The Creative Penn Podcast For Writers
The Creative Penn Podcast For Writers
Joanna Penn
2019 Round-Up. Did I Achieve My Creative Goals? Did You?
39 minutes Posted Dec 29, 2019 at 10:10 pm.
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Show notes
Every year, I set creative, financial and health goals and share them on the blog and the podcast. It helps keep me accountable and focused, although, inevitably things change over the year. 2019 is no different!
You can read my 2019 goals here and whether I achieved them — and why I changed direction — below.

(1) Be a better publisher. Make more of what I already have.
It was my priority this year to go wide with audio and create more editions of my existing work, as well as writing and publishing new books. Once you create intellectual property assets, you have to manage them and that means maintaining the editions as well as marketing in order to sell more for the long-term.
I have definitely achieved this goal with new editions of older books, and also making sure that my new books are released in multiple editions simultaneously.

* Launched Valley of Dry Bones audiobook wide through ACX and Findaway
* Re-edited and recorded A Thousand Fiendish Angels, published wide in audiobook, updated ebook, plus added 5 x 8 paperback, Large Print, and hardback editions
* Moved as many audiobooks as possible wide to Findaway Voices: How To Market A Book, How To Make A Living With Your Writing, The Healthy Writer, and How to Write Non-Fiction. [If you signed an exclusive deal with ACX but you own the rights, you can move to a non-exclusive contract after 1 year. Just email them and ask.]
* Recorded The Dark Queen as an audiobook and published it wide on ACX and Findaway

* Edited and produced a new edition of Successful Self-Publishing – re-released in ebook and print and self-narrated the audiobook and published it wide
* Published Map of Plagues, Mapwalker 2 in ebook, paperback, large print, and hardback editions. [I'm waiting for the full trilogy before getting audiobooks done.]
* Updated and published a new edition of Public Speaking for Authors, Creatives and Other Introverts. Re-issued in all formats and narrated the audiobook.
* Published Productivity for Authors in ebook, paperback, large print, hardback, workbook — and narrated the audiobook.
* Licensed several non-fiction books in French and a new one published, Le Mindset de l'Auteur Qui Réussit 
* Produced 3 non-fiction books fo...