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The Cooler
Since We’ve Been Gone
48 minutes Posted Oct 1, 2019 at 3:57 pm.
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Show notes

We’re baaaaack! Wondering what we’ve spent our summer hiatus doing? We’ll tell you all about not dying on a cruise, butchering the Italian language and running into the one and only Kimberly Kardashian!

A lot has happened in the world of popular culture since our last episode, so it seems only right that we weigh in on the biggest stories of the summer in a segment we’re calling *guttural Kelly Clarkson voice * Since We’ve Been Gooooone!

We’ll weigh in on the chicken sandwich wars, why we are no longer thirsting after Justin Trudeau, the latest groan-worthy thing Scarlett Johansson has said, why we’ll take Lil Nas X over Kevin Hart any day of the week and how Ruth Bader Ginsburg has inspired us to outlive our nemeses.

Then, we’ll take a look at how PR paved the way for Brad Pitt’s return, and why you shouldn’t fall for it.

Everyone knows what went down (no pun intended) with Clinton’s impeachment, but what about the only other president to be impeached? We’ll tell you the story of a grumpy racist dude from the 1860s who had it coming.

And we’ll also school you on the surprising profession of Ronald Reagan’s son and introduce you to Lindsay Lohan’s new kind-of-catchy prescription drug anthem (yep, you read that right).

Listen to hear all about it!

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