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Using and Misusing History - Premodern lessons in a postmodern world
On last week’s edition of CNN’s Global Public Square, host Fareed Zakaria ardently condemned Donald Trump’s attack on the election, drawing dark parallels to the rise of Hitler and Nazism after World War 1. His first guest, former National Security Advisor, General H. R. McMaster, chided Fareed for “misusing history”, arguing that the US has modern institutions specifically built to withstand the will of an autocrat. There is an essential truth in both of these perspectives. Fareed is right that pre-rational tiers of human consciousness can be dangerous and violent. They hunger for great myths, and thrill to the warrior leader who has come to set the world right. McMaster is correct that the US government is designed to check these non-rational impulses, and seems to be doing so effectively against the onslaught of Trump the Red. In this episode, I argue that integral thinking provides a next possibility beyond trusting leaders and trusting institutions. It is to trust in development itself, which in modernity and postmodernity has installed reliable new structures of rationality and sensitivity that dilute and contain (but do not eliminate) the premodern ones. Maybe the lesson of Germany in the ‘30’s is not that it could happen again in the US., but is found in the subsequent evolution of Germany into a world-leading nation less than a lifetime later. And that the odious Trump, if not Trumpism altogether, is headed to the ash heap of history.
Nov 19
37 min
Turning Off Trump - Guests: Diane Musho Hamilton and Terry Patten
Who better to process the election with than my integral political pals, Diane Musho Hamilton and Terry Patten? After all, it was just four years ago we gathered at my place to celebrate Hillary Clinton’s victory together (Ha ha!). The next day we recorded the podcast, The Trump Era, Day 1: Three integrally-informed friends attempt to face reality. After four years of The Trump Show, we’re happy to be changing the channel. To what, we don’t exactly know, but we’re happy to share our musings with you! Share back at This is a co-production with Terry’s podcast “State of Emergence”. You can find out more about Diane here.   
Nov 9
55 min
How Sam Harris Misreads the Right - And reveals a blind spot of “mean modernism”
The day before this week’s US presidential election one of my favorite public intellectuals, Sam Harris, released a podcast where he announced a breakthrough in his understanding of what had heretofore been a mystery: the appeal of Donald Trump to his followers. His revelation: Trump offers what no priest can credibly offer: a total expiation of shame. His personal shamelessness is a kind of spiritual balm. Trump is fat Jesus. He’s grab-them-by-the-pussy Jesus. He’s I’ll-eat- cheeseburgers-if-I-want-to Jesus. He’s punch-them-in-the-face Jesus.  How painfully partial and depressing is Harris’s denigration of the 30% of the population who love Trump, and the 47% who voted for him. And we thought Trump was insulting (he is)! Integral thinking offers so much more in the way of understanding – and appreciating – people with different worldviews. We see the dignities and disasters of all three developmental stages currently fighting the culture war and seek to integrate the best of each. Harris, in contrast, offers a “mean modernism” that marks all non-rational reality as deluded and dangerous. Enjoy the podcast and let me know what you think at  
Nov 5
24 min
Vote for Joe! - And his vision of our next America
One of my biggest surprises in this campaign has been the growth in my estimation of Joe Biden as a person, candidate, and possible President of the United States. No longer just the compromise contender to defeat Donald Trump, Biden has inspired me with a vision for America that seeks to integrate the two competing stories of our history, those of gratitude and grievance. I endorse him enthusiastically!   Watch full video of “The Love – @Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson | Joe Biden for President 2020″   _ _ _
Oct 30
18 min
Good Green’s Path to Integral - What’s emerging in racial reconciliation
By Jeff Salzman This week I welcome back my dear friend, Cindy Wigglesworth, a Teacher known and loved by many in the integral world. Several years ago, Cindy turned her considerable insight to the issue of racial reckoning in America, particularly on the part of privileged white people, and has helped build a vanguard program of diversity training through her church, Unity of Houston. As always with Sister Cindy, whether we’re talking about spiritual intelligence or Star Trek, I received a transmission of new consciousness in this conversation, and ended it with an enlarged view of what is happening and how to be helpful. I hope you do, too! Cindy Wigglesworth is author of SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence, and you can find out more about her and her work here. Cindy is also an accomplished watercolorist and painted the illustration above.       Friends, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and Like us on Facebook! Thank you!
Oct 28
43 min
Psychopaths are People Too - A growing empathy for empathy disorders
Hey, Folks! Moral development involves increasing the categories of people who are inside one’s circle of compassion. At the green postmodern stage, we include people who have been marginalized because of race, looks or sexual identities, as well as folks with mental and emotional conditions that deviate from behavioral norms (which are themselves questioned). One of the most challenging frontiers in the mainstreaming of abnormal behavior is the “anti-social personality disorder,” which includes psychopathy and sociopathy. These conditions range from people who lack empathy and capacity for guilt, to people who lie and bully, to violent criminals. In this episode, I look at two examples of our culture’s reconsideration of people who exhibit this spectrum of traits: * The author of last Sunday’s New York Times’ Modern Love column, “He Married a Sociopath: Me”, who describes her journey from a sociopathy diagnosis in her early twenties to a functional life today as a wife, mother and doctor of psychology (specializing in anti-social personality disorders). * A certain resident of the White House. Hope you enjoy!
Oct 23
28 min
When the Left Goes Right - Conspiracies and Trump-love among spiritual progressives. Guests: Jason Lange and Nomali Perera
A couple weeks ago I received an email from my old pal Jason Lange with the question: “What’s your pulse on all the ‘conspirituality’ out there?” I’d never heard the term “conspirituality”, but I understood what he meant when he described “the weird convergence I’m seeing of ‘spiritual’ friends going hard right, Trump, even QAnon.” What an interesting phenomenon! I’ve seen some of it myself, even in the integral world. Is it a reaction against the recent eruptions of mean green? An evolutionary regression brought on by stressful life conditions? Or perhaps a strange integration, as is the way of evolution, of the split-off fragments of earlier stages? Or … do they see something true that the rest of us are missing? I wanted to know more, so I invited Jason and our colleague Nomali Perera, who has a keen cultural eye, to a conversation. I learned a lot (what a world!) and trust you will too.  – Jeff Salzman * 1:00 Conspirituality, what a great word! * 16:13 Can we even know what’s true? * 20:00 Trump, the mind-blower * 20:58 Vaccines and the DNA of the USA * 40:58 Who or what has authority in the face of conspirituality? * 42:21 Healthy American nationalism and Biden * 45:16 The emerging Integral political right * 52:52 So, what now? Some ideas to move forward Nomali Perera is an integral coach and consultant, and can be found at Practical Integral. Jason Lange is a filmmaker and evolutionary guide and producer of the podcast, Do the Evolution. 
Oct 20
1 hr 7 min
Integral Life Practice Comes to Life! - Live sessions with leading teachers.  Guest: Corey DeVos
Hey Folks, I recently checked in with Corey DeVos, Editor-in-Chief of Integral Life, about their long-awaited debut of Integral Life Practice (ILP), a “personal-evolution” program that integrates the best practices of spiritual, psychological, interpersonal and cognitive development. Integral Life has brought together dozens of deeply-experienced Practice Leaders to provide live, daily guided ILP practice sessions that you can experience from the privacy of your own living room. Check it out here. But being integralists and old pals, Corey and I couldn’t stop our conversation there, so we also took on our mostly-concurring integral interpretations of today’s news in politics and culture, as well as the evolution of the integral community. And Corey’s new integral hobby which you can also purchase! We hope you enjoy. – Jeff Salzman 1:51 – Introducing Integral Life Practice: the new online community practice platform on 11:44 – What’s going on in the Integral community regarding politics, culture and news 55:34 – Corey’s amazing AQAL woodwork!
Oct 13
1 hr 7 min
The Autocrat and the Democrat - Trump loses his breath while Biden pulls ahead
With less than a month left in the campaign, Trump, knocked back with Covid, stokes his base with new cries about “the Russia hoax”. Meanwhile Joe Biden, up in the polls, goes to Gettysburg to talk about faith in “One America.” In this episode I share my observations on another week in the evolution of American politics.  
Oct 8
31 min
The First Presidential Debate: Nutty And Fruitful
The first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is over – and I didn’t start drinking! In this episode, I show how an integral view helps us see the debate for what it is instead of a defective version of “what it should be”. Then I look at some of the issues the candidates addressed, and how together they moved the ball. By the way, I hope you’ll join me for my live show every Wednesday at 1pm US Mountain Time. The Daily Evolver Live is hosted by IntegralLife – and now simulcast to my Facebook page! As always, I love hearing what’s on your minds and hearts, so keep your comments, questions and critiques coming! You can write me at, or leave me a voicemail (which I may play on the show). And don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter…
Oct 1
32 min
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