The Corona Diaries
The Corona Diaries
Steve Hogarth
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Chapter 28. The ten weirdest things, that have happened to me.
1 hour 11 minutes Posted Nov 1, 2020 at 11:00 pm.
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Show notes

To be fair, I do say these things...

...but the problem is that as soon as I hear the words leaving my mouth, I know that Ant isn't going to let it lie.

So I have been spending the last week trying to compile & rank the ten weirdest things that I can recall happening, as I have made my way this far.

I will have, of course, forgotten a couple which, no doubt, will break through around 4.00am and render me disturbed amidst purple thoughts for the rest of the night.

Now normally I would drop a few hints or maybe the odd celebs name at this point, but this week I think it would be safer if it were spoiler-free.

You have been warned.

Keep it purple, h

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