The Crayon Box
The Crayon Box
Zondra Harris
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Using the colors of a crayon box, I will give you positive affirmation to start your day. You will find my episodes fun, with realistic thoughts on how to look at life. All episodes are done live with no editing. Support this podcast:
The Color Mango Tango
When is the last time you danced? This episode is about enjoying the life of dance. Let's Dance!!! --- Support this podcast:
Jun 14, 2023
6 min
The Color Sunglow
What do you think about the color Sunglow? Does it remind you of a relaxing place? This episode is all about relaxation and finding our Sunglow place in our mind. --- Support this podcast:
Jun 6, 2023
5 min
The Color Tangerine
Let's explore the color Tangerine! Let's talk about seizing each day and living for the moment! --- Support this podcast:
Mar 25, 2022
5 min
Indigo-Blue is a color representing kindness towards others.
In this episode we discuss kindness towards others and the small things we can do to show kindness. --- Support this podcast:
Mar 24, 2022
7 min
The Color Red Orange
What ignites you each day? What sparks the fire within you? --- Support this podcast:
Oct 20, 2021
7 min
The Color Purple Heart
Be proud of who you are in this world! Stand tall! This episode we discuss being proud. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 1, 2021
9 min
The Color Laser Lemon
Let's talk about loving others and making are actions speak louder than our words --- Support this podcast:
Sep 21, 2021
6 min
The Color Tropical Rainforest
Let's talk about rebirth and evolving as a person. --- Support this podcast:
Sep 20, 2021
6 min
Deep Almond is a new 2020 color by Crayola Crayons!
We will expire the symbolic meaning behind a deep Almond person. Learn their characteristics and how to become Deep Almond. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 14, 2021
8 min
The Color Blue Violet
Blue Violet combines purple and blue creating faith and love as well as other symbolic meanings. --- Support this podcast:
Jun 12, 2021
17 min
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