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The Cut is a weekly audio magazine exploring culture, style, sex, politics and more. Each week, an ensemble of voices, led by host Avery Trufelman, engages in the conversations that matter most in our current moment. Intimate, provocative, and probing, the Cut aims to ask questions before listeners even know they have them, always with a generous wit and an expansive idea of what is possible. From New York Magazine and The Vox Media Podcast Network. New episodes every Wednesday.
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Getting there....!
I enjoy the digestibility of the show and how it tackles a variety of relevant topics each week, but sometimes I feel it ends a little abruptly and only scratches the surface on deep topics. Optimistic to see this show continue and improve. Good job Avery!
Love the old show
Basically they changed the show completely and acted like it’s the same show so they get the awesome rating from the previous show. Sad. I was so exited when it was coming back. Just a disappointment.
Love this show!
I listen every week and am always surprised and excited for the next topic. The fact that this podcast came back during quarantine has made each week so much better. Avery is an incredible host and I’m really excited that The Cut revived the podcast and chose her to do so. This is a must listen if you like pop culture topics with a kinda intellectual twist. Can’t wait for every Wednesday that this comes out!
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Avery and team are rocking the revamp
Thank you for thoughtful, intentional and thorough conversations with profound storytellers like Chanel Miller. The opportunity to sit with ideas and not be rushed through a story is indispensable in this manic time.
I love this show!
I thought the Nature Is Healing episode in particular was fantastic, but generally I really appreciate that each episode of this show is a thoughtful and unexpected take on the moment we are living in. This definitely feels like a new show, but it still has the parts of The Cut on Tuesday’s that I loved. Excited to see what else they come up with.
Reboot is meh
The old version was better... This host seems desperate to squeeze every last drop of profundity out of every concept, which gets pretty tired pretty fast
Truly The Worst
Bring back the previous topics. The previous host. This host and these topics and now this man doing the voiceover on this corona love episode is probably the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life. This is truly truly (Michael Scott voice) THIS IS THE WORST!!!
Móni Nickname
Gone Never forgotten
The show is fantastic. Let me repeat that fantastic. Sharp. Intelligent. Informative. Sarcastic. Funny. Poignant. Does anyone know why they are no longer making this? I guess it’s like shows on television they just get canceled. If there was a crowd source funding for this program I’d be first in line
Nature is healing
PHENOMENAL episode. I listened twice in a row, absolutely loved it and all the interviews
Meh, I miss the old show!
Bring back molly! Not really into the new updated show.
Hannah R-W
This show was my favorite, easily top 5 podcasts. It was smart and interesting, Molly was an amazing host. I was soooooo excited seeing this show come back...but, really? Not even on par with the old show. Maybe just make this a different show instead of pretending it’s still the Cut because, while maybe not bad, it feels like apples to oranges comparatively and that’s not fair to the new host. But if you loved the old Cut, this ain’t it kids.
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Love the re-launch
I didn’t listen to the old show, though I love the written version, and I feel like this is a great adaptation of the sensibility. The first two episodes were really well done for the strange time we’re in, and I think Avery’s narration and style are professional yet relatable. Overall I appreciate adding another well-produced show to my playlist (love interview-style pods too but the craft that goes into this is evident).
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I miss the old show, old host, old feel. This is flat. Sad.
EG 1181
Great Podcast!
An excellent listen with fascinating content, informative interviews, and wonderful sound design. Big fan!
Mellow Thinker
low-key crying at work
Binged this whole show this past week and I got a little teary-eyed at some point during almost every single episode. These women are so relatable, while also being incredibly profound at the same time. Love it
Now that Avery Truffleman is the host I am so overly excited about The Cut! Great work!
Rachel Hollis ad merits an immediate turn off
I was excited for Avery as the new host, but the Rachel Hollis ad merits an immediate turn off. Is there crossover between Cut readers and Hollis fans? If so, bye!
Fun and entertaining
I love this show, it touches so many cool topics in a fun and entertaining way! Great job!
So happy!
My eyes are misting up a little, I'm so happy. Maybe everything will go back to how it was before, all the good stuff will come back. Or at least, t h e C U T i s b a c k !
Um do better with your advertisements please
This podcast is alright but at the beginning of this episode (8/19/20) was an ad for the girl wash your face girl’s podcast. Ew. Get better advertisers. Seriously.
Excited about Avery Trufelman!
Love Avery Trufelman from 99% Invisible! But really, the ads from Rachel Hollis? Does The Cut really think Rachel Hollis appeals to their target audience?
It’s back!
I wasn’t sure if the return would hit the same as the old version of the show, and I was so pleasantly surprised and delighted to have it back and just as good.
Feeling the feelings!
I was distraught about The Cut ending in 2019 and Molly Fischer disappearing from my life. BUT thankfully, 2020 decide to show some rays of light on this dark year and Avery Trufelman is here to host The Cut! I loved the first episode of 2020 and can’t wait for every Wednesday to come.
Do you need another the cut podcast?
Want another podcast about The Cut? Check out “Kinda Cute” podcast which each week discusses articles from The Cut! Just search “kinda cute” wherever you listen to podcasts!!
bailey evin
All women should listen
One of my all time favorite podcasts. I was so so sad and felt like my life was missing something when the podcast was discontinued. Now I just saw it is coming back and I am so excited!! If you haven’t listened yet go back and listen to every episode. I’ve learned and grown from each one. So stoked it’s back!!
Oh my god. The cut is back? With Avery Trufelman? THANK YOU!
Miss you
Though I know we can’t tell Molly Fischer how to live ... I have to agree with the other reviewers that I’ve been sorely missing The Cut on Tuesdays and would kill to have it back in 2020 ...
I miss you 😔
Please please pretty please come back. Women need this. I need this.
Please come back
This is my absolute favorite podcast. The production and editing is perfectly balanced with narration and interviews. And I love that balance between levity and difficult topics. I was so sad to find out it was ending in 2019 and I hope it comes back!
Thank you and please come back!
I enjoyed this podcast so much and would recommend it every week to anyone that would listen! I hope you come back- the Thursday edition of how x gets it done was beyond brilliant.
You’re not coming back?!? I have been muscling through the last few weeks thinking all I had to do was make it through the holidays and you would be back. I literally counted down the Tuesdays. I have been refreshing your page everyday just waiting for a new episode - thinking that maybe I just missed it. Please reconsider! You were on a VERY short list of podcasts that I listen to EVERY WEEK...and even went back in time to catch up on episodes from before I found you. I’m not ready to say goodbye yet :(
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You will be missed
I just love this podcast. I was sadden to hear you guys were ending. This has been my go to while working and have found myself feeling many different emotions with every show. It never failed. Will look forward for the many new projects from you guys. Wish you all the best.
I’ll miss you!
Thank you for making this podcast!
LOVE show. But iTunes won’t update
Love this pod cast. But no episodes have posted to Apple I tunes app since October. So I listen from the website. This is the only podcast I have this issue with so I assume it’s the show and not my iTunes.
Come back!
Sorry this podcast is ending. Please find another host so you can continue with the compelling content!
Really cathartic
This show was a good touchstone for me to further explore the everyday feminism that I’m hoping to move towards in my own life. Smart, authentic, and well produced. I’m sad to see it go. Best of luck to the host and production team for their new projects and life goals. Thanks for doing what you do!
Don’t go!
I’m so sad this podcast won’t continue! I looked forward to it every week. It was so incisive, fun, funny, and well made. What will I do now?!
You’ll be missed Cut On Tuesday’s
I am so sad to see this podcast go! What a wonderful for women, by women podcast. Definitely worth listening through if you haven’t already!
fix sorting order please
FYI “Season 1” takes up most if the space and you have to scroll down to the bottom to find most recent episodes
Love love love
I absolutely love this podcast and I’m so sad to see it go. Each episode is so well written and so interesting. This podcast is equivalent to the caliber of This American Life- aka amazing. Please keep doing this podcast! Even if there is a new host (as sad as it is to see Molly go) I will keep listening!
Seriously bummed
I will MISS this podcast. A lot. Topics, host, guest: all on point. Best to you as you move forward.
My favorite weekly podcast
This is the BEST podcast created by a publication. Other publication podcasts are dry and terribly boring. Not this one. Rather, this podcast is dynamic, funny, sad, informative, fiercely feminist and I’m truly going to miss listening Molly and her crew every week.
Love this show and sad to hear it won’t continue
This show has been my weekly companion and something I look forward to every week. It’s felt like listening to very informative friends on a range of interesting topics - topics we don’t typically discuss or have the fortune of discussing with open minded individuals. It felt like a community, which is hard to achieve. Kudos to all the wonderful people that have dedicated so much effort and resources to create this podcast magic. I’m very very sad to hear that it will not continue. At risk of sounding like a petulant toddler...Why????? Please come back!!
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If this doesn’t continue for years (currently it’s December 19’) I will scream for so long. Cover your ears
Favorite podcast - please don’t leave!
This is my favorite podcast! I was sad and shocked to hear that it is coming to an end. Molly is a great host! I love hearing the stories from people and the informational, fresh topics. Going to miss it so much, looked forward to it every week. Please don’t go :(
Powerful & compelling - love this podcast
By far my favorite podcast of the year- love the unique voice and stories told each week. Heartbroken to hear it will be ending- you will be missed!!
Keep going please!
I listen to TONS of podcasts and this one truly is special and worth trying to keep it going with a new host. Totally get Molly wanting to move on (she was awesome). But the unique voice and perspectives of The Cut are sorely needed now for women of all ages. There’s nothing else like it. Please keep going.
Two boys in tow
My weekly favorite
We are going to miss hearing your voice and insights Molly. This has been my favorite podcast over the past year and I looked forward to it every week. I wish you the best and know I’ll be looking for your articles! Hope Stella and the team keep this going. It’s just the type of commentary we need out in the world.
Don’t leave us!
This podcast is what hooked me into the world of podcasts. Kept my long work trips interesting and laughing out loud while driving solo in strange places. Good luck and you will be missed.
I am devastated to learn that this podcast is ending. It is the only one in my feed that I listen to every single week as soon as it comes out.
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