of, or a severe dressing down by a foreigner. If we ever do switch to metric, It won’t be for a very long time. We are pretty committed at this point down to every tool, or even food product made in the US. We are too far gone I think. We just have to live with SAE, and use metric where appropriate, but don’t put us all down for a decision that was made well before the majority of us listening to this podcast were even. Anyway, if you sat through that rant and read it? You deserve an award.
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Love this pod cast
I love this pod cast and I have never been one for podcast It has great humor and Trevors charisma is amazing I’m on whenever there’s a new episode
gamer loganmcc
Thumbs up
Great podcast
Creative, Clever, Inspiring!
This podcast informs and makes me laugh out loud! At 72, my life has been made better every day because of Trevor, his guests, and the HUMOR!
Not even 3 minutes in
Not even 3 minutes in and I’m laughing. Loove Trevor #gosouthafrica #trevornoh
Informative and great fun
I don’t miss a show!
I corrected your category
Misinformative and unfunny
Kip n Jem
Not funny
Your not funny.
Da best podcast
Trevor cracks me up every time
My favorite podcast EVER!!! Trevor Noah you are awesome and inspirational to me. I’ve been listening since 2019 with my mom. It’s awesome. Thank you so much. My name is Tucker Knox and I’m 12. Can’t stop listening. Thank you so much.
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