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I was hoping for inspiration from this podcast. Instead, I’m disgusted. How can people advertise CF as truly judgment free when most if what I hear on this show is judgment about physical appearance? Grow up.
Host is crap
Started with the Brook Ence episode and was completely turned of about how the host sexualized every topic they talked about. She’s trying to tell you personal things and you’re sexualizing her mom. Please get a new professional host.
Come Back!
Love and watch and listen to all the podcast several times! Please come back soon. We love the conversations, and I have learn a lot too!
This podcast is awesome!
I feel like I’m part of the convo. When is it coming back?!
Keep up the great work
Hitting down on real topics that most people can’t be open to and attach it to a similar event.
Not A Fan
Had to turn it off. The host was more the less saying that parents that give in and give their child a treat or sugary food occasionally, are bad parents. Most kids, including myself got to eat some unhealthy foods and we turned out just fine and not unhealthy.
Listened to one episode very unprofessional and completely disconnected from the real world. To much cursing and biased opinions from a delusional individual. I’m not sure if it’s the same host for all the episodes but they should def find a new one.
Very unprofessional
The language is annoying. It’s like high schoolers trying to see how many times they can throw F bombs.... so dumb.
Freedom's Heartbeat
I can’t listen anymore. I tried to like this but it just annoyed me at the comments that the host would say. So disrespectful towards “fat kids”, Autism, etc. the host interrupts that guest 90% of the time and it’s soooo annoying! I don’t want to hear you all the time, I want to hear the guest! Anyway, unsubscribed.
Turned off by language about women
I’m a female CrossFitter and love my community, so I was hoping to enjoy this podcast. When one of the hosts asked the guest if he’d started going to a gym because he was “trolling for p*ssy”, I was done. If you want to make the podcast friendly to everyone in the community, take a close look at the hosts attitudes. I’m disappointed.
Can’t stop listening
Great podcast! Keeps me laughing but I also learn so much from it and they constantly have interesting stuff to talk about. I hope they are still making these.
Amazing, but please
I am an avid crossfitter and love this podcast. Sevan’s style is bizarre, but very entertaining and enlightening. I really do agree that Crossfit is the cure for most chronic disease, and that it is a great fit for our aging population as well as the rest of us. My only suggestion is to please stop cussing so much. I love to listen in my car with my kids. I would really like for my son and daughter to hear about the negative effects of sugar and inactivity, but that’s not possible with the language as it is.
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New Host Needed
Instead of hearing about CrossFit and nutrition, our time is wasted with questions to a doctor about Instagram and dogs.
Craig Teich
Podcast is phenomenal....CrossFit Games are a let down
Definitely love the interviews but I fear Sevan and his crew are now being censored because of the new CrossFit games format. Let’s hear some real talk about how bad this new format is from some of the competitors. Absolute trash in my opinion.
Where did you go?
What has happened to the podcast? Going like gangbusters then radio silence. This was my favorite podcast, please come back!
Come on Sevan! Do some more podcasts. What happened?
b. moring
Miss it!
Where did this podcast go? Is it over? :( I loved these! Very entertaining and fun! Always learned something new and I love all the personalities in it! Please come back! And I ALWAYS listen to the end, when the plane lands! Love it!
Rude Host
Agree with other reviewers. This guy is sexist (Ence episode) and rude. Cool it with shock talk and the show would be great.
Vince Daytona
Great show
Great show featuring real people talking about issues directly related to CrossFit. Wish it was still happening.
Great Poscast
This is an awesome podcast but not enough consistency for putting out episodes. I hate waiting fo the sporadic episode to come out. I love CrossFit and want to learn everything about it. Still 5 stars though. Just make more episodes!!!
I love this podcast! Please come back soon
Come back to us.
I’ve heard some changes have happened over the last few months. I really hope this podcast wasn’t one of the cuts. The variation of guest but also great guest! Sevan provides a great interview even though he can make listeners cringe multi times a episode. It’s behind the scenes topics and advocacy wrapped into long form discussion weekly. Makes work and travel cheerful.
texas country fan
Diet Coke in fridge. Pat Sherwood.
Used to be my favorite
This used to be my favorite Podcast back in the day when they actually did the Podcast
Love it!
Even though these are a pretty long listen for me, I enjoy and get inspired and/or motivated in some way by every single episode.
Bryan Stoneking
Crossfit Health Professionals
Really like what’s being done with Doctors and Crossfit. How do I find a Doctor near me that does Crossfit? Keep it up
Best podcast on iTunes
Love everything about this podcast, from the games athletes to the inspirational stories of people getting out of “the mess” this show is having a huge impact on me. Keep them coming! Oh, and btw I like not having a cheesy intro and just getting right into it.
Guests make the show. Hosts are lacking.
I listen to the podcasts in spite of the hosts. I’ve listened to several and if it was possible to mute the hosts for their commentary I would definitely go that route. They seem to lack general awareness, life experience, and empathy. There are too many instances of the hosts pushing guests to answer to fit the CrossFit way of thinking rather than the actual guest’s way of thinking. With the quality of the guests I will continue to listen, but the podcast would be so much better received if the hosts didn’t act as the guests so often.
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J Mitchell 84
No longer have diabetes
These are good. It would be better if the host does not interrupt and more importantly do not push the guest to say bad stuff about his parents. They did what they did with the information they had. I wish i knew about crossfit when i was raising my kids in the 90s. I did what i knew. keep them active and motivated by exploring sports arts and academics.
Not Family Friendly
Good information but not family friendly. I would like to be able to listen to an official CrossFit podcast and not have to filter it when certain people are with me. CrossFit being such a huge entity I would have thought they would be more professional with their language. Would be a five star rating otherwise.
Great podcast
Even if you don’t do Crossfit (but you should),you will like this podcast. Seven had a great voice and is engaging. He asks the questions you want asked (and maybe some you don’t - lol). It always feels like you are overhearing a conversation between friends. And yes - I listen to the end.
Could be improved
I am new to Crossfit, and have been really excited and motivated to learn as much as possible. So far, the culture is really inclusive and intelligent. I can’t say the same thing for the main host of this podcast. He demonstrates some very close-minded, judgmental viewpoints on society as a whole. Being a part of something positive does not preclude you from being a decent human being who doesn’t trash talk those who aren’t following the same lifestyle as you. If you’re doing something great, it’s not necessary to spend so much time drawing distinctions. So far, I have listened to 2 podcasts. The first was the story of an overweight gentleman who beat his diabetes, and the other was Nicole, the nutritionist. The guests were wonderful, and shared some great insight into their respective stories. That was overshadowed at times by the host, who carelessly and coldly summarized their stories, cut them off, jumped from idea to idea like someone on drugs, and all the while used the “f” word on repeat. I would suggest continuing education and expert advice on communicating effectively in a successful podcast. The world of Crossfit deserves it.
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Odd but entertaining
I love the guest variety. Transitions are awkward, many of the questions are borderline inappropriate. I appreciate the effort behind the podcast. Let tone down the cursing, I know CrossFit is seen as edgy and no conforment, but F bombs every 20 seconds is a bit much. (It’s a slight exaggeration). Clean it up a bit and it’s 5 stars all day.
Sevan is an animal
I would love to see him as a lawyer he digs deep into his guest’s souls.
Love this!
This is by far my favorite podcast. Sevan says he thinks nobody actually makes it the way through one, but Ive listened to every show all the way through. At times it feels like Im getting to know them on a personal level. Anytime I am having a bad day, this picks me up. Thanks to the guests, sevan, eric and matt for a great podcast. Keep 'em coming!!
Benji Grimes
Howard stern meets CrossFit
The host think they’re cool because they can drop F bombs and think it will make up for the lack of content. Their guests are pretty good if you can endure the host. The host me to shut up and let the speakers and professional talk
Love It
I love listening to this podcast (practically every day at work). Not to mention, being on the Podcast was one of the best experiences of my life. Such genuine and kind people. Personally, I think the fact that the podcast is conversational is what makes it so great.
Love that it’s casual
I like the casual vibe of this podcast. Keeps it real. Keep it up!
nat a27
I chuckle
Sven or “seven” 😂is actually really funny and asks great questions. Never understand why he gets some much hate.
Needs a thesaurus
There are too many great people on the podcast to have the audience limited by Sevan’s limited amount of adjectives. F bombs non stop! I can’t get my wife to listen to the good parts the guest speak about because she doesn’t want to hear his nonstop vulgar language! Not to mention I can’t play it in the car when my kids is with me.
Informative Podcast
I love this podcast! Broad range of guests and topics. Great content and they have a lot of fun. Don’t know why people complain about NOT having a 10 minute intro with ads like every other podcast. Keep it up guys! Also, Sevan has a pea sized bladder. Boom, roasted. Matt is always late. Boom, roasted. Eric is a mute. Boom, roasted.
Tommy G 3
My Favorite Podcast
I'm loving what this podcast is doing. Increasing awareness for a healthy lifestyle. And, along the way we get good advice on just how to be a better coach, parent, friend, etc. I really enjoyed the parenting tangent during the interview with Nicole Aucoin. Sevan is right on!! Speaking of Sevan, his interviewing style is a joy, even if he doesn't always listen to the guests responses, it's genuine and I feel like I'm in the room hanging out with these people. Keep this podcast rolling, keep preaching your message!!
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Please do something about Sevan
I can appreciate candor as much as the next person. But after reading through dozens of comments there seems to be a trend that Sevan hurts the experience for listeners more than helps. You can call it his personality or “quirks” but being rude, interrupting, and asking downright uncomfortable questions takes away from the amazing things the community is doing today, and that this podcast discusses. PS. I think he makes amazing crossfit movies. Love his passion for health and fitness. I just think as a representative for CF he would take some of the criticism in these comments into consideration.
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A.P. 1489
I was listening to the Crossfit Podcast and...wait, i have to take a pee break...okay, so I really love the Crossfit Podcast. I really enjoy the variety of guests, from Professional Athletes to affiliate owners, & transformations. I love hearing about people's stories, what they have overcome, and how they've used nutrition, health, & movement to help them. I think the conversations are down to earth and interesting. I enjoy Sevan's inqusitive nature...wait, have to take a pee break again...okay, back the review. I feel like Sevan asks the questions i would ask and he does a good job of making the guests comfortable and he's able to relate to a wroad group of people. Keep up the great work!
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Too Much Trash talk
Love everything Crossfit so I really want to love this podcast but, the host gets way off track all the time, he always brings up some random topic right in the middle of the interview, frequently it’s some trash talk, and I really mean trash. Clean it up! The hosts vocabulary needs a boost, so much cursing, F bombs non stop. Please don’t hate on me, just wish you could clean up the language.
love Crossfit
Great info! BUT soooo LONG!
Lots of great titles and guests, but never able to finish one all the way through because of the time commitment.
I can’t stop listening!
Worse podcast ever They check their phone No introductions, no structure and yet explain to me why I cant stop watching/listening? Do I hate Sevan? Oh yes. Do I think he’s amazing? He is incredible and I don’t hate him. If anyone is into Crossfit this is the podcast to hear. Thanks for this.
Cata Paleo En Forma
Awesome podcast
I enjoy all the content and I’ve learned a lot by listening. I know you get negativity for no intro but that’s one thing I love about the podcast. No music, boring intro or ads for me to fast forward through? GOOD.
Does Sevan have kids?
This podcast summed up in three words: “Sorry, go on.”
Love it
Know you are reading this Sevan. You are a good host, but please stop interupting the guests when they are sharing a story. We listen/ watch for their experiences and stories first and foremost. If you want to pivot the discussion, do so once they are done talking.
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