The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast
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Defining Customer Experience
I have been lucky enough to not only be a listener of this podcast, but able to speak to the customer experience platform as well. This podcast dives deep in the different areas of the customer experience and defines it from the perspective of different businesses as well. This is an engaging podcast with people who are passionate about ways to enhance the customer experience and elevate what we do every day. Great host with intriguing guests and a lot of really helpful tips and tools to help in your everyday business.
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Shannan Berry
Professional Development Made Easy
I can’t get enough of the show. Each episode unlocks great new ideas and concepts and helps build the vocabulary and momentum toward CX! Well done to Ethan and all the guests.
Overall great show!
Ethan's a great host. I like how natural he is, together with his guests, they give great insights about the industry and they have the most entertaining and inspiring stories. This podcast is great at providing real insights that are attainable and tangible!
Facqt Media
So impressed
I have personally hosted over 300 podcast episodes and ben on countless other shows as a guest. My experience in being interviewed by Ethan was unmatched. He did his homework on me and my content like nobody else has. This makes for such a thoughtful and contact rich experience for all involved. I am a big fan of Ethan and this show.
Indispensable knowledge!
Ethan's way of hosting is just brilliant! His way of drawing information from guests is just different. His questions are always well thought out, and the answers and insights they bring are always valuable.
Very enjoyable and informative
I love the diversity of guests and topics discussed on the podcast. Great length, pace and conversational tone. Always informative!
James Hardeman
Excellent Podcast
Ethan is an incredible host who asks thoughtful questions and digs deeper into the thoughts behind the answers. He keeps the conversation engaging and fun while making sure he is gathering actionable advice for the listeners. It was a wonderful experience joining Ethan for a conversation and listening in to the rest of this series. Thanks Ethan
Exceptional CX Insights
Ethan is an excellent host. Although listening to the podcast is a learning experience, the tone is very conversational and enjoyable. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn more about CX best practices.
PJC Comm
Great Host, Excellent Podcast
Ethan is an extraordinary host and the production of this podcast is top-notch. He is thorough, thoughtful and conversationally engaging. As a recent guest I can say firsthand that speaking with him was truly an "effortless experience" If any part of your job involves the experience of your customers (and that should be virtually ALL of us, regardless of title or span of responsibility) this is one you should add to your download list!
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Rick DeLisi
Great content for customer experience professionals
The Customer Experience Podcast has great content for customer experience driven leaders. Ethan is an excellent host who asks thought provoking questions. The conversational style of the show feels like a dinner party conversation more than a college lecture.
Entertaining, insightful, and actionable! 🔥
Whether you’re well established in your career or just getting started, this is a must-listen podcast for you! Ethan does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving business you can be proud of with customer success leaders who’ve actually experienced tremendous wins themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Finally a Customer Experience podcast that gets it.
Each and every one of these podcasts are full of sound theory and actionable strategies. Do you need to improve your or your company’s CX? Save this podcast now and start listening!
Amazing Show
Ethan and the gang are real pros and they bring valuable information to every episode.
Shep Hyken
Essential Listening
Ethan is such a thoughtful host and he asks great questions. In this way, he models good customer care — he’s taking care of his listeners. You definitely want to make this podcast essential listening on your playlist.
Find time for this one
I had so much fun listening to these podcasts with Ethan and even more excited when I got to a guest. I know there is a lot of content out there these days, but make sure you find time for this one. You won’t regret it!
Thoughtful & abundantly useful content
Today’s businesses differentiate based on the customer experience that they deliver. The conversations on this podcast equip sales marketing & CS leaders to make the changes to adapt to this new reality. The host asks great questions and features phenomenal guests. It’s a must listen in my podcast rotation!
Logan Lyles
The Human side of business!
I love this podcast for a lot of reasons and had a blast being interviewed as a guest. Ethan is masterful at getting his guests to boil things down to the true humanity of business and of customer service. It is so easy, and so much less interesting to talk about processes and data and systems. This podcast gets to the heart of what service and customer relationships have to do with people, actual people, like the people who give the businesses money people. The topics are thoughtful and it's a great place to keep up to speed on the current trends of serving humans in a human way. I'm grateful to have been asked to participate.
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Noops itunes
Very informative CX/CS podcast
Ethen is fantastic host and the guests and topics are almost always informative and thought provoking. The podcasts also introduce a lot of great startups with their history and the problem they are aiming to solve for their customers with a focus on CX best practices and tools driving optimal experience through the journey: acquisition, on boarding, retention, advocacy and expansion.
Best podcast for customer experience
This is my favorite podcast about CX in the B2B SaaS space. Ethan is the most engaging host and creates compelling stories with every guest he brings on the show. The content ranges from small to big companies, and offers a diverse range of perspectives from customer success to marketing to product management and beyond. Each episode I learn something new and can take action to try something new. Keep up the great work!!
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Engaging & Educational
The experience of being a guest on this podcast is second only to that of being a listener. Ethan truly takes the time to get to know the guests, the company, and the topic at hand – ensuring the conversations are rich with insight and that each episode has thoughtful takeaways. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning from my peers and knowing that so many people are passionately dedicated to delivering the best possible customer experiences across industries of all types.
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Always an amazing use of time
The ROI on the time I spend listening to this podcast is some of the best of any content I consume. I’ve learned so much about customer experience and marketing from the show. Thanks, Ethan, for always inviting on compelling, impactful leaders who give me interesting ideas to think about and actionable insights to implement.
Deep CX for Everyone
Ethan and the BombBomb team produce a podcast that hits the core of what it means to create and deliver the best possible customer experience. From each curated topic to the guests chosen, they do an awesome job of delivering helpful and innovative content that can apply to every aspect of your company.
A must-listen
Engaging topics and lively discussion make this podcast a must-listen! Host Ethan Beute knows just how to get the best out of his guests, and each conversation meanders through fun and unexpected territory.
Love this podcast
There is so much gold in every episode of this podcast and Ethan takes the time to really get to know who he’s interviewing. Not only will you get customer experience ideas, you will learn many lessons that will apply to all areas of your life. Highly recommended!!
It’s all about being more human
I’ve seen B2B sales and service go through a massive transformation over the past 20 years. And I believe BombBomb has been a leader in that shift. Fantastic insights and guidance on how to set your company apart by delivering a personalized and meaningful customer experience.
BombBomb fan- Podcast Guest
I am a fan of the Customer Experience podcast (not just because I got to be a speaker/guest on the show). The CX conversations are enlightening and thought provoking. I'm also a fan of the Bombbomb video platform too. There’s not enough white space here to list all the reasons why. Listen. Learn. And, as I always say…make sure you are DoingCXRight®‬❣️
Stacy Sherman-DoingCXRight®‬
An honor and a pleasure!
Thank you Ethan and team for the opportunity to be a guest on your show! And thank you as well for the excellent coverage and promotion of the episode on social media and elsewhere. I appreciate the superb content and guests on all your shows - the subject matter is especially timely in 2020. You’re providing a valuable service for the business community. Keep up the good work !
I’d give it six stars if I could.
This podcast is one of the best business podcasts I’ve ever had the privilege of hearing. Ethan is one of the smartest and most intuitive people I’ve encountered, and serves as an incredible host. Fantastic work, BombBomb- as usual.
Amazing resource for those in the SaaS field
You don’t need to work in CX to get value out of this podcast. The team has done an exceptional job finding a wide variety of fields and backgrounds to help illustrate the strategy that goes into CX and how important it is for your company to get right if you ever want to level up.
Really insightful
Amazing podcast, great content. Highly recommend!
Nema Neemska
Stef Caldwell was straight fire!
Schedule this podcast into your day. If you are a woman or if you know a woman, you will be impressed by this presentation on how to get yourself set to race to the top. This old man sure learned a LOT! Thanks!!
Ethan and his podcast are super informative and timely
Love Ethan's work at BombBomb (great product too) and his podcast nails customer experience and it's relevance to business leaders today. Learn from the best how to create differentiation and drive custoemr loyalty by creating experiences that stand out and deliver value your customers need.
Insightful. Actionable.
CX is still getting its legs. Many companies are confused with what CX is, where it sits and how to do it right. Great podcast. Lots of actionable tips. Highly recommend!
Ethan is a pro who finds interesting angles
Customer experience is a topic that confuses many. Ethan is very good at exploring all the different angles that make this such an important issue for companies today. I recommend the show for people who are trying to crack the code on CX at their company or who are interested in consumer trends and behavior.
A must listen for anyone in sales, marketing, or… OK, business!
Ethan does a fantastic job of exploring one of the most important business trends right now - customer experience. This isn’t one of those shows that just scratches the surface. By interviewing some of the top thinkers on this topic, Ethan digs in deep to find interesting insights. Highly recommended.
Fun, interesting show conducted by a dude who cares
Ethan and the team at BombBomb make a great product and a great podcast. Ethan asks great questions and pulls the key points out of his guests while keeping it light and entertaining for professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.
Wes Schaeffer
One of my favorite podcasts
If you're looking for a podcast that will challenge the way you think about your customers and most importantly, act, this is it. Unfortunately, a lot of podcasts these days are poorly executed. The hosts doesn’t investigate their guests, only ask high level questions, and don't dig deep enough to make your time listening truly worthwhile - not here. Ethan's approach to pulling the most out of his carefully curated guests is amazing. He asks questions you didn't know you wanted the answer to! If you want to learn, this is the place.
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Great podcast, great host!
Really enjoy this podcast and all the great guests on such an important topic. As a fellow CX podcaster, I know how hard it is to create great content, so kudos to Ethan and his team!
Actionable and Fun
Ethan is able to produce clear, actionable tips from his guests that will help grow your business in a modern way. Video, reviews, and more -- great stuff in here
Enjoy both listening and being a guest
Disclaimer: I have been a guest on the show but was a listener beforehand and enjoyed the mix of resources that Ethan and company provide to the CS community. If you are looking for a breakdown on each episode I also recommend checking out their blog that accompanies each episode.
Such great practical stuff
These practical subjects will help your business
This is just fun
I’m loving the conversations that come out of this podcast. The Key ideas are articulated clearly and with playful banter that display a genuine and authentic experience.
Very well done
I’m enjoying the insights I’m getting from this podcast. Much needed as Customer service has become a lost art. How could I talk with the producer? I’d like to discuss sponsorship of your podcast. I can be reached at 800-818-2347 ext 3 Keep up the great work.
A wealth of valuable insights
So enjoyed the conversation with Ed Powers about the neuroscience of trust, especially the three pillars: Ability, Benevolence, & Integrity. Also very interesting how our brains lock in on faces. Thanks for making me smarter!
This is exciting
A brilliant concept and very unique. This topic absolutely needs a louder voice and Ethan is stepping up to the plate. Very excited about the growth of this show. Now give us some more episodes already!
The Copier Warrior
One to add to your rotation
I had the opportunity to meet Ethan earlier this month and what an infectious personality. Great content for anyone in customer experience...which is everyone!
Matt C. D.
So critical for anyone who wants to succeed in business!
This is such a well rounded and applicable podcast!
As a part of the production team, I may be a bit biased, but the way that this show gets at the heart of the customer experience is a breath of fresh air. Ethan and his team really get the customer experience, why it matters, and why it should matter to you too. Cannot recommend this one enough.
Yes - human interaction!
As a producer of this show, I’m so excited that someone is talking about the value and need to create a real personal experience through human interaction and care.
Looking forward to this one
Great concept and a super important topic. Customer experience looks easy when done right, but takes lots of thought and intention to be done well. Very excited to have been part of the production team for this one and can't wait for more episodes!
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