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Cathie Wood interview
You guys have been laughing at, dissing, joking about, and generally laughing up your collective sleeves at Cathie Wood for a long time. Now suddenly, you invite her on your show, and respectfully treat her like some kind of 21st Century oracle! Which is it guys?? A joke or an oracle??
Gentlemen, what an epic conversation with Cathie Wood on the latest episode. So awesome to hear Cathie talk about their work in a nice relaxing way. I feel like she gets a bad wrap constantly and is attacked unfairly by media and twitter trolls. Just refreshing to hear JB and Michael give a constructive conversation without bias. Thanks, DJ in the 716, non ARKK holder
Dj Chapman
Nice spoiler for Succession, thanks a lot
Josh Rocks !!
Insight, Intellect, Instincts and high cholesterol levels - he's the best !!
It’s good
Great guests. And always makes you laugh.
Better when it was just Josh
I try to like this podcast but can’t stand when they start talking about sports. Nothing against that but I’m not here to listen about their hot takes on Knicks basketball.
Gotta Love It
I look forward to your weekly podcast as I am commuting to work looking at the endless fields of south Texas. Many times it takes me back to my NY days and makes me nostalgic. You bring education, laughter, and sense of hipness that my ears love to hear. Josh and I are the same age and I can relate to a lot of his jokes about millennials. I would love to hear more of his personal investing ideas/tips along with Micheals. A lot like he does on CNBC (I don’t get to see much of that). Maybe make like a sixty second segment where you give your best pick for the next week, month, or year along with Micheal and have fun at it when we go back and see how right or wrong you were. Seems like it would be fun since this is mainly a finance show. It’s nice to hear your recommendations on movies, books and shows. I’ve taken up a few of them and been pleased. Your introductory music to the show has be the best in the business. Pumps up my mood and gets me ready to listen. Almost like walking into a concert and ready to kill it. Your guests are fun and knowledgeable. Especially the last gentleman talking about the auto industry. I learned way more then I thought in such a short time period. The technical analysis guy with the chart cracks me up with his accent and snark remarks to you’ll. Tip: I would appreciate it if we can get all of you on the same volume bc I keep turning up the volume really high when one of the guests speaks so low I can hardly hear them, but then blow off my ear drums when Josh starts talking. The low to high ratio needs to be adjusted to be more even. For a guy that snores a lot, he sure get’s a lot of rest to have such high energy lol. Maybe a microphone lesson to each guest before the show starts might help. Thank you for your knowledge and entertainment Josh, Micheal, Crew, and Guests.
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Michael incessantly interrupts guests
Without Michael’s incessant interruptions, this would be a great weekly listen. However, Michael routinely interrupts guests while they are speaking and is seemingly ignorant of how rude said interruptions are.
Best financial podcast around
Great entertaining podcast for investors of all levels
Leonard from Gregory
This is my favorite podcast
You guys are awesome. I look forward to this each week and it puts me in a good mood The banter at the beginning before the episode “officially” starts is great. Thanks for this and please don’t change it. Love you guys!
I’m the friend
Great podcast, never too serious and never too playful they have the best chemistry. Can’t wait to keep listening every week.
Never disappoints!
Appointment listening. Makes me smarter every episode.
There are indeed fat old people.
I’m an anesthesiologist, and there are indeed fat old people. I agree with your guest that life expectancy will continue to rise, but I don’t think it’s going to be a golden age as he suggests. Love all the content Cheers
Beer with friends
Episode 89
Excellent podcast Informative insightful Based on the hosts recommendations I have read great books and and learned a lot Thank you guys
Evan klein
Great Show
Love the banter & casual but super-informative and relevant topic(s) you guys cover. I listen every week and think you guys are one of the best podcasts out there.
Zinko & Shamus
Awesome Investment Show!
Hard not to love this podcast…
Best finance podcast out there
Feels like a drive-time finance show
Best of the best
Great interviews, amazing financial and economic information from the best in the industry. I love the Compound team.
montgomery & co
Replay every episode!
Every episode warrants an instant replay once you hear the outro music start! Intelligent, educated, experienced, and down-to-earth money professionals discussing the current state of the markets , with occasional historical contexts dating back to Socrates’ philosophies and hypotheses (music quote; Josh knows). No pushing of stocks, just real professionals talking openly with one another. It doesn’t get any better! The best part of my Friday afternoon has shifted from “TGIF” to “I get to listen to TCAF on the way home.” Truly an excellent production by everyone involved with TCAF! Thank you all for what you do! PS - I really hope Josh puts Biggie back on the wall behind him while on camera. I doubt the producers like it, but us retail investors would beg to differ.
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Jill Jill Jill
Please get Jill back again and again. Such a great episode.
Best Financial Podcats
This show is great, Josh and Michael make it feel as if you are part of the conversation.
Best shape of my life
I’ve never been able to do cardio, but this is the perfect podcast to run to. I don’t have a background in finance or asset management, but these guys talk about markets in a super approachable way, they’re hilarious, and they find incredibly interesting guests. The pace of the conversation is a perfect match for my cadence, and, because of the cold open, their theme music (which is sick) always drops right as I get to the park. There are literally mornings where it’s 0-10 degrees out, and I think there’s no way I’m going outside, until I remember that I get to listen to a new episode. If you’re looking to learn about markets and investing and/or get in better shape, I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough.
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Great stuff, as usual
Great mix of insightful investing info and funny commentary/anecdotes.
Appreciation to Ritholz’s publicity arm
Your weekly public outreach in the form of podcasts, Compound and blogs has made me: 1- resurrect old social media accounts just to subscribe to you. 2- Consider moving accounts to Ritholtz, because your conversations are more insightful than anything from my FA. Listeing to older episodes is my weekend pleasure. As a Gen-X traditional style novice investor, the commentary boosts my morale: we don’t feel as alone out here! Thanks.
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Eid Broughton
Enjoyable, but
Mike needs to stop interrupting the conversation Josh and the guest(s) are having with meaningless tangents.
China Lockdown
Your guest stated that the party changed approach to lockdown because they care about the people. How many people died during lockdowns with the uncaring party locked them in their apartments? Saying the party cares about the people is not accurate. I think they changed policies to avoid demonstrations, riots and possible revolution. They want to stay in power. Rating is only for this episode.
Fantastic show!
On the way to being a number 1 podcast!
Ron M A
Great except
Josh Brown is cool and has a cool way about himself. I’d give it 5 stars but M. Batnick is virtually unlistenable. I wish I could mute this frat boy in order to enjoy the program more.
This show has replaced Animal Spirits for me
I’ve become annoyed with animal spirits over the last year. This show is my new favorite and Josh Brown is the most relatable and enjoyable analyst imo. Keep being you, Josh
Who has more fun?
It’s a treat to listen to people who have so much info to share while laughing and enjoying themselves and their audience. I look forward to every episode. Pro tip: listen to the pod and THEN watch it on YouTube.
Josh laughing at his dad joke always hits
Josh always telling the guest at the end “alright that was the warm up, ready to tape?” Isn’t funny, but him laughing at every single time is hilarious. Also 11/10 financial podcast
Phil M. Devout Overnighter
How could you big league EYL? Disappointed
Are you really for the culture or just another vulture?
Top Tier
Very interesting takes on micro and macro economics. Great guests. Highly informative and transparent. Faithful listener.
My favorite financial podcast
Thank you for making WAYT available as a podcast.
Best Financial Podcast
Great show with fascinating guests. Josh - get back on Twitter you’ve made your point.
Mid career insights
Excellent mix of young & old inv perspectives. You have enough experience to be relevant yet still hold on to your youthful ideals. Its my # 1 go to show. There’s always good framing of ideas w/ accurate historical benchmarks. Keep up good work!!
BU Lacrosse
Excellent Pod
Informative, and entertaining!!
Too much filler. Not enough crab cake.
Too much backslapping and lead up. Just get to the episode.
Great Podcast!!!
I really like this podcast. Great Group of people sharing their knowledge. Never boring. Thanks Josh Brown for keeping it real!!!
Enjoy this show to the point I created a subreddit for it
Found this show maybe 20 episodes ago, totally hooked. Never miss an episode. Maybe if I can grow the subreddit big enough J&M will finally stop ignoring my emails 😂
Margin Call Show
Loved this episode with Marc, he is brilliant. Learned a lot. Thank you!
Fridays show
Awesome thanks
When I subscribe to Dans Browns show it’s to listen to dans show. Stop putting other shows on here that isn’t the compound and friends under “compound” if I wanted to listen to your other shows I’d subscribe to those shows. Feel free to promote inside the podcast but you’re cluttering my feed with shows I didn’t subscribe to. I’ll probably unsubscribe if I keep seeing them and I’ll leave this up.
Good stuff
Favorite podcast
Great Podcast
Josh ands his guests bring it every episode. Topics are current, relevant and I learn something new in investing every episode. Keep bringing the energy and great guests. Great 9/9/22 episode with @BrianGBelski
Top Two Financial Podcast - Top One Intro
Can’t decide between Animal Spirits and TCAF but hands down my favorite podcasts are coming from the RWH team. I look forward to the three claps on my Friday morning commute. The intro song has no right to go that hard.
Love the culture of this show and the variety of guests. Also has the best theme music of all time. Gets me fired up every single time.
Great Job Guys
I feel lucky that you guys are putting this out there. I enjoy the banter, delivery, chemistry, guests, topics, all of it. Batnick’s & Josh’s humor is on point. Im 46 so I’m on the same wavelength as these guys - especially with all the cultural references. I’ve learned a lot and hope they continue to pump out quality casts.
I do not miss a single episode (even on my vacation)
I am huge fan of this show and listen to it every week without fail. I started listening to Josh B during the pandemic when he was doing this solo and that morphed into TCAF. I listened to the 50 episode of TCAF when I was on vacation in India and can still remember where I was when I listened to the show. Josh is a big fan of Savitha Subramanian at Bank of America. A quick tip on how to say here last name right - say the last part “manian” like you would say “funyun” but replace the f with s :) Keep up the good work!
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Dream Happy Hour Setup
I would say this is the best financial podcast out there and a dream happy hour setup. I’ve learned a ton and it helps keep me grounded in my investing plan and helps block out the noise. My only critique is that it’s too professional. I wish a few whiskeys were drank during the pod so I could hear heavier Long Island accents and hear Tim Dillon like sales stories.
Walk On Wonder 89
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