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Episode 376 - Cultdom February 2021 Meetup
Will cover topics of the moment. We may 'wanda' around a bit whilst still trying to have some 'vision' of 'witch' cultdom to comment upon. Also a brief look towards the upcoming Awards Season NOTE: apologies to those who downloaded right after show ended -we had a brief connection issue - so audio now uploaded version:
Feb 7
Episode 375 - Doctor Who 'Revolution of the Daleks' Cultdom Review
On this Live recorded episode The Cultdom Collective Podcast Review Doctor Who 'Revolution of the Daleks' - the 2021 Doctor Who Special!
Jan 3
1 hr 31 min
Episode 374 Cultdom December 2020 Meetup
Cultdom Monthly Live December 22020 Today we pay a small tribute to one of members Kuddly Ken (Kenneth Barr) Then other news, current shows of interest to out listeners especially the upcoming Doct Who New Year Special for 2021
Dec 6, 2020
2 hr 13 min
Episode 373 - Cultdom November 2020 Meetup
More details near the due date
Nov 1, 2020
50 min
Cultdom Episode 372 ‘Cultdom October 2020 Meetup
Monthly Live meetup for October 2020 covering News, Events, Streaming content plus a general chat about all things relating to Doctor Who, ScFi, Fantasy, Superheroes, Movies, Horror, Culttv and general popular entertainment
Oct 4, 2020
1 hr 40 min
Episode 371 - Cultdom September 2020 Meetup
Cultdom convene for a briefer than usual episode this month. We will cover both sad & topical news, before releasing Ian off to his second job! The episode will continue on for a little while longer but probably running for just an hour.
Sep 6, 2020
1 hr 47 min
Episode 370 - Cultdom August 2020 Meetup
Episode 370 - Cultdom August 2020 Meetup covering News, followed by a chat on this Gizmodo Blog Posting '10 TV Shows where the First Season was their Best Season' & finishing with Ian giving his first thoughts on Star Trek: Lower Decks (Episode 1)
Aug 9, 2020
Episode 369 Cultdom - Year 11 & our July 2020 Live Monthly Meeting
As Cultdom is now in it's 11 Year we 'stream' into the future & the past. News of course and then updates on all all things sci-fi, fantasy & Cult TV related. And we end with a mini review of Series 1 of 'Warrior Nun' Series debuted on Netflix July 2, 2020
Jul 12, 2020
1 hr 38 min
Episode 368 - Cultdom Monthly Meetup June 2020
Cultdom return for our June 2020 monthly meeting - general news roundup & then discussing all things SciFi and Cult TV related
Jun 7, 2020
1 hr 33 min
Episode 367 - Cultdom May 2020 Meetup. News, Catch Up & Streaming
The Cultdom Collective Podcast May 2020 Meetup. News, Catch Up & Streaming Round up. After a general news & catch up session - and depending who joins us live, we hope to cover 'streaming content' we are enjoying at the moment.
May 3, 2020
1 hr 25 min
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