The Creative Penn Podcast For Writers
The Creative Penn Podcast For Writers
Joanna Penn
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Great show!
Joanna, host of the Creative Penn podcast, highlights all aspects of writing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
The information is so valuable!
Besides being entertaining, the information in this podcast has put more money in my bank account... I'm a patron for life!
The credit will go to Joanna.
When I finish my Middle Grade Novel series, podcast and non-fiction books on Parenting I will have to give a lot of the credit to Joanna Penn for not only her informative interviews and professional experience, but for her encouraging and fun personality. I never miss a week.
Always informative and engaging
This is one of the few podcasts I listen to every time it is released. Joanna combines hot-off-the-press updates from the creative business community with engaging interviews and thoughtful questions and tips about writing books and running a publishing business. Highly recommended to authors, entrepreneurs and even tech enthusiasts!
Jen Zen Writer
Heavy handed on selling you something
Maybe it’s just the episode I’ve listened to after deciding to check out the creative pen after hearing her speak over on the story studio podcast. 23 minutes in and the actual information this episode was supposed to be about (outlining a novel) actually starts. Before that it felt like a constant loop of advertisements. I will circle back on a new episode and will change my review if this was an anomaly, the actual interview portion was good, it just could have been done in a more concise manner.
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Love this podcast!
Joanna is knowledgeable, professional and a delight. Her advice is sound, and delivered in an encouraging manner. Love this podcast!
Goodbye Orchid, a novel
Informative and brilliant!
I discovered this podcast a couple of weeks ago and have already listened to several episodes! I thoroughly enjoy the host’s voice, her interview manners, her questions and answers etc.. she’s is knowledgeable and knows how to convey that to the listener. I’m a new author - working on editing my very first middle grade book. So I’m devouring any episode she has on editing and self and traditional publishing. I love her advice and that of her guests! Brilliant!
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I have listened now for 1.5 years, every week. Frankly, I judge other podcasts using her podcast as the standard. Few measure up. Her knowledge, communication skills, curiosity, and authenticity are a joy and a gift. I love this podcast!
Awesome Podcast!!!
Joanna, host of The Creative Penn Podcast For Writers, highlights all aspects of books, marketing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Best Podcast For Beginning Writers And Beyond!
I started listening to this podcast, and I am a beginning writer which this has helped so much! She gave me confidence that I can actually do this especially with me having a disability (without her actually saying it) (I process things more slower in my mind than others). When I am feeling down her confidence boasts myself back up. The point is anything accomplished is never going to be easy, but it is NOT impossible. Thank you for helping me see I can actually be a writer!
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Chloe M. 1997
I would not be a published author if it wasn’t for Joanna Penn
I first checked out The Creative Penn years ago when it interviewed one of my favorite authors, Rachel Aaron. Since then I have been absolutely hooked. The host, Joanna Penn, is just so positive and encouraging. I think it’s safe to say that had she not been there to show me the ropes of indie publishing, I would not have had the guts to take my creative future into my own hands. With my third novel coming out next month, I figured it was past time to thank Joanna with a 5-star review.
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Helped me take my mature self-publishing biz to the next level
Can't say enough about how helpful Joanna Penn's podcast has been to help me rejuvenate my mature self-publishing business and take it to the next level. There's plenty here for new writers, too, but if you're starting to experience career fatigue managing lots of titles, this podcast is invaluable. I highly recommend becoming a patron on Patreon so you have access to the catalogue of Q&A episodes. Thank you, Joanna!
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Top Notch From Start to Finish
I love everything about this podcast. I love her news and notes in the beginning. I love how she can get in depth interviews done with BOTH the host and her guest very comfortable with each other. I love Joanna's British (Australian?) accent. I love ... What's that? For a second there, I thought my wife was behind me reading this review... she's not. All is well. I just love everything about Joanna's podcast. Natural, informative, funny and up-lifting.
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Stan Dubin
Helpful, Insightful, and Practical Advice
Joanna, your podcast has inspired me in so many ways. Not only do I listen regularly, I take notes on all the advice given by you and your amazing guest hosts. Listening to your show feels like having a conversation with a friend about our book journeys. Please keep doing all that you do for authors everywhere.
Superb podcast
I wish I had started listening to this podcast years ago. Excellent, and extremely useful info. I feel much more confident with my marketing plan for the coming year.
Carlyn Montes De Oca
Highly recommend
One of my new favorite podcasts. Interesting/useful interviews. Lots of food for thought for writers. Love how the host keeps us in the loop on trends in publishing, including tech trends that will affect writers. Highly recommend!
Jenny Lisk
One of the best podcasts out there for authors!
Every episode provides something useful to help better me as an author or to help better my business. I also look forward to the weekly updates of what’s happening in the publishing industry. This podcast is a must listen for me!
I recently stumbled upon this podcast and I absolutely love it! It has amazing tips and great guests. I can’t wait to explore all the episodes and discover even more gems. THANK YOU!
Useful tips!
This podcast is inspiring. I’m in the middle of writing my first book and can’t wait to put the advice I’ve learned here to good work. Thank you for taking the time to record these.
One of my faves
I’ve been listening to Joanna’s podcast for 6 years. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to get around to writing a review, but better late than never, right? I love almost every episode I’ve listened to. There are some that don’t make sense to me for my stage or focus, but there’s usually a nugget I take away. One thing I love is how happy Joanna is! I can tell she’s just a wonderful person!
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My weekly addiction!
By far my favorite self publishing podcast. I learn so much and love the news updates, positive spirit Joanna brings to the show, and great guests.
Smart, successful, and optimistic
I love listening to Joanna Penn every week. She's so smart and successful, so eager to learn and apply new things to her own writing business. I love that she's so generous in sharing her knowledge with us! I adopted her as my role model last summer.
Amazing Resource!
Joanna’s podcast has an incredible production value and is so inspiring and helpful! I’m a first-time author, and she’s helped me understand the indie publishing process so I feel empowered instead of overwhelmed. I love her optimism and long-term perspective. She has incredible guests, but I think the best part is Joanna herself. Thank you for all the advice and ideas!
Incredibly helpful
I love the tactical, honest and real rawness Joanna delivers in this podcast. I hit subscribe and definitely can’t wait for the next show!!!
Long time listener first time rater
Love this show! I’ve learned so’ve helped my understand an overwhelming world. And now, I’ve published my first book. Thank you!!! Chris Story
On Top of the World Radio
Incredibly helpful
I recommend this podcast all the time. If you are interested in indie/self publishing OR traditional publishing it is incredibly valuable. I have learned so much it’s amazing. Joanna always has relevant, timely topics, and asks the most helpful questions of her guests. She also makes sure they present info in an accessible way so even newcomers to writing or publishing can understand and contextualize the information. She is candid and transparent. Publishing and marketing is a constantly changing environment so a podcast is an ideal format to learn and stay up to date, and Joanna is always there to help listeners figure out what these changes mean for them, and how they can capitalize on changes to stay ahead of the curve. She’s also just a smart, positive, lovely person who is wonderful to listen to.
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Geeky Bex
Thank you, Joanna!
I love this podcast. It’s one of my favorite writing podcasts because of the host’s refreshingly positive attitude. I spent the last couple of weeks catching up on the available episodes and now that I am all caught up, I’m looking forward to next week’s episode!
Holly Merriday
Better than a Morning Coffee!!
Every morning I get my fuel from a daily dose of Joanna Penn. She’s uplifting, delightful, encouraging and most of all knowledgeable. Thank you!! ❤️
Such phenomenal end of the year / beginning the new year podcasts. You always make me so excited about the future of indie publishing. I’ve been getting caught up on your podcasts this year and now I can’t imagine starting a week without hearing your voice. Lol Thanks for all you do to encourage indies, seasoned and new.
Tracey Devlyn
Independent, clear-sighted advice for creatives
Love Joanna. Took me a while to get into her, mistaking her bubbly voice for less serious content. I was so wrong. She consistently posts the most up to date indie news with nuance and thoughtfulness. I really value the tech and futurist segments and how far-looking she is for industry changes. Her commitment to creative freedom and independence is inspiring and probably prescient. I also love her honesty and how much she shares about her own working life especially the mindset and health challenges. Because of her positivity and respect for others, I didn’t get what a rebel she really is at first. Or how dark. So inspiring. Great podcast.
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Great, insightful, provocative, usefule!
There are some great things here! Your enthusiasm is infectious, and encouraging. Really appreciate all the diverse topics. It is all helping me write better!
Insightful , Excellent Production
Insight into the indie publishing world and the life and work of an author-preneur, followed by a lengthy interview of an author, editor, etc. High quality production.
Upbeat and informative!
Listening to Joanna Penn is simply delightful! She’s upbeat (with a charming British accent!), along with practical information on the business of being an author.
Always inspiring!
Listening to this show always puts me in a positive mood and gets me ready to write!!
Sylvia Hall
Consistently Outstanding!
If I were only allowed to subscribe to but one podcast, without hesitation I would select The Creative Penn. Week after week Joanna delivers valuable information in a delightful manner. The presentation format, beginning with what transpired in the publishing industry followed by a discussion with a distinguished guest, is excellent. Her interview style brings forth the best from her guests with a well-prepared line of questioning coupled with her ability to "think on her feet" in drawing out valuable information. Let me not forget to praise the excellent technology of the podcast, the audio files are very clear and understandable, listening is a pleasure. I look forward to many more years of listening and learning.
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Boat Person
Excellent Self-publishing knowledge
Joanna Penn has cornered the market with her knowledge of the self-publishing industry. Becasue, she is a self-publish author, her knowledge and skils are brought fourth in her podcasat covering every aspect of the serlf-p[ublishing industry. Her lastest podcasts on memoirs and Convertkit is exceptional, simply exceptional.
FIVE STARS! Long time listener, first time reviewer.
BIG THANKS TO YOU JOANNA. As a long-time writer who has struggled with voice as well as RSI/ergonomic issues, and recently discovered dictation. I very much appreciate this last episode on Dragon. Good mindset stuff plus smart tactical advice. Brilliant. Thanks for doing your work. Forever Forward, ~C
cattio ~*~
A catalyst for writers
Joanna altruistically gives so much good advice both on craft and marketing. Really enjoy her energy and laughter you can hear the absolute joy in her voice
All those who wander are not lost!!!
I happen to come across this podcast after listening to another podcast (Write Now). And I have to say that I think I’m in love with this podcast. First Joanna Penn is amazingly informative couple with her charismatic and charming personality she delivers invaluable information. Second she’s British when she speaks you lesson enough said. Third her topics of discussion are so spot on for those of us that are new or struggling writers and need encouragement and support. So in closing Thank you Lady Penn you have given me hope.
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FantasyKing K.O.G
Everything an Author Needs
Joanna Penn is dedicated to the indie author community and there is no greater testimony to it than this podcast. Each interview is educational and entertaining. Plus she shares her sage wisdom and observations into the indie writing scene. It's a must listen for any author.
Inspiring, uplifting.
One of my favorite podcasts. I start to go into withdrawal between episodes because Joanna’s upbeat attitude keeps me going.
Creative Penn podcast
The Creative Penn podcast always has interesting and relevant info for indie authors and a bit of humor with warm and authentic Joanna’s silliness.
T Sullivant
Best Podcast Ever!
Joanna Penn does an amazing job of encouraging and inspiring writers and other creatives in this professional and addicting podcast. She is genuine and positive and I consider her to be my greatest online mentor.
Heather LeeD
A Tour de Force through Indie Publishing Possibility
Joanna Penn is an ode to an age where people helped one another. You know, the way your mouth watered when your neighbor baked fresh apple pie and every sniff was pure delight. Joanna cooks the pie, offers you a slice, then teaches you how to make it yourself. The Creative Penn podcast is a must for those who are determined to actualize their writing potentiality. If you do nothing else for yourself this year, subscribe to her podcast. It is a value add that keeps on giving.
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I really enjoy this show. Joanna provides indie authors with excellent content and cheery atitude every week. I look forward to seeing this poscast pop up on my phone each week and learning what's new in the industry. Thank you Joanna!
Ashley McLeo
Inspiration and Motivation, Indeed!
I don’t know how I missed writing a review for this podcast because it is my favorite!! I love how real and honest Joanna is and how she covers so many topics with ease. While some aren’t always applicable to this fiction author, I find that I’m able to glean some nugget wisdom from every episode. I’ve become a huge fan of Joanna’s and have purchased many of her fiction and non-fiction books as a result. She’s an incredible wealth of information and is my weekly motivation. She understands the struggles and the journey and her raw honesty helps a far-less-successful author like me, remain hopeful. If it weren’t for this podcast, it’s possible that I might’ve given up on my writing a long time ago. She gives a perspective that many of us need by covering topics like self-doubt, comparisonitis, being a healthy writer, and many more. I’m definitely a fan and am grateful for her podcast. Her guests are fantastic and she’s always willing to share others. I’ve found several other podcasts just from listening to hers! She’s the inspiration I need and the dose of reality that reminds me that hard work does eventually pay off.
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Jennifer Sivec
Highly Recommend
I would recommend this podcast. It is extremely educational and informative to aspring authors and published writers as well.
Maria Dismondy
The Holy Grail of author podcasts
I first discovered the Creative Penn Podcast last year and my world has been forever changed. Joanna is real, honest, and an excellent teacher of our industry. I'm amazed with everything that I've learned and discovered as I've been listening to this podcast each week. If you're thinking about publishing your writing, I can't recommend this podcast enough! If I could give a rating higher than 5 stars, I totally would.
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Yvonne Carder
The podcast for Indie Authors
I am so grateful for this podcast. Because of the information I have learned I have been able to launch my career as an indie author. Joanna Penn knows her stuff and has on relevant guests. A must listen if you want to self-pubish books!
Listen to this podcast!
Joanna Penn is awesome. She's smart, funny and encouraging. I learn something new every time and look forward to a fresh episode each Monday to start off my writing week. (Check out the backlist too ... lots of gems!) I especially love her coverage of emerging technologies and thoughts on the future of publishing. Pure inspiration. Thank you Joanna!
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