The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast
Creating and delivering better experiences for our customers is the single most important thing we can do today. Learn how Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success leaders create internal alignment, achieve desired outcomes, and exceed customer expectations in a personal and human way. The Customer Experience Podcast explores this challenge at various stages of growth as we all work together on the customer journey from acquisition to advocacy. Each episode features topics like: personal touch, human touch, customer journey, lifecycle marketing, sales process, customer service, customer success, raving fans, video email, video communication, B2B sales and marketing, personalization, automation.
271. Leveling Up Customer Interactions via Genuine Care w/ Angela Alea
Doing what's right for your customer is what's right. It’s that simple.Angela Alea, President and Chief Revenue Officer at LASSO shares valuable insights on the importance of teaching and learning in conversations, removing friction for a seamless customer experience, and the significance of feeling understood and cared for. In this conversation we explore the changes in sales, marketing, and customer service over the past decade, discuss the power of surveys and data analysis, and uncover the secrets to building positive relationships and successful partnerships. Key theme: serve first — from that, revenue comes. Join as we discuss:Why serving others and providing value, regardless of sales opportunities, is the ultimate game-changerWhy it’s important to measure success — not satisfactionWhether your customer is seeking the best price, or the best partnerHow to make your consumers feel cared for and supportedMore information about Angela Alea and today’s topics:LinkedIn Profile: Website: Relevant Link: Publix Super Markets; Chick-fil-A; Delta Airline
Oct 31, 2023
50 min
270. Establishing and Evolving a Chief Experience Officer Role w/ Saira Taneja
Solving for multiple stakeholders is the essence of human-centered design.Our latest guest is Saira Taneja, a seasoned professional who has journeyed from the realms of corporate strategy to her current role as Chief Experience Officer at Cover Whale, a leading insurtech company specializing in the commercial auto industry.Together we explore the evolving world of customer experience in high-growth environments, from human-centered design to the role of data and technology. We dive into the delicate balance between leveraging cutting-edge technology and maintaining a personal touch in customer interactions. Learn how Cover Whale addresses the needs of multiple stakeholders, and why Saira advocates for open-minded hiring and education.Join as we discuss:Why Human-Centered Design is crucial in improving the customer journeyHow data impacts customer experience and business strategyHow businesses can effectively address the needs of multiple stakeholdersHow a company can maintain consistent CX during scaling and growthWhere tech and personal touch intersect in the commercial auto industryMore information about Saira Taneja and today’s topics:LinkedIn Profile: Company Website: Relevant Link: Dan Abrahamsen and Kevin Abramson; IDEO
Oct 24, 2023
45 min
269. Creating Unique, Authentic, and Local Experiences w/ Rina Johnson
As a leader, it starts with you. It starts with how you show up, in knowing what you want to be and how you want to be perceived. It's setting a tone for your team. How do you ultimately desire to show up, professionally and personally?Our latest guest, Rina Johnson, is the VP of Marketing of Patelco Credit Union, a financial cooperative with a mission-driven purpose. Rina brings her wealth of experience, having spent years as a marketing leader with renowned brands like 24 Hour Fitness and Visa. Together we explore the transformative power of marketing. Rina shares her professional journey, offering valuable insights into authenticity's impact on customer behavior and brand differentiation. Discover the delicate balance between maintaining brand integrity and fulfilling business goals, as well as the power of feedback, and leadership lessons that lead to positive change within organizations. We also explore the unique world of credit unions, and how community and connection are the key pillars. Join as we discuss:How authenticity in marketing can influence customer behaviorHow a company's mission and purpose can be used as a powerful tool to create a memorable and differentiating brandHow credit unions differ from banks, and the distinction between a member and a customerHow organizations can empower local leaders to customize marketing efforts while staying true to the brand's valuesMore information about Rina Johnson and today’s topics:LinkedIn Profile: Website: Relevant Link: In-N-Out Burger
Oct 17, 2023
47 min
268. Experiencing You: Creating a Lasting Impression w/ Melissa Wright
How do people experience you?Yes, generosity might mean giving up a resource or money, but when we speak of radical generosity, it's flipping the script into being a true giver, and making people and things better than when you found them. Our latest guest, Melissa Wright, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at American Pacific Mortgage, explains the transformative power of putting people first in business. Join us as we dive deep into the world of customer service, personal branding, and the art of creating lasting connections, all leaving a positive mark on both your business and the lives you touch.Join as we discuss:What strategies are best for building a thriving organization where employees are empowered to provide exceptional customer experiencesHow personal branding in the service industry can impact success as a professional, and whether it’s advised for team members to build personal brands while representing an organizationHow to create effective video content, and why being yourself is the key to connecting with customersHow to find balance in showcasing your expertise and sharing personal interestsHow radical generosity can transform your business relationships
Oct 10, 2023
49 min
267. Self-Service vs Human Touch: Balancing Customer Sentiment w/ Michelle Randall
This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes. We’ve all heard it, but what does it really mean? A happy, engaged and empowered agent leads to a happy, engaged and empowered customer. In this episode, we meet with four-time Chief Marketing Officer in B2B and B2B2C SaaS, Michelle Randall. She currently serves as CMO at Playvox, a company that provides solutions that help empower folks to deliver better customer experiences via quality management and sentiment analysis. Michelle has displayed committed, long standing behavior to invest in other people, leading to a more positive customer experience.Join us as we discuss:How effective communication, support, encouragement, and education can accelerate the journey to successWhy it’s worthwhile to shift the focus from increasing share of wallet to providing customers with the resources and tools they needWhen to offer self-service options over personalized assistanceHow to implement quality evaluations and sentiment analysis to enhance customer interactions and satisfactionWhy CMOs should embrace their role as storytellersMore information about Michelle Randall and today’s topics:LinkedIn Profile: Website: Relevant Links: REI
Oct 3, 2023
29 min
266. Driving Innovation Through Equity, Equality, and Justice w/ Anna Dewar Gully
70% of people in the world deeply care about inequality and would like to see a more equal, fair and just world, but simply don't know how to get there. Our latest guest, Anna Dewar Gully, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer at Tidal Equality, is fierce in the pursuit of passion, and admittedly obsessed with innovation. Together we explore the profound connection between justice, equality, customer experience, and employee experience. Anna shares a powerful and relatable example of how this theme surfaces in day-to-day experiences, and how inequality ultimately serves as a barrier to positive outcomes and impacts customer interactions.Join us as we discuss:Why inequality is a mammoth problem that exists in our societyHow equity and equality intersectWhere the focus should be: plurality vs. singularityHow effective consultation methods prevent costly mistakes in large corporationsWhy two CEOs are better than one, and the power of partnership in creating changeMore information about Anna Dewar Gully and today’s topics:LinkedIn Profile: Company Website: Additional Links: Elaine Dewar on LinkedIn; Flywheel Digital; Dr. Kristen Liesch
Sep 19, 2023
47 min
265. Human Connection and Emotional Impact in EX and CX w/ Joey Coleman
The first 100 days are a make or break window that's critical to customer experience, and ultimately to customer lifetime value.We're living in an era where humans are dying for connection. They're dying for proof that they're relevant. They're dying for proof that they are making a contribution and having an impact. Our latest guest Joey Coleman is a Wall Street Journal best selling author of two books: Never Lose an Employee Again and Never Lose a Customer Again. In this episode, we dissect this simple fact: how we make people feel can transcend our product or our service offerings. Join us as we discuss:Why CX and EX are two sides of the same coinWhat the six communication tools are, and how they can create remarkable interactions in those crucial first 100 days and beyondHow creating TOJ (tears of joy) can result in an emotional impact in customer and employee relationsHow to harness the potential of video messagesMore information about Joey Coleman and today’s topics:LinkedIn Profile: Website:’s Books: Never Lose an Employee Again; Never Lose a Customer Again
Sep 12, 2023
54 min
264. Personalizing the Path to Homeownership w/ Brian Vieaux
How do we become trusted advisors to people who aren’t quite ready to buy, borrow, or transact? Professionals in these spaces are often looking to remove the human with apps, tools and bots, but is that the pathway to a positive and productive CX?In this episode we dive into the world of data sharing, consumer control, and the future of the mortgage industry. We’re joined by Brian Vieaux, President and COO at FinLocker, a company that challenges and enables banks, credit unions, and mortgage lenders to re-imagine customer relationships and to provide personalized financial solutions and experiences. Their solution: a mortgage readiness set of tools. Join us as we discuss:What it really means to be a B2B2C companyHow FinLocker’s technology is revolutionizing the mortgage process, empowering consumers and loan officers alikeWhy the local loan officer is still the hero in the mortgage industryMore information about Brian Vieaux and today’s topics:LinkedIn Profile: Company Website: Other Relevant Links: FinTalk Newsletter; FinTech Fridays on LinkedIn; Andria Thomas on LinkedIn, Sandro DiNello on LinkedIn, Steve and Rocky’s (Brentwood Grille)
Aug 29, 2023
50 min
263. Creating Human Connection within a Global Ecosystem w/ Naomi Wheeless
The chance to have an interaction with an actual human being leads to a positive emotional resonance, which leads to more referrals and online reviews. That human connection is invaluable in strengthening how people perceive the entire brand. In this episode, we meet with Square’s Global Head of Customer Success, Naomi Wheeless, a remarkable leader who has successfully built and led a diverse team of over 1,000 employees across 10 countries for the past 6 years. We dive deep into how Square achieved a staggering 300% increase in sales by removing intentional friction and delivering a top-notch experience in a complex ecosystem. We explore the power of human connection and its impact on customer loyalty, while gaining insights into managing a massive workforce. Join us as we discuss:What customer empathy means and why it’s importantWhether or not an internal tech team is advantageous How Square’s remote transition has lead to a happier and more diverse workforceHow to successfully manage a team of more than 1,000 employees across 10 countries (tips and tricks)More information about Naomi Wheeless and today’s topics:LinkedIn Profile: Company Website: Naomi’s Personal Website: Other Relevant Link:
Aug 22, 2023
50 min
262. Building a More Trusting and Human Internet w/ Aaron Painter
Fact: 99% of deepfake audios can be used to break into someone's account that’s voice-based. As the digital environment gets noisier and more polluted, trust becomes even harder to build. Identity and verification go a long way to increasing safety, security, confidence and trust.Aaron Painter is the CEO of Nametag, the world's first identity verification platform designed to protect accounts from impersonators and AI generated deepfakes. In this episode, he dissects the standard protocol of security questions and the impact it has on both the employee experience AND the customer experience. Aaron knew there had to be a better way to prove who's behind the screen. Thus, Nametag was born. Join us as we discuss:How EX inevitably impacts CX: when employees feel heard, customers feel heardHow Nametag’s technology is streamlining human identity Why deepfakes are becoming an enormous problemWhat exactly MFA is, and how it’s evolving over time How to build company culture in the remote world: steps to improve EXMore information about Andrew Carothers and today’s topics:LinkedIn Profile: Company Website: Aaron’s Book: LOYAL: A Leader's Guide to Winning Customer and Employee LoyaltyOther Relevant Link: Warby Parker
Aug 15, 2023
47 min
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