The Connected Generation with Nike Anani
The Connected Generation with Nike Anani
Nike Anani
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Family Businesses Run on Supply Chain Tech
Nike’s deep understanding of the dynamics that surround family enterprise and the factors that affect the growth of family-owned business is reflected in the conversations she has with guests on The Connected Generation. For example, during my conversation with her on May 3, 2022, she somehow managed to get me to talk publicly about my guess that the government in Sri Lanka might be facing imminent collapse as supply chains in that country breakdown and life becomes unbearable for the majority of its citizens. You should check out that episode, and others too . . . Family-owned businesses are an important bedrock of the economy. Making them better, stronger, more sustainable, and more economically viable corporate citizens should be a shared goal.
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If you know of a family business or a striving entrepreneur that does not listen or hasn’t connected with Nike, put them on to this show. I love that she presents both aspects, becoming an entrepreneur as well as carrying on the family business.
So good!!!
As a next gen entrepreneur the learnings here are invaluable and I encourage everyone considering joining or taking over their family business to ensure that they do not miss a single episode of this. Well done Nike!!!
Luch O
Worth the listen
This podcast is awesome! I enjoyed being a guest so much! Nike’s questions are very insightful and help get to the core of the topic being discussed- so it was a good being with her as a guest and it was a good listen as well! I recommend everyone have a listen.
A great podcast
Nike is a great podcast host who tackles the real issues for the next generation. The guests are both interesting and relevant and give an insight into the strategies that the next gen can leverage for success.
Emma Feldberg
My go-to podcast
This podcast highlights what so many of us next gens have in common while we may be in family businesses across industries and across the globe. Nike hits at the heart of the challenging topics and can bring out the crux of the issues to unpack. Highly recommend!
Time well spent
Nike is a thoughtful and expansive host. The guest’s open up and feel safe with her at the helm. It’s been wonderful to hear the journey’s of those on the podcast and when I listen I feel like I’m in the living room curled up on a couch with them all!
A powerful tool
Nike is a professional with a true passion for family businesses. You'll hear it reflected in her podcast's consistency, creativity, and a curated selection of suitable topics. It is a pleasure to speak with her about her thoughts and reflections. It's been an honor to participate as a guest in her show.
Guillermo Salazar FB
Connecting the generations
Nike is amazing at asking great questions to help bring out the relevant stories from guests in order to help facilitate great learning. I love this podcast!
David The Bull
Inspiration for This Generation!
Nike’s podcast is amazing and provides great insight from guest and herself that will help ANYONE succeed in life and business!
Amazing Podcast
Nike is a phenomenal interviewer and brings in people
Innovative & Informative
Nike Anani is one of the leading voices in the family governance and family business space. In her podcast, she brings her expertise, heart and soul to what has historically been a dry and dusty niche. Listen to learn and be inspired. I do. Dr. Paul Hokemeyer
Dr. Travel Geneva
Inspiring Listen Every Time
I love this podcast because Nike and her guests are always highly prepared to educate and motivate. The Connected Generation has a conversational yes very well informed feel. Nike does a great job of interviewing her guests and drawing valuable information for listeners to learn. You’ll love listening to people who bringing together the areas of wealth and influence to make the world a better place.
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Gifted listener
Having the opportunity to listen and be on the podcast was an absolute pleasure! Nike is a gifted listener that allows her guests to be vulnerable in a supported space. The conversations are always enlightening and chock full of relevant advice or inspiration.
A great concept; an amazing story
Nike brings to us her first hand experience and expertise in the world of family business management. She understand the nuances and complexities that comes when two or more generations are working together. What makes this podcast even more special is Nike’s ability to listen, understand and ask great questions.
Five Start for The Connected Generation
How refreshing in a sea of podcasts to have someone with such heart, soul and passion for the human regard invite powerful conversations. Nike has a unique gift to get to the essence of “what matters’ in a complicated world with a keen ability to cut to the chase of what is important for her listeners. She is relevant and fresh with a curious mind that provokes new thinking that is required for us to grow, develop and learn.
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Inspiring and empowering!
Nike does a wonderful job of exploring the idea of legacy, specifically when it comes to business and entrepreneurship. She asks the right guests the right questions to get at the heart of what it means to work hard, build wealth, and leave something behind that will outlast your own life and prosper others for generations to come!
Smart content with an empathetic point of view
Nike asks great questions of her guests and tells engaging stories. She brings insight and empathy to building and growing a family business.
Great listen - and you get to learn about business from differing aspects
I enjoyed listening to this. My favorite episode was the one on copreneurship. It's great to see someone taking a topic and humanizing it, showing us the different facets of what makes it exciting and interesting to engage with! We may not realize, but we pick up key learnings along the way.
Big ups Nike!!!
Fabulous podcast for family businesses everywhere!
Nike is a leading voice in engaging the next generation in African family firms, but family business around the world have a lot to learn from her informative and practical podcast. I highly recommend listening!
A Jedi Master
Nike...Your delivery power is without doubt, an incredible feat. In such simple and eloquent manner, you passed on the message for people like me who is a psuedo 2nd Gen 😎....Thanks for sharing this and I surely pass this on friends, family and even foes...THANKS and Stay Safe