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We Say Goodbye to TCS and Hello to WYE
In this episode, HM and MC say a fond farewell to their internet radio show…and hello to their new one! It’s been an incredible seven-year ride for the guys. We’ve been through so much and you’ve been there with us all along the way. We can’t thank you enough for your feedback, participation, support, and […]
Jul 19, 2018
25 min
How to Prepare for Your First Phase of Training
In this episode, MC and HM answer a listener question about advice regarding how to prepare for a rookie’s first phase of training. The guys wax philosophic about how many ears one has versus how many mouths. You should be able to figure out the rest of their advice. In other news… Friends, what you […]
Jun 15, 2018
32 min
Oh, the Gainz!
In this episode, MC and HM welcome back Dr. John Jaquish from  MC finished out his 12-week program using the Doc’s amazing product, the X3. The guys and the doc talk about new directions X3 is headed as well as the most undervalued part of physical training: Nutrition. (Would you believe the doc only […]
Jun 10, 2018
46 min
When’s the Right Time to #MoveOn?
In this episode, we finally learn what HM has been bursting at the seams to share: He quit his job. He got a shiny new one. Way back in episode 24, the boys first discussed when is the right time to balance way of life and salary. Finally, in this episode, we learn what happens […]
Jun 2, 2018
37 min
This Job is the Spits. Seriously.
In this episode, MC and HM weigh in on dramatic bodycam footage (you just read that in the voice of the local news team didn’t you? What with their Live! Local! Late breaking coverage!) from Georgia of an EMT assaulting a patient after being spit on. As the officer in one of the videos […]
May 25, 2018
34 min
Off-Duty Trauma Kits – Good Plan or Overkill?
In this episode, HM and MC discuss (amongst other things…’tis The Crossover Show, after all) a listener question about trauma kits, liability, and where the guys land on the topic. Special thanks to Jessie Polk for the inspiration…and to the creative minds behind Bill and Ted. That last part will make sense after you listen […]
May 18, 2018
32 min
Rodent Lives Matter…Except Groundhogs, Apparently.
In this episode, MC and HM sat down for a quick Facebook Live to find out what you wanted to talk about. Listener Ashley Woz asked the guys to discuss Carroll County, Maryland, and the flagrant use of deadly force against an endangered species: RoUS’s. That’s right, friends, Rodents of Unusual Size. Okay, it was […]
May 12, 2018
34 min
Do You Even BBQ, Bro?
In the episode the boys take a breather and get ready for the one thing every medic, cop and fireman can cook: BBQ From previous episodes you know MC is a traditionalist charcoal griller while HM has awoken to 19th century technology and propane. However, at a local beer and art festival MC was astonished […]
May 4, 2018
32 min
Engine Failed, You Say? Hold My Beer…#SWA1380
In this episode, MC and HM talk about the Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 which made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after catastrophic engine failure and loss of cabin pressure. Celina, TX Firefighter Andrew Neeham is credited with assisting in the rescue of passenger Jennifer Riordan, who did not survive her injuries. As HM is an […]
Apr 28, 2018
32 min
Solo Vehicle Collision Results in Another LODD
In the episode, MC and HM discuss the tragic on duty death of Miller County Deputy Casey Shoemate. From the Kansas City Star: The Kansas City Star reports that 26-year-old Casey Shoemate was driving his squad car Friday night with the emergency lights and sirens on and was attempting to pass a firetruck in a […]
Apr 22, 2018
35 min