The Daily Addict Podcast : Drug Law Reform Network
The Daily Addict Podcast : Drug Law Reform Network
Tim and Dave
Podcast that covers the problems caused when the government wants to enforce drug laws on certain drugs. Creating a criminal class that cannot escape the stigma and persecution of this failed war on drugs.We seek truth and relate to the addiction community and the pain community. Both of which are under attack!
Episode #100- Live and spontaneous with Tim and Dave Talking Tyson vs Jones, Narco subs and Aliens
We had a listener call in Setrock to talk about Aliens and Nuclear explosions, CBD butt plugs and ridiculous laws. We also cover Oregon and the never ending war on drugs. Thanks for listening and supporting the DAP!!
Nov 29
2 hr 2 min
Episode #99-Live feed from Friday the 13th - this show was so damn fun
Live show we talk about decriminalization in Oregon amongst many many subjects.
Nov 14
1 hr 46 min
Episode #98 - Real Talk , Covid 19 , Politics and strange times
Finally another episode!! Call it a covid related hiatus. Dave and Tim explore some of todays news with a trippy ramble of opinions and half facts. Join us to explore  good news and positive vibes . We are contemplating switching up the format to a natural conversation about the current state of the U.S. and the world. And maybe not try and be so damn serious all the time.
Oct 26
44 min
Episode #97-The DAP presents DPPR with guest DR.Beth Darnall
Beth Darnall is an associate professor in the department of anesthesiology, perioperative and pain medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine.As director of the Stanford Pain Relief Innovations Lab she leads major research studies that are funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Patient-Centered Outcomes Institute (PCORI).She is a scientific member of the NIH Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee (IPRCC) and in 2020 was appointed to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Opioid Workgroup.Having lived through her own chronic pain experience, she and her colleagues create and investigate treatments that work alongside medical pain treatments and empower individuals to have best control over their pain and symptoms.Her innovations include ultra-brief, digital, scalable, low-cost pain treatments that are widely accessible to patients.
Aug 17
1 hr 9 min
Episode #96- What happens when your buddy slips some crack in your blunt?? Plane loaded with cocaine crashes on runway and more.... light plane crashes at an illegal airfield outside Port Moresby: the plane is registered to a dead man, there is no pilot, no passengers, no cargo.Days later, the biggest drug bust in Papua New Guinea’s history is made: more than 500kg of cocaine.An Australian man – in PNG without a passport – turns himself in at the high commission.
Aug 14
36 min
Episode #95- Psylicybin on the ballot in OR! And DEA drug slang, this is what our tax money pays for... Oregon ballot measure to legalize the use of psilocybin in therapeutic settings has gained enough signatures to appear on the November ballot, if those signatures can be verified.Chief petitioners of Oregon Psilocybin Therapy Initiative, or Initiative Petition #34, Sheri and Tom Eckert, said Monday during a Zoom press conference that the campaign has gathered 164,782 signatures.If elections officials verify they have submitted enough valid signatures, which backers believe they have, the measure will appear on the November ballot.
Aug 12
44 min
Episode #94-Very special guests Claudia Merandi and "War on Us" author Colleen Cowles Colleen Cowles is an attorney, an advocate, a Mom with personal experience, and author of the new book, "War On Us: How the War on Drugs and Myths About Addiction Have Created a War on All of Us". Her 15 years of research and work with clients opened her eyes to the devastating impact on health, family, safety, assets, and civil liberties of ALL citizens -- even those who've never tried an illegal drug.Colleen is former CEO of Cowles Legal Systems, a legal software company where she trained attorneys nationwide, and ultimately sold to Thomson/Reuters. She applies that expertise in an online course entitled "Protecting Your A$$et$ When Addiction Finds Your Family". Colleen's goal is to protect all of our families from dysfunctional drug policy that's killing people and destroying lives, creating government sanctioned stigma, and escalating the addiction, overdose and mass-incarceration epidemic. Her work also helps those who struggle with substance use disorder, and those who love them.Colleen speaks at corporate, public, and university events, and is a frequent radio and TV guest expert on topics related to criminal justice reform and substance use disorder. Colleen's extensive experience and practical insights into this urgently important topic bring objectivity and solutions to a topic that, for too long, has been approached emotionally, ignoring science, medicine, and history of what DOES work.
Jul 25
1 hr 15 min
Episode #93 -We welcome our guest Joe Cervantez Jackson County States Attorney candidate  Joe’s experiences after the loss of his parents tested him at an early age and taught him to be independent and resourceful. Realizing the importance of an education, and in order to break free from his situation, Joe attended Southern Illinois University where he concentrated in the study of Criminal Justice and History, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts.The son of a World War II and Korean War veteran, Joe felt compelled to enlist in the United States Marine Corps Reserve during college. He enlisted at the Carbondale, Illinois Office and attended boot camp at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California.Shortly after the devastating attacks on September 11, 2001, Joe re-enlisted and volunteered to serve as a Marine Infantryman, deploying in 2003, 2004, and again in 2007 and 2008. He honorably served with America’s finest as an Infantry Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, and Platoon Commander, among other billets, in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq. Joe has been recognized by his superiors for his outstanding service as a Marine including a report when they reported, ” I have seen this Marine against our enemy and his performance was inspirational.” Among other ribbons, medals and awards, Joe was awarded multiple Navy Achievement Medals and a Combat Action Ribbon.Subsequently, Joe accepted a position as a NATO Weapons Advisor and Trainer, traveling extensively through Afghanistan and working closely with U.S. and Afghan troops as well as many other international military and civilian professionals.In 2010, Joe placed a hold on his career and began his legal education at Southern Illinois University School of Law in Carbondale, Illinois.  Joe volunteered as a legal advocate with Domestic Violence Clinic and with the Land of Lincoln in Carbondale, Illinois. After Graduation, Attorney Cervantez was hired by Charles Garnatti, as an Assistant State’s Attorney with the Williamson County State’s Attorney’s Office.He stayed on to work for Williamson County State’s Attorney Brandon Zanotti. Later, he was asked to head the juvenile docket for the Saline County State’s Attorney’s Office.Joe is now a partner at the Law Firm of Tetzlaff, Cervantez & Associates, P.C., a general practice law firm with four attorneys. The group specializes in Criminal Law, DUI, Family, Divorce, and Municipal Law.Joe is a certified and approved Guardian Ad Litem and Mediator in the 1st Circuit and he often does pro bono work for veterans and has been a long standing advocate for Diversion and Veteran Court programs.   My time as a juvenile shaped my life in ways that made me think about criminal justice issues since before I can remember. Later, as a prosecutor, and a defense attorney, I realized that center to true criminal justice reform is the office of the State’s Attorney.The state’s attorney is not just a prosecutor. The State’s Attorney is a community leader and a manager, central to criminal justice policy and ultimately responsible for the safety of the community.The system is meant to be fair and just, but often, policies of the past negatively affect the fundamental fairness of our system. We need to change outdated policies of the past, help build a safer community and advocate for victims, families, and children because they deserve a modern, efficient, and fair criminal justice system. I’d like to use my life experience to lead this discussion in our communityI can’t wait to get to work for the people of Jackson County to increase safety, support victims and their families, advocate for our children, deliver accountability to violent offenders, and ensure that our justice system is fair, efficient, and just for everyone.
Jul 24
56 min
Episode #92- Oregon is getting the 8 ball rolling. Drug decriminalization will be on the November 2020 ballot, this and other drug war news
Oregon is getting the 8 ball rolling. Drug decriminalization will be on the November 2020 ballot, this and other drug war news
Jul 16
40 min
Episode #91- We interview MMA hopeful Nick Cano about his addictions, recovery, and psychedelic experiences
We talk about Nicks journey so far, and what he did when facing dangerous addictions.
Jun 30
33 min
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