The Corpse Cast Horror Podcast
The Corpse Cast Horror Podcast
Mike Cadaver
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BYU Sucks…. I mean soaks
Worst fan boy on Twitter and a joke on this podcast as well.
Used to be good
Not sure what happened
Bad review!!!
Listen carefully! These guys sound like they are having a stroke. You don’t need to no further on subscribing and downloading! Pure garbage!
Are you a Proud Boy, Mike?
It’d be a lot cooler if you weren’t.
The Best
Simply the best horror podcast out there. Excellent chemistry between Mike and Shane, intelligent conversations, sick humor and impromptu old school rap and beatbox. Awesome.
a weekly endeavor, must not miss
how can words express how I feel about this podcast? Well here goes....I look forward to the release of this monster each and every week, Mike and Shane are part of my life now and I will not let them go, no matter what, they are my sun, my water, my life substance. A week without their podcast is like a week without air, they are the breath that keeps my heart beating. My only complaint would be when Mike jumps the quiz answer before Shane is done asking the question, but Shane is trying to get Mike to behave on that. Yes, I am one of those listenters that does like to play along with it while listening, the quiz I mean.
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Like hanging out with your best buds
just started listening to the show, loved the talk of the smoke "b'doosh!"ing dodge neon! I heard someone in a recent podcast mention that they liked your venturing off topic, I completely agree, it seems more naturalistic like any conversation between friends. all business all the time is not quite as much fun. please feel free to venture off topic, wherever it goes. thanks for being there guys!
Sweet love for your earholes!
Horror Punk and Horror Movies... two great tastes that taste great together! A review of one album and one movie per episode, with massive listener participation. Call Mike and Shane up on the Bone Phone and tell them about your nervous boner!
Super funny and Informative.
This podcast is freaking funny and the hosts Mike and Shane know their stuff. It will have you laughing and wanting to check out the bands and movies they review when the reviews are good and when they reviews are bad they give you reasons for it. Not just this movie or album is stupid etc. If you're easily offended or want a deathly serious horror podcast stay away from this one and also quit being lame and learn to laugh.
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Cadaver Lab Reborn!
Not only do you get movies... now with music reviews! A new great place for the horror geek to hang out. The podcast is funny and, if you are like me and interested in finding new bands to listen to as well as listening to people talk about horror movies, informative. Give it a shot, good times.