The Create Your Own Life Show
The Create Your Own Life Show
Jeremy Ryan Slate
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Inspiring Show!
The "Create Your Own Life Show" is a fantastic podcast that anyone looking to build a successful life should listen to. I always walk away from each episode feeling inspired and motivated to take action towards achieving my own goals. Whether you're an entrepreneur, business leader, or simply looking to create a fulfilling and purpose-driven life, this podcast is a must-listen. Thank you, Jeremy, for creating such a valuable resource for your listeners!
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Anna B David
Ambivalent - but not too ambivalent
Assigning stars is very frustrating at times. I found some of the discussion worthy of 5 stars and some of it not worthy of one. Just finished listening to Batya Ungar-Sargon, "Woke Media or Class Warfare." Ungar-Sargon did help me sort through tension in national news coverage. I have felt for quite awhile that something was amiss with national news coverage and how it doesn't reflect news and values outside of NY City or the West Coast. Also, her framing of how the Green New Deal and other perhaps well-meaning policies are not socially just or fair helped me understand a little more about how "wokism" really plays a part in the efforts of the Left. In her parting remarks she complains about "both sides" politicizing the Uvalde massacre. Really? I applaud Beto O'Rourke for confronting Gov. Abbott at the press conference in which Abbott and the Texas power players (Dan Patick, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Ken Paxton, state and local law enforcement - oh, and the NRA). stood before the parents and community members of slain children and proclaimed, "It could've been worse." You can claim that "both sides" made it political but we have YET to get the plain and unadulterated facts out about what happened. (You might recall that the story changed repeatedly over the first several days following the shooting. We won't know for sure what happened until AFTER the Nov. elections!) I really did not appreciate one bit that comment that equated the Abbott-GOP-NRA narrative (or cover up) and whatever the truth might be. "Both sides" just don't do some things equally. One of the issues about your podcast that bothers me a lot is that one of your sponsors (at least of this episode) is I know you have to have sponsors. However, I will not be subscribing to your podcast until you lose this one. In my opinion, Mike Lindell has done terrible harm to this country and he should probably be in jail. He continues to do harm. He associates himself with the far-right conspiracy voices who have repeatedly called for Trump to be reinstated. His alliance with QAnon is well known. You claim to be on the "right side" of things. I understand that this might be rhetorical to some degree and that you personally can be described as center-right. However, by accepting sponsorship IS to associate you and your podcast with one of the worst far-right conspiracy theorists who continue to call for the overthrow of our government. As I write this I notice that Walmart (not exactly the astian of American values) has pulled MyPillow from its shelves. That probably won't get me going to Walmart anytime soon, but it does show that Walmart is starting to respond to reality. I've listened to 3 of your podcasts and I've liked all three. So, keep up the good work and please shed yourself of awful sponsors.
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Excellent Podcast w amazing guests
Ryan’s Podcast provides listeners with amazing guests you can learn from to help you in business and your personal Life!
Fred Shaw Episode
Wow!!!!! What an interview!! I feel like I got a new understanding of what is happening in our country!!! Great interview!! I really enjoy your show!!
Awesome Show
Love this show!
Talented Podcaster
Jeremy is a pure professional, and it shows. He not only listens well, but he asks questions listeners really want to hear. This isn't something you get overnight, but as a result of years of podcasting. Mark Savant - After Hours Entrepreneur podcast
I love how Jeremy is on a mission to help people create their own lives by giving them practical advice from credible guests. Keep up the great work.
Fresh Voice
Create Your Own Life is a fresh voice of inspiration! This podcast is helpful to the bum and billionaire. Listen, learn, grow! I highly recommend this podcast series! Do yourself a favor. Create Your Own Life!
Excellent interviews + unique advice
Jeremy brings his awesome conversation skills to every episode and interview - he knows how to get to the heart of a person and their area of expertise and elicit amazing insight and advice that listeners can use to improve their own life. Highly recommended!
Camille Virginia
Highly recommend if you appreciate authentic conten
Jeremy brings a genuine, authentic approach to delivering his content. Brings excellent guests. Dissects appropriate topics. Keep it up!
Mike Abramowitz
Amazing show! Jeremy is the real deal
Jeremy is the REAL DEAL. This show offers nothing but value for those trying to improve their life and grow.
Creating My Own Life
I’ve been binging on Jeremy’s shows for some time. He is a great interviewer and continues to have an array of top world-class guests on his show. The key is learning from those that made it to the top of their grade and these guests really deliver a lot of great information, which I incorporate into my life
A Must Listen to Show!
Jeremy is a wonderful host who brings on very knowledgeable and inspiring guests! I highly recommend the listen!
Ima listener
Love it!
Jeremy is an amazing host and I absolutely love the variety with his guests!
Inspiration and Real Stuff
Jeremy does an excellent job of letting his guests impart useful information while defining true success. By that I mean that the people he interviews who are winning in life have found that helping others to also win becomes a better game than just the pursuit of fame and money. I always learn something from every guest.
Lehan Carroll
Great Interview with Gen. Petraeus
Excellent interview. As a former Army Cavalry Officer, I appreciate the perspective that Gen. Petraeus provided. I agree, Leadership is more than just instilling fear of repercussions, it is getting people to “buy into” the plan as if it was their own. Thanks, Jeremy, for a great interview.
Great Interviewer!
I agree with Dave Rubin, Jeremy is a great interviewer! He lets his subjects shine yet is engaging and involved. I feel like he is working for us, the listener, soliciting the data we are looking for to, well, create our own life! I look forward to more.
This show is the best!
I'm loving this podcast. Jeremy brings such a positive and honest energy to his listeners. And he has the best guests! LOVE IT!!!!
Marisa J2
The real deal
Man, where you burrow down to the true north of each guest and that’s a special thing, the fact that you host such a diverse range of guests is beautiful 🔥🔥🔥 - Junie Prayer
The best a man (or woman) can get!
Of few podcasts can it be said that they will change your life. But Jeremy’s will do just that...and more. Tune in and watch all dimensions of your life improve and thrive!
Chaim K.
Inspiration is the fuel to accomplishment
Jeremy Ryan Slate’s Create Your Own Life podcast is valuable, relevant, and vital in today’s world of pandemics, crazy politics, racism, rising illiteracy and crime... Every interview is a heartfelt personal story of someone who managed to achieve their dreams and help others despite the “2021 Planet Earth” context. And none of those incredible journeys have ended or slowed; we continue as the people of earth to reap the benefits of these driven, inspiring people! Thanks to Jeremy for recognizing the value of bringing these stories to all of us to keep us inspired, motivated and persevering in following our own dreams, and creating our own lives!
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Great guests every time!
I listen to the show on my daily morning walk and the show never fails to inspire me and teach me something new! I highly recommend the Create Your Own Life Show!
This show rocks!
Love Jeremy and his constant positive energy. Listen in as he showcases amazing guests sharing their secrets to becoming successful and creating extraordinary lives!
Jeremy is a true educator
Imagine if our schools did what Jeremy is doing - helping individuals live their lives as an act of creation rather than as victims of circumstance. Jeremy asks insightful questions that dive deep and demand critical thinking. This is the podcast to go to if you want to be intentional about how your life turns out.
Top notch content
Jeremy always brings great guests to the show who speak from experience and success. Definitely worth the listen.
Awesome time
I guested on this show and had an awesome time. Jeremy makes it fun for guests and listeners alike by asking interesting questions and doing his homework. We covered so many important topics and the time just flew by.
Like the podcast, he’s super upbeat. Music is little cheesy, but it is really hard to not feel better after all that positivity
Humble and great!
Great guy, great family, and great podcast! Jeremy is one of the inspirations, a peace of our puzzle that tipped us in the direction that lead us to start our own podcast called No Ragrets! Keep up the great work!
Highly Recommend!
Love this show. Jeremy has incredible way of really digging into his guests lives and pulling out the juiciest information. Definitely recommend adding this to your weekly podcast list!
Stu expo tru
Awesome Show
I really enjoyed Jeremy podcast. Jeremy does an excellent job. I enjoyed the guest on his show today and they both have great energy as well as feed back. Jeremy will know doubt grow his fan base. Hopefully one day he will have the opportunity to interview me before I arrive in Hollywood but even so I would truly make the time to do his show. I encourage everyone to listen to his podcast. Great job Jeremy the world will see your best work yet. The best is yet to come!
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Van J.
Totally Underrated !
I love this podcast -- honestly, Jeremy does an incredible job, and I legit believe that the "Create Your Own Life" podcast is the most underrated one in this space on iTunes : )
Powerhouse Guest!
Jerry has done a great job always bringing amazing guest on board. I love to listen and learn from some awesome knowledge bombs! Well done, keep it up!
Azul From San Diego
Great Interviews, Great Show
Jeremy is an intelligent, playful, inquisitive, and generous host. He interviews interesting, wonderful people. Keep up the good work!!
Sneak H.
Great interviewer
Jeremy is a great interviewer and uncovers some great details from his guests. Highly recommend his podcast!
Terrific show (for listeners and guests)
Jeremy has a great knack for getting out what makes top performers tick and achieve success in their chosen field. I have greatly enjoyed the podcast both as a listener and as a guest :)
Great Interviewer
I was a guest on Jeremy's show and he is a great interviewer. He consistently brings intersting people and topics on as guests. Recommended.
Inspiring Conversations
Jeremy and his guest always bring valuable insights on how to create the life you want. The interviews are engaging and challenge the listeners to go deeper in their own life. I highly recommend this show!
Jeremy has bringing the heat for years! 🔥
This podcast is the real deal. Interviews that are helpful and to the point. Always something new even after 600+ episodes. Love it!!!
Alex J Sanfilippo
Live your life without regrets
I like the diverse speakers and backgrounds sharing their wisdom for creating your own life. What I learned is we need to stop looking for the magic bullet and just take action each day to create the life you want.
Consistent Quality
Jeremy Ryan Slate continues to bring knowledgable guests and fascinating converstations on a weekly basis creating valuable content always worth one's time to hear.
name lady
Consistency is Key
Keep up the AMAZING work Champion!
Jonesy Money
Jeremy's rocking it!
Create Your Own Life is the perfect mix of motivational / actionable ear candy for those looking to live life on their own terms. Keep up the great work!
Nick Loper
Awesome show
I’ve been a listener and honored to have been a guest!
Awesome podcast!
Big fan of Jeremy’s. Was on his show a few years back and he’s still killing it!
Jason D. Bay
Always amazing information
Jeremy always provides a ton of value! He is compassionate and truly wants to support you in life and business. Keep up the amazing work Jeremy! Super excited to see what is next.
Great Show + Great Guests = Success
Jeremy does a great job curating amazing guests to help his listeners to create and then live their best life.
Amazing Content, Great Guests!!
Great podcast for anyone looking to improve their game in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, and just living your best life!! Great job Jeremy and team!!
One of the best
Jeremy really stands out as a podcaster, he has a unique voice in the marketplace and is able to extract incredible value in his interviews and content. He’ll definitely go places.
Great insights
Jeremy has done a great job to create a podcast interview that is enjoyable to listen to and extrapolates key insights out of the guest. Great format and listening experience.
Best interview questions
Jeremy drills down by asking the right questions and the conversations are meaningful.
The Sales Expert
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