The Compound and Friends
The Compound and Friends
The Compound
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Honest Investing Info Plus Fun
Very informative info, presented with sarcastic honesty about the difficulty of investing, which makes it fun as well. Great guests.
Unique investing podcast
This is worth listening to weekly. I enjoy the occasional humor and pop culture references. They also bring in some great guests and have interesting discussions about the market and economy. Unfortunately, Batnick regularly interrupts Josh and guests. He can be obnoxious and inconsiderate of others. I deducted two stars because of Batnick. Lastly, I’m not a fan of their What Are Your Thoughts? episodes. Those are just a waste of time.
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Hosts and Guests
The guests are diverse in thought and the insights they provide are thoughtful. But The chemistry of the guys are what makes it so listenable and entertaining.
Love the Guys
Love that you guys added WYT to the audio….
TRB loves himself a little too much
Used to love this show during 2020-21. But recently it has really started to drag. Last episode the Josh Brown monologue on Martin Scorese was exhausting. Also, never really liked the fact that they love to shill KraneShares ETFs, which is majority owned by the PRC…
Parenting 101
So accurate! Thanks for always being real!
Great except
Josh Brown is cool and has a cool way about himself. I’d give it 5 stars but M. Batnick is virtually unlistenable. I wish I could mute this frat boy in order to enjoy the program more. 10-25 show fast forwarded first 1/2 hr Josh brown lecture about movie about white oppression and some sponsor ad nobody can afford.
Wise Guys
So much info out there today getting buried by mass amounts of information. Josh and Michael make thing interesting and informative in a way that you can actually use and find more info about what they’re talking about. Great listen, always informative.
Topics and guests are always spot on!
I learn a lot from The Compound and Friend!
I love this podcast! Thank you Micheal&Josh
Interview with Jeremy Grantham as a guest was one of thee if not the best that I’ve enjoyed on Compound. Please invite him back.
Great guests
Josh and Michael are amazing and they have a wide variety of guests. Love the show.
The best financial podcast by far
I’ve been investing since 1974 and I have read or listened to just about every financial publication you can image starting with Louis Rukeyser in the 1970s. This is by far the best financial podcast available to the average investor. Also entertaining with some very significant and thoughtful guests.
ricardo in Phoenix
Episode 109
I have listened to at least 30 episodes . The last one was terrible. Several have been excellent . Everyone lays an egg sometime . Rating. Negative 5
Guests Nick Colas ranks up there with Tony Dwyer. So insightful. Thanks for all the great content mixed with a touch of light humor. So fun to listen too.
Always Excellent
Very educational and covers great topics with incredible guests. There is nothing like this show. top shelf !
Ok that was a warm up, you ready to start the show?
Love this podcast, great analysis, great sentiment check for me and reminder not to trade based on emotions.
Nearly brilliant
Actually, the show is brilliant. I’m a mid 60’s retired and currently active investor. I’m very involved with the market on a daily basis. I read about, listen to and follow the markets closely. This show, without a doubt is one of the highlights of my week. Josh and company are the perfect blend of seriousness and ridiculousness, mixed metaphors and personal experiences. Consistently good guests and content with thought provoking content. As Josh once said, “nothing is always anything ever”, but this show is close.
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Can’t say enough. Thanks Gentlemen
This is easily my favorite consistent/continual podcast.. I always enjoyed DTJBs candor on CNBC so having him in the raw w/ Batnick has been a formulaic touchdown. Can I buy shares in this podcast?!?!? Haha. Keep it up boys. Love the Strong Island vibes too. Keeps me plugged into reality from the aloha state - Mahalo!
very much woke
Subordinate to none
Copacetic, Enlightening, and Succinct with a sprinkle of humor and banter. I’m a Finance major at a fairly well known tristate University and ever since a banker friend of mine introduced me to this show, none of my free time to, from or in between classes has gone by without this playing. Incredible hosts, incredible guests, incredible staff and incredible show.
P/E = Profits and Entertainment
You got to have Barry on more! He’s awesome!! I’ve learned a lot from this podcast. It’s got enough market info sprinkled with entertaining side conversations to keep you entertained. Great guests. Love it. Keep it up. Loved the new sit down style with just Josh. Like story hour
One of my favorite podcast streams
Always great information from hosts and guests, and the folks at The Compound & Animal Spirits are all pretty funny in their own ways. The conversational nature of the episodes and often hilarious banter between Josh, Michael, and Ben make it one of my favorite shows. I’d wager hanging out with them would be a blast.
Brian Campbell
A blend of financial commentary, analysis and just informative banter that makes listener feel like a Wall Street insider . Great Stuff
Learn and earn
I’m new to investing and have learned a ton from this podcast. Josh and Michael give great straight forward insight. The guests are the best in the business. All that, as well as entertaining. Chart On!
Bob Elliott
Good show but more Bob Elliott and less interruptions next time. Bob was making some important points, and I wanted to hear the end of those sentences.
Jude Shea
Awesome Podcast!
105 is by far one the best episodes I’ve ever heard! Anyone who has benefited from a recent wage increase and the dynamics that comes with it, would find it very informative. And those wanting to get insight on how to position themselves in this market/time will truly understand the topics covered. The discussion could relate to any demographic and it was real. Thanks for everything that you all bring to us weekly listeners!
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1 of the 3 best podcasts of any genre
I have tried over a dozen financial podcasts and countless podcasts of other genres. Almost all financial podcasts are hard to listen to because they are boring. The Compound and Friends and it’s sister podcast Animal Spirits are different. They are entertaining while being educational. The Compound and Friends and Animal Spirits are the two best financial podcasts bar none. They are both fantastic. They have mastered the sweet spot for entertaining while discussing the economy and financial markets. I view Animal Spirits as a bit more educational and TCAF as a bit more entertaining because of Josh Brown’s humor. As someone who is sarcastic and loves dry and sarcastic humor, I find Josh Brown absolutely hilarious. The interaction between Brown and Michael Batnick is great; as is the interaction between Batnick and Ben Carlson on Animal Spirits. When the guests on TCAF are also funny, the show is pure magic. The only time either show can get boring is when there is a boring guest on TCAF who acts dead serious the whole show regardless of the comedy going on around him. I am a retail investor. The target audience for these podcasts is probably more towards financial advisors and people in the financial industry. But I imagine there are many other retail investors like myself who listen because it’s so good. I eagerly await each new episode. I listen to many podcasts and am constantly looking for more to add to my rotation. There are only 3 podcasts in all genres that I have religiously listened to for years: Bill Simmons, Animal Spirits and The Compound and Friends. They are my Mount Rushmore of podcasts. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate the effort these guys put into these shows.
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Super show
Great guests and hosts there’s nothing more ro say. Thanks guys.
TCAF is top notch
Great show! Josh, Michael and guests always make me laugh and keep it entertaining. Listen every week to see what their take is on the markets, whether they’re up or down( thanks to Abercrombie and Fitch). This show is a must listen.
Best investing podcast
Seriously best investing podcast out. I listen every Friday morning and have been watching josh on CNBC since 2020. Keep up the good work and thank you guys for the insights.
Did you have fun on the show today?
Yes, I did, and honestly, I always do. I love the spirit and energy of this show. There always so much information packed into it, with a no nonsense attitude and a humility that acknowledges how humbling markets can be, even for the best. I look forward to this show every week. Thank you!
Simply the Best
Been watching/listening to this show since around 2019. One of the most entertaining finance shows out there. Great job guys!
Great Show, as always
You guys never disappoint!
Zinko & Shamus
I bought a TCAF t-shirt two years ago. When I wear it, I am a 61 year-old chick magnet. I never miss an episode. My goal is good self-directed retirement investing. Always some good insights delivered in a LOL style. Check them out.
Awesome podcast with something for all
I have greatly enjoyed listening to the compound and friends every week for over a year now and highly recommend that others do as well. The information presented is top notch and the entertainment value (along with lots of laughs) make it a must listen for me to stay up to date with the markets and to be amused too!
I’m Long on Brown and Batnick
I don’t always understand what they’re trying to impart, but I’m wilingl to listen and learn. The rest of the show is equal parts fascinating and fun conversations with top finance people who seem to know what they’re talking about. There’s a great chemistry here and the show is highly informative while inserting just enough chit chat humor to keep the show from going too far into the numbers-nerd end of the pool. The production values on the YouTube version are totally pro and the sound quality is excellent. The Compound is so good that I stop strangers on the street and try tell them about this show — to mixed results. One person spat at me, another tried to have me arrested. Perhpas I should just stick to shouting my praise here on Apple’s podcast review page. Bravo!
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Top show on investing
Great range of guests, with an emphasis on why they are recommending something.
Loving me some Josh Brown!
Thanks for a great podcast filled with such fabulous interesting guests. Keeping it real and learning about finance, investing and Chinese Food! My favorite time to listen is on long Sunday drives! Keep up the great work!
J the O.A.
A weekly essential
As an advisor that is always soaking in content, this podcast does it in a way that isn’t overwhelming. The podcast is very informative with great guest, but they do it in a way that’s a little more laid back. I highly recommend for anyone that wants to learn a lot, all while being entertained. Keep up the great work everyone!
Tay Coop
Love this podcast
Interesting and entertaining
This is a great weekly podcast
Highly recommended!
A must weekly listen!
Downtown…..what are doing??? Just glossing over The Righteous Gemstones and not doing it as a favorite? What’s up with that? Oh yeah, read this on air and give up the free T shirt already!!!
Stop chit chat
This is an interesting pod cast but there is way too much mindless talk about extraneous stuff. I am not interested in your personal lives but please get to the subject matter sooner.
Best finance podcast
Great content that’s current, authentic, communicated accessibly, funny and entertaining. Awesome guests.
Feel my funk 23
Let guests speak
Best finance related pod. I’d like some of the guests to finish their thoughts to make it even better listen. A lot of interruptions mid sentence.
Enjoy the content
I first started paying attention to Josh Brown on CNBC when he was being asked about Fitbit fitness bands and he said he had a fitness band, it’s called a belt. I can co-sign that comment. Picked up a couple books and listen to podcasts on walks has helped me become a better investor and make less mistakes. Thank you for your hard work and advice.
Patrick R M
The best just got better
These guys make the best financial content out there. Love that What Are Your Thoughts is now included on the channel. Along with Animal Spirits, this podcast is not to be missed!
A former loyal player
Great POD
Never miss an episode, guests are top notch and bring industry insight you don’t get else where. They’re pretty funny too
Double Your Listening Pleasure
What a pleasant surprise to find my favorite investing/wealth podcast has doubled the number of weekly episodes. Their Tuesday night episode of What Are Your Thoughts on YouTube is now an audio podcast.
What are my thoughts
Great call throwing the what are your thoughts episodes on the podcast channel, been hoping for this for a while! Definitely will catch more of them this way vs YouTube only! 👌🏼
Downtown Z Brown
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