The Creative Exponent
The Creative Exponent
Marian Parsons & Shaunna West
2.6 Overcoming Creative Wounding
52 minutes Posted Feb 18, 2020 at 7:01 am.
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Show notes
Wounding happens to all of us, in every way. It happens to us at home and at work, and it happens to us creatively. So what is creative wounding? It is anything that deters you from doing something creative you love that is outside of a reason you choose for yourself. It may be a word spoken over you as a child. It may be blatantly negative or incredibly subtle. And when it happens, we sometimes give over the ability to choose that “this” is something that we will even try to do.
This week Marian and Shaunna talk about what creative wounding is, how we see it show up in our lives, and the ways we can overcome it as we pursue our creative work.
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